Spiritual Evolution Isn’t Always Easy

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t think spiritual evolution’s meant to be easy or flow freely all the time. Instead, I think its purpose is to challenge us and encourage us to challenge ourselves. It leads us to try new things; to step outside of our comfort zone and take on challenges we might fear, and when we grasp the idea that we’re infinite, we feel inspired to test our infinity.

We feel inspired to see what we can really do, and this leads us to challenges that not only test our abilities, but our patience. The hardest part of spiritual evolution is facing challenges that seem unwinnable, and frustration can arise when we struggle with something that we just don’t think we can complete.

What most seekers don’t understand is that being ‘infinite’ doesn’t mean we can instantly do whatever we want. True infinity is realized when we see that we aren’t meant to automatically complete whatever challenge we face, and in some cases, we’re meant to struggle a little until we learn the lesson that’s associated with what we’re trying to do.

Patience is an important part of success, and being infinite doesn’t endow us with abilities and perceptions we didn’t have before. We still have to work for them, and this can be the hardest part of the whole thing.

Some seekers don’t want to work hard anymore. They feel like they’ve done all they could in terms of work, and they’re ready to kick back and enjoy the perceptual wonders that come with a higher vibration.

Some are convinced that hard work isn’t necessary to evolve at all, and they see the very idea as contradictory to the nature of spirituality. I don’t think it is, and it helps to remember that everything – even the most difficult aspects of life that require us to work the hardest and be the most patient – is spiritual.

The hardest jobs we’ve ever had to do were just as spiritual as the easiest, and we’ll hold ourselves back if we try to ignore or deny any aspect of reality – especially the aspects that, despite their difficulty, could benefit us in the long run.

I’m learning lately that hard work is not only inevitable, but important. Enjoying ourselves is just as important, and my intention isn’t to be a drill instructor who screams in your face to work harder. Your spiritual evolution is yours to experience exactly how you want, but hard work is necessary for my path.

It’s obvious that hard work can allow us to achieve big things. Some of you might not care much about achievement unless it’s personal achievement that has to do with raising your vibration, but discovering spirit can (and perhaps should) lead us to use our knowledge to help the earth and its people grow.

Like so many conscious pioneers of the past have shown us, we can use our awareness progressively or negatively, and the choice is ours entirely. If we decide to be progressive with our knowledge, we might want to prepare to face nearly endless challenges and difficulties, which we can handle if we stay centered.

Even if we don’t use our awareness progressively, we’ll still want to prepare for some challenges along the evolutionary path.

We’ll still want to stay centered in the face of any negativity or hardship, because life isn’t all about breezing through our challenges and experiences – it’s about working hard to claim things that seem beyond our reach (like a higher vibration) and enjoying ourselves along the way.

In all things, calling on our creative flow will help us in our times of difficulty and hardship; the times when we can’t seem to do the things we’ve come to earth to do. Humility helps a lot when we struggle with our work, and even if we seem to fail, we’re still infinite beings who are worthy of Source’s love, respect and appreciation.

The final point I want to make is that we’ll have to love ourselves if we want to surpass the obstacles that are put in our way. Everything’s easier when we have faith and confidence, and the creative flow seems to increase when we’re in an uplifted frame of mind.

Loving ourselves is an important part of sharing our love with the rest of the world, and treating ourselves and those around us with love will make everything, including our creativity and our evolution, more enjoyable.

We just have to love ourselves and let the naysayers find their own path, and staying centered in the face of all obstacles and adversity will help us deal with any negativity that’s thrown our way. We don’t have to let anything keep us from playing our role in this ongoing evolution, but if we aren’t confident in ourselves, we can’t expect others to be confident in us.

This work obviously isn’t about fame or recognition, but the more people who are aware of what we’re doing, the more people we could potentially uplift. Uplifting all of humanity is our main reason for being here, and this is why expressing love is one of the best things we can do – for ourselves and the people who witness our exploits.

In everything we do, love will always be important. No matter what creative path we pursue, we’ll want to make sure we incorporate as much love into it as we can. When we do, the hard work that might’ve intimidated us before will be more fun than we expected and our willingness to consistently contribute to our revolution will skyrocket.

We just have to remember to stay patient and let love flow, and it becomes easier when we transcend the self-created blockages that stand in our way.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

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