Desire: What Do We Really Want?


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“With what love and desire for union (with God) one is seized — what wondering delight!” – Plotinus

It’s been said that every form of desire is ultimately a desire to know our creator (and to know ourselves as our creator). All of the longing we experience, which we convince ourselves is for material things, loving relationships, etc. is really a longing for a greater perception; a communion with our creator, who expresses infinite love to all of its children.

Everything we long for here on earth is a mask that hides our true desire; our true longing, which, little do we know, is for a higher state of consciousness where we understand the blissful, spiritual nature of our existence.

We live in a place that seems empty of love or spirituality. Love exists on earth, but it’s minimized to a purely romantic concept that doesn’t do justice to its true purpose. Similarly, controlled religions have distorted our understanding of Source, and we’re taught to believe in a limited, human version of our creator that was clearly thought up by man.

Every religion contains truth and untruth, and that’s why I’m okay with throwing the occasional quote from the Bible (or other religious books) in these articles. Most of us know by now that contemporary religion is highly and purposefully distorted, however, and this is why so many people have turned away from spirituality.

Hardly anyone wants to sit in a church and hear about how they’re miserable sinners who are basically hated by a vengeful creator who’ll send them to hell in an instant if they don’t act right, but most people don’t understand that this is a massively incorrect portrayal of our creator that’s been pushed by religious leaders who want to control the masses.

Control is the main purpose of contemporary religion, but we can transcend all of its nonsense and discover a real, lasting connection with our creator, who, as we’ll discover, loves its children unconditionally and would never want to hurt us or send us to a fiery inferno.

Because our perception of Source is so skewered, we go about our lives looking for things to fill the spiritual void, which is caused by our disconnection from our essence; our Christ consciousness; whatever you want to call the flowing, omnipotent creative/spiritual space within.

Most people don’t sustain their spiritual connections because they don’t even know they exist, and the first thing that pops into their heads when they think of spirituality is religion, which controls its followers with guilt and unrelenting worship.

Since they know religion is distorted and they think it’d be their only real connection with their creator (who, again, their perception of is skewered), they look for a way to satisfy that gap between them and a greater perception.

Most people try to fill it with material things that only satisfy for a short time before they become undesirable, and when the first materialistic high wears off, they do anything they can to continue filling the void and making themselves happy.

All they need to do is consider that God and spirituality could be real and could have nothing to do with distorted religion to discover the greatest secret that’s ever been kept from mankind. Then, all of their worries, pains, fears and desires would be gradually replaced with an unhindered connection with Source, who they’ll discover is a God of pure love and compassion.

“At this same time an immense fire was sent into his soul that inflamed his heart utterly with love of God.” – Blessed Henry SUSO

Our creator doesn’t hate us, and Source doesn’t want to punish us for what we do in the lower vibrations. The point of the lower vibrations is to grow, learn and refine our consciousness to the point that we can ascend into ever higher dimensions, where our understanding of ourselves as our creator will continue to expand.

Our existence in the lower spheres would be pointless if our creator punished us for doing the ‘wrong’ things, and as we’re learning, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are as illusory as these lower vibrations we live in. In truth, we can never do anything ‘wrong’ in the eyes of our creator, and Source loves the evilest, most villainous people.

Our creator even loves the elitist forces who use politics, media and religion to keep us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually oppressed, and if that doesn’t show us that Source loves everyone, nothing will.

If our benevolent creator can find love for the most hateful people, then it stands to reason that he/she won’t hate us for the misaligned things we do while we’re here, which, for the most part, we don’t even realize are misaligned.


Our desires will gradually fade when we learn to replace them with a desire to know Source and the spiritual nature of our existence, but wanting to connect with Source won’t completely diminish them by itself. I consider myself a pretty spiritual person, but I abandon my spirituality at times for materialism or whatever distraction is placed before me.

Becoming aware isn’t enough by itself, and we have to put our awareness to good use if we want to really know ourselves or our creator. We’ll want to keep our spiritual links as strong and flowing as we can, and the best way to do this seems to be to continuously hone our creative/spiritual connections.

Writing and music are great ways to keep our links with spirit strong, and some people intuitively connect with and/or channel their inner voice (which can be called the ‘higher self’), their spiritual guides and other entities who they believe help them with their growth from the higher realms.

There are plenty of things we can do, but in everything, our willingness to keep exploring our consciousness is important. We’ll only go so far if we only want to know Source, and at a certain point, we’ll have to replace that simple desire with concrete action to get ourselves there.

Keeping our spiritual links strong and flowing can be easier than we expect, but it still requires some effort. We still have to do something to get there, and for most of us, living in love and humility as we hone our creativity and spirituality is the best way to stay connected with ourselves and our creator.

“O Lord (my) God, these two things I long for — a Vision and a Talk with Thee.” – Zarathustra

Knowing ourselves is important to knowing our creator, and the spiritual path requires us to take serious, discerning looks at ourselves so we can get rid of things that no longer serve us and welcome things that do. We might end up making a lot of personal changes we never expected to make, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

The more we embrace spirituality and the idea that our creator is benevolent and all-loving, the less we’ll care about feeding the material world, with all of its distractions and subversions. We’ll discover that reconnecting with our essence is our main reason for being here, and we might even part ways with things we once enjoyed as we explore and expand our awareness.

We might also influence others to explore their spirituality, and if we stay active and receptive, the result could be that we awaken everyone else to the existence of infinite higher realms and their ability to transcend their surface consciousness and reach those realms. Once everyone’s aware, our fun will really begin.

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