Transcending the Illusion of Time

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week, I’d like to give my perspective on the importance of transcending earthly concepts that can keep us from exploring or expressing our spirituality. There are plenty of things here on earth that stop us from shining our light, and one of the most confining concepts we experience is time.

As we’re learning, time is an illusion we’ve convinced ourselves is reality. While we won’t all-out transcend our experience of day and night if we stop paying attention to time (nor will the days, weeks and months cease to go by), we’ll make life a lot easier for ourselves because we’ll no longer let it confine us.

We’ve all let it confine us at one point or another, and it’s usually because we worry so much about it. We worry about sticking to a certain schedule; getting specific things done at specific times, and this keeps us from living the smooth, loving, free-flowing lives we could otherwise enjoy.

I think we should stop letting time (and other illusory concepts) rule our lives, and it only has as much power over us as we give it.

I talk a lot about self-empowerment and the idea that we’re capable of living an easy and enjoyable life, and time is one of many things that keeps us from being who we truly are; letting our love flow without worrying about things that don’t mean much in the big picture.

One of those things is the amount of time we have to do the things we’ve come here to do, and our time becomes infinite when we transcend the entire concept. We realize that instead of set times and places, there’s only the here and now.

We have this moment of now to do as many divinely inspired things as we can, and sometimes, it helps to take things slow and move at our own pace. Take this segment, for example. I had trouble when I first started writing, because even though I’m writing about transcending time, I was trying to squeeze the words out quickly so I could adhere to my own schedule.

I fell short of the very advice I was trying to offer. I let time take priority over my creativity, and that’s something we should never do. We can if we want, but we’ll sacrifice genuine creativity in the process.

We can’t let time rule over our creativity or any other aspect of life, and our creativity will diminish every time until we transcend our limited perception and see time for what it really is; a helpful construct in the lower realms that we realize is an illusion as we learn, grow and refine our consciousness.

Time doesn’t exist in the higher realms, and it hardly exists here anymore. Clearly, we still have nights, days, weeks, months, years and other things that are ruled by time, but it’s us who are making the change. The world around us is changing in a lot of ways, but in a sense, it relies on us to really change.

One of the things it relies on us to do is transcend our perception of time and the idea that we’re limited in what we can achieve. We aren’t limited in any way, and the individual who’s realized God has also realized that they have all the time in the world.

Their time is infinite, because they’ve learned how to become infinite. They’ve learned that all of these physical concepts we’ve convinced ourselves are reality are actually as illusory as the movies and TV shows we watch.

Just like they’ve (most likely) transcended the tendency to watch those movies and TV shows, they’ve transcended the tendency to fall for the illusory physical concepts that once kept them from shining their light.

I don’t think we should let anything dim our light, especially in this potent time.

We’re believed to be in the prophesized ‘end times’, where old paradigms shatter and new, spiritually driven ones emerge and take their place, and the best way to contribute to these times is to stay active and refuse to let any concept keep us from shining our light and awakening the world.

We have so much potential, but we waste it worrying about (or trying to adhere to) all these limited concepts that compete for our attention. There’s a lot of distraction out there, but if we’re dedicated enough to our mission, none of them – even the ones that seem the realest or most important – will hinder us.

You might notice that some of the concepts that stress us out the most are also the ones we’re encouraged to transcend, like stress and time. Stress can really weigh us down if we let it, but like we’re learning, it’s as illusory as time and everything else the world’s convinced is real.

Time can weigh us down by keeping us impatient, and especially when it comes to creativity, impatience is one of the biggest hindrances on the spiritual path. We don’t even have to be spiritual to know how malevolent impatience can be, and in most cases, it leads right back to stress and all the other hindrances.

This mission can be difficult, because we strive to anchor as much light (and express as much love) as we can, and yet, we meet various physical constructs each day that tend to hinder us and limit the amount of positivity we share with the world.

Time, along with plenty of other things (like stress), will easily keep us from shining our light if we let it, and it’s essential for our spiritual evolution and our general wellbeing to see beyond it and the stresses and demands that come with it.

Self-empowerment requires the realization that we’re strong no matter what we face, and even if time gets away from us because we stop worrying about it, we’ll find that losing some time is a lot better than losing our awareness or the continuously expressed spirituality that comes with it.

What’s worse – losing some time or losing our essence? Some of you might think I’m exaggerating, but how heavily we play into these false ideas will determine how much of our essence we give away. Luckily, tomorrow offers a fresh start and if we lose ourselves to the illusions one day, we can always try again the next.

We’ll eventually reach a state of consciousness where night and day as we perceive them have merged, and then, we won’t have to worry about time at all. We’ll have all the ‘time’ in the world, because we’ll happily and freely exist in this infinite moment of now.

Our creativity will be as infinite as our consciousness and awareness, and things will flow more smoothly than they do right now. They can flow smoothly now if we let them, and it requires the transcendence of every limited concept that holds us back.

We know better than to fall for them, but our knowledge won’t mean much if we don’t put it to good use. Let’s put it to good use right now as we influence the rest of the world to swap out their comfortable (yet confining) illusions for reality.

This concludes this week’s ‘time’ discussion.


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3 thoughts on “Transcending the Illusion of Time

  1. Hi Wes, I was subscribing to your monthly newsletter but lost my job so I had to stop my subscription but just wanted you to know I am so grateful to you for sharing your gifts and authentic self in the world. Still sending you and your family light, love and abundance. Wishing you expansion and fun in 2015. cog


  2. Thanks, Wes, for this footnote on our transition OUT of Time. Like All that we are experiencing in this awakening and Self awareness classroom- everything is a Gift for the purpose of this very process. Altho Time does not exist, it IS the PERCEPTUAL platform from which we are awakening and honing our Multi-Dimensional skill pack. And, it can be worked WITH to accelerate our own Knowing and practice AS- I AM, Now. 🙂
    Those of us who have been able to see the simple language of Time’s representative frequency symbology share the goodies as We can, because there are Infinite ways to look at our Eternal Essence in process, and the language of the Numbers In Time are loud and clearly an assist for taking personal responsibility for our FOCUS and INTENTIONS.
    Love Your Service and focus, and as Ever- have great appreciation for Your participation in this adventure with Me!
    Namaste’ ….


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