Living in Peace and Holding No Resistance

68912-peaceonearthWritten by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The goal of enlightenment, beyond reaching a higher state of consciousness, is to be able to live in peace and hold no resistance to any person or idea. Enlightenment isn’t easy by any means, but by the end of the process, we’ll have refined our consciousness and taught ourselves how to flow with life with no restrictions.

Plenty of teachers have told us that enlightenment will result in an experience of bliss that’s unlike anything we’ve yet felt, but the process can be difficult because it urges us to look at everything about ourselves that’s out of alignment with the personal changes we strive to make.

Most people would love to feel the bliss that comes with enlightenment, but doing the work to get there isn’t so desirable. It’s understandable that we wouldn’t want to shine our light on everything about ourselves, including the darkest aspects of our consciousness that need exposed and healed, but this is what’s required if we want to find enlightenment.

More than anything, the point of enlightenment is to reach a place where we no longer have any conflicts or quarrels with life; we no longer expect life to be a certain way, and we flow with everything we experience. This is a goal most seekers strive to attain, and the best way to attain it is to release our resistance to everything about life we don’t enjoy.

We make things harder on ourselves when we resist life, and in most cases, the people around us suffer too. The reason some people seek enlightenment is because they want to do away with the petty or painful aspects of life; the aspects that make us wonder if something better exists beyond this world.

If we want to experience something better, we’ll have to be willing to release our resistance to those aspects of life we want to avoid.

Enlightenment doesn’t take us away from the world’s problems, but it makes them easier to deal with. It allows us to handle the problems we face from an open, spiritually aware perspective, and they become a lot easier when we release our mind-driven tension and at least try to handle them in a centered way.

There are plenty of spiritual teachers we can turn to for help with this, and they’ve offered a lot of helpful advice that can really assist the seeker who wants to enlighten themselves. We can’t focus solely on their advice, however, and at a certain point, we have to chart our own path and show ourselves the way.

We have to rely more on ourselves for advice and guidance; on our intuition, our higher self or whatever you want to call the intuitive voice that lives within and helps us through the difficult and painful aspects of life. The higher self, inner voice, etc. has a lot to offer us, and listening to this voice is the best way to empower ourselves and eventually evolve.

The more we enlighten ourselves, the more we evolve and the easier and more free-flowing life seems to become. Everyone will eventually reach a point where they can empower themselves and understand that they’re spiritually evolving as they seek enlightenment, and they can live by the example we’re starting to set.

Once they do, they might strive to awaken others to the spiritual nature of our existence and the importance of living in this reality, as opposed to the self-created illusions so many people have convinced themselves are real.

Those of us who are becoming aware can continue to take the advice we’ve been given from spiritual teachers who’ve enlightened themselves, and we can only hope that the rest of the world will open up to the idea that there are higher realms beyond our conscious perception; realms we can reach from right here on earth if we make an effort.

Let’s continue to seek love, enlightenment and upliftment, and let’s keep in mind that as long as we stay active, nothing will keep us from our goal. We just have to stay focused and remember why we came to this seemingly broken world in the first place, and opportunities for spiritual growth will present themselves, thereby empowering us (and everyone else) to finally evolve.

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