Why Take Creativity So Seriously?

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve written a lot about my passion for music, and like a lot of people, I think it’s the language of the soul. It connects us with the spiritual realms in a direct and intense way, and playing it is one of the best ways to stay in touch with our essence; the aspect of our consciousness that’s constantly connected with the higher realms.

I don’t think I could ever stop playing music, but I recently decided to make it more of a hobby than something I pursue full-time. It’s a talent I still have yet to fully develop, and after working for months to develop it, I’m realizing that I’ve started to take it too seriously.

Singing is the main aspect of it that I’ve taken too seriously, because I put too much pressure on myself to sound ‘good’. Singing is something that you want to be good at if you want to seriously pursue, and this decision stems from the fact that after months of relatively consistent practice, my voice isn’t quite where I want it to be.

The decision to make music more of a hobby is actually liberating, because it allows me to free up time for other pursuits like writing, meditation, developing the blog and, when it’s warm out, getting out to nature and feeling the good vibration Gaia constantly radiates.

Why am I telling you all of this? I bring it up to make the point that we don’t want to take life, or especially our creativity, too seriously. I’ve been taking music far more seriously than I need to, and I haven’t had time to meditate or do much else because I’ve spent all of my time trying to develop it.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard, but we don’t want to strive so hard to do so many different things that we forget to relax and take it easy every now and then. Yes, some of us are ready to be more active than ever and it helps to have various creative outlets to turn to, but if we aren’t careful, our creative practices could eat up all our time and energy.

Not only that – we could find that we’ve become too serious about our practices to enjoy them (or enjoy life in general), and that’s no way to live. Making music a hobby allows me to take a breath of fresh air; to kick back a little (while still being active and passionate) with the knowledge that life doesn’t have to be as much of a struggle as I’ve made it.

I don’t have to be so serious about developing the music, and not only can I reinvest that time and energy into blogging, writing articles and meditating – I can still enjoy music at random times throughout the day without making it into a career.

I can sing and play to my heart’s content without worrying about how it sounds or if my voice lives up to the standard so many incredible professional musicians have set. I can just play, free of any cares or stresses, and even if I don’t sound as good as a professional, I’m having fun and my creator loves the music, which I use as a sacrament and an offering.

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I think this is the way life’s meant to be. We’re meant to have fun and enjoy the things we do (especially the creative things), and we aren’t meant to stress over how our creativity looks or sounds to others. I never really worry about how these articles are received, because I know you all enjoy them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep writing them!

The same can be said for the intuitive ‘Voice Within’ messages I occasionally publish, which I might have more time for now. I don’t really worry about being ‘good’ at writing or intuitive communication, because these things seem to flow with no reservation.

The difference between them and music lies in singing, and things might be different if I were born with the natural talent to sing. It isn’t quite like that, and I’d need to work so hard to develop my voice that I wouldn’t have hardly any time to write articles or post to the blog.

I could do it, but I’m not sure it’s the direction I want to take because of the emotional ups and downs that can be involved. With how much I’ve already developed the blog and these articles, it seems more sensible to let music become a hobby and focus primarily on this right here.

Music is great, and again, it’s one of the most direct and potent ways we can communicate with spirit. I’ll never let it go, but I’ve taken singing too seriously to really enjoy the process – not to mention that it’s something I haven’t developed as much as writing and blogging.

As usual, I share all this in hopes that it helps some of you out there with similar issues, and I’m learning today that to take our creativity (or life in general) too seriously is to keep ourselves from really enjoying the things our creator has put here for our entertainment and our spiritual evolution, like music.

Our creator wants us to enjoy music and any other creative outlet, and we’ll hold ourselves back every time if we take them so seriously. The path back into the higher realms requires us to release our tension and the resistance that drives it and simply flow with life, with no worries or concerns holding us back.

It’s easy to let fear, stress and worry keep us from shining our light, and it’s definitely easy to put so much pressure on ourselves that we fail to do anything real or significant to advance humanity’s evolution. With music as a hobby instead of a full-on career, I can use it to uplift myself (and maybe even all of you), without becoming rigid about it.

As long as we remember to enjoy ourselves and our creativity, life will be a breeze and we won’t have any real conflicts or concerns. We’ll no longer worry about what other people think of our work, because we’ll be secure enough with ourselves to enjoy it no matter what.

This is a place most of us strive to reach, and the secret is that we don’t need to strive at all to get there. All we need to do is transcend our mind-driven tension and let our creativity flow as freely as it’s meant to, and the magic will finally return. It won’t leave once it arrives, but only if we stay aligned with it.

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