Who is Ra? – Part 21: The ‘Confederation of Planets’

law-of-one-book-i-the-ra-materialWritten by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Ra shared a lot of interesting and paradigm-shattering material with the world back in the eighties, and some of the things they’ve said are understandably hard to grasp or believe. We have to open our minds to consider some of the things Ra (and other genuine channeled sources) have told us, and we don’t have to believe everything we read from them.

We can take what information or guidance works for us and let the rest fall away, and I plan to present Ra’s material from an unbiased perspective and let you all draw your own conclusions. The subject we’ll explore today is one of many that requires a great deal of open-mindedness, and it doesn’t matter to me whether or not it’s taken as gospel.

Here, we’ll learn from Ra about the ‘Confederation of Planets’, which is an apparent intergalactic organization of enlightened beings who seek to serve the creator and its creation. The Confederation acts in unrelenting service and devotion to Source, and one of the things they do is work behind the veil to assist those who are ready to awaken.

It’s always good to use discernment, but I’m open to what Ra and various other spiritual sources have told us. If you think about it, we really don’t know what exists beyond the veil, but we’ve been given plenty of information about it all that we’re best to consider with an open yet questioning mind.

In response to a question about UFOs, Ra describes the Confederation of Planets.

Questioner: “Do any of the UFOs that are presently reported come from other planets here at this time, or do you have this knowledge?

Ra: “I am one of the members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation.

“This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third. It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies. It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One.” (1)

The Federation can only give help when we consciously ask for it, because the law of freewill prohibits them from connecting with us if we aren’t ready.

Questioner: “You mentioned that you were a member of the Confederation of Planets. What avenues of service, or types of service, are available to members of the Confederation? Would you describe some of them?

Ra: “I am Ra. I am assuming that you intend the service which we of the Confederation can offer, rather than the service which is available to our use.

“The service available for our offering to those who call us is equivalent to the square of the distortion/need of that calling divided by, or integrated with, the basic Law of One in its distortion indicating the free will of those who are not aware of the unity of creation.” (2)

Part of the reason they can’t openly connect with everyone on earth is because of our freewill not to believe in them, which includes the freewill not to be startled or overwhelmed by their presence.

Questioner: “From this, I am assuming that the difficulty you have contacting this planet at this time is the mixture of people here, some being aware of the unity, some not, and for this reason you cannot come openly or give any proof of your contact. Is this correct?

Ra: “I am Ra. As we just repeated through this instrument, we must integrate all of the portions of your social memory complex in its illusory disintegration form. Then the product of this can be seen as the limit of our ability to serve.

“We are fortunate that the Law of Service squares the desires of those who call. Otherwise, we would have no beingness in this time/space at this present continuum of the illusion. In short, you are basically correct. The thought of not being able is not a part of our basic thought-form complex towards your peoples but rather is a maximal consideration of what is possible.” (3)

The Confederation will eventually be able to connect with earth, because we’re raising our vibration more and more with each day that goes by. Everyone’s waking up in their own way, and as they do, they contribute to the lightening of the collective vibration and make it easier for us all to become aware enough to eventually accept the Confederation’s presence.

We have to be open and enthusiastic about connecting with them if we don’t want our freewill to make the connection unattainable, and the more we’re willing to open up, the closer we’ll get to them.

We don’t need to decode everything Ra’s told us – all we really need to do is use our freewill to let them know we’re okay with their presence. The Federation and any other lighted galactic organization will easily connect with us when everyone can do this, and I know I’m getting into some difficult conceptual territory.

Most of you probably love reading material about the galactic entities and organizations that help us raise our vibration, but there are others who aren’t quite open to these concepts and don’t want to be overwhelmed with it all.

We don’t have to believe the things Ra’s told us to raise our vibration and help awaken the planet, but if the concepts presented here do resonate with us, we can take the advice that’s offered and use our freewill to let the greater forces know that we’re ready and willing to make contact.

As Ra tells us, we don’t need a certain number of people who want to contact the Federation for the contact to take place – it needs to be a group decision that everyone supports.

Questioner: “At what point would this calling be enough for you to openly come among the people on Earth? How many entities on Earth would have to call the Confederation?

Ra: “I am Ra. We do not calculate the possibility of coming among your peoples by the numbers of calling, but by a consensus among an entire societal-memory complex which has become aware of the infinite consciousness of all things. This has been possible among your peoples only in isolated instances.

“In the case wherein a social memory complex which is servant of the Creator sees this situation and has an idea for the appropriate aid which can only be done among your peoples, the social memory complex desiring this project lays it before the Council of Saturn. If it is approved, quarantine is lifted.” (4)

In our final quote, Ra tells us how the Confederation was formed.

Questioner: “Thank you very much. Can you tell me how the Confederation of Planets was formed and why?

Ra: “I am Ra. The desire to serve begins, in the dimension of love or understanding, to be an overwhelming goal of the social memory complex. Thus, those percentiles of planetary entities, plus approximately four percent more of whose identity we cannot speak, found themselves long, long ago in your time seeking the same thing: service to others.

“The relationship between these entities as they entered an understanding of other beings, other planetary entities, and other concepts of service was to share and continue together these commonly held goals of service. Thus, each voluntarily placed the social memory complex data in what you may consider a central thought complex available to all.

“This then created a structure whereby each entity could work in its own service while calling upon any other understandings needed to enhance the service. This is the cause of the formation and the manner of the working of the Confederation.” (5)

Does it surprise you that a simple desire to serve formed the entire Federation? It makes sense, because our desire to serve others grows as we lighten our vibration and greet purer and purer dimensions.

The more we evolve, the more we want to help others evolve, and when a social memory complex is aligned with this desire (or is created by individual mind/body/spirit complexes out of this desire), large galactic groups can form that are focused on, you guessed it, serving Source and the lower realms, which are Source in distorted forms.

This is why Ra tells us it’s impossible to serve anything other than the Infinite Creator – we’re all Source wearing different masks and identities, and the Federation serves Source when they serve us.

We’ll probably continue to learn about the Federation in our next report, and Ra shares some interesting information about the ‘thought war’ that took place between them and the negatively charged Orion group. There’s a lot of mind-opening material out there about positive and negative extraterrestrials, and it seems that even evolved groups like the ones from Orion are capable of spiritual warfare.

In fact, we might find if we do some digging that spiritual warfare is partially responsible for our planet’s current condition, but the negative thought forms can only influence us from within if we let them. It seems that a lot of people have let negativity influence them, and we might eventually find the source of that negativity.

It obviously lives within, and it’s meant to be embraced and transcended if we want to enlighten ourselves. There’s more to it, however, and there could very well be a negative force (or forces) behind the scenes that profits when we choose negativity.

We have a lot to learn, and hopefully, we’ll learn it all as we continue to examine Ra’s dense yet fascinating material.


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2 thoughts on “Who is Ra? – Part 21: The ‘Confederation of Planets’

  1. Wes can you elaborate on those negative brings that could be responsible for the condition of our planet. A d perhaps their abilities to interfere with ones ascension?


    • Hello, Barbara, I’d be happy to give my perspective on them a little more.

      I think they’re actively using negativity to try to suppress the free-thinkers out there, but the trick is that they can only influence us if we let them. They can only get to us by using our own negativity or our own inner issues that we haven’t yet resolved, and when we’re whole and complete within, we’re light years away from their otherwise overbearing influence.

      I think they’re real, they’re here and they’re active in trying to hurt humanity (and especially the people who are awakening), but they basically can’t hurt us unless we’re already hurting ourselves. Hope I could help!

      Much love 🙂


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