Who is Ra? – Part 19: Time/Space and Seventh & Eighth Density – 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, we’ll learn about the sixth, seventh and eighth densities. Ra is a sixth density social memory complex, and like we’ve learned, they temporarily exist in fifth density so they can communicate with the earth (and other planets) and assist us with our ongoing spiritual evolution.

They do this to serve lower-vibrational entities, and their service will eventually allow them to evolve into seventh density. It’s interesting to think they could gradually evolve from sixth density while being rooted in the fifth, and the distortions they’ve taken on will actually help them progress from sixth density, where, I’d imagine, they’ve been for a while.

Most seekers know that serving others is one of the best ways to raise our vibration, and it remains helpful in the realms beyond the earth. Higher-dimensional entities probably serve with even more enthusiasm than awakening seekers on earth, and it’s all done for the purpose of helping oneself and others spiritually evolve.

I feel spiritually endowed every time I’m creative or I help someone learn about spirit, and the endowment’s probably magnified in the higher realms, where we’ll continuously strive to reach the next, purer state of consciousness until we reach a state of total union with Source.

Ra describes sixth density, and they tell us that they strive to reach the seventh.

“6th density is white with a golden quality. This quality relates to the blending into wisdom of the compassion learned in 4th density.

“I am 6th density with a strong seeking towards 7th density. The harvest for us will be in only (approximately) 2.5 million of your years and it is our desire to be ready for harvest as it approaches our space/time continuum.”

Question: “And you ready yourselves for this harvest through service?

“This is correct.” (1)

They explain how they’ve raised their vibration with selfless service.

Question: “Can you describe the techniques used by Ra in seeking in the direction of service?

“Much is lost in transmission of concept from density to density, and the discussion of 6th density is inevitably distorted greatly. However, we shall attempt to answer.

“We seek the Creator upon a level of shared experience to which you are capable of knowing about. Rather than surrounding ourselves in light we have become light. Our understanding is that there is no other material except light.

“Our techniques (i.e. the manner in which they grow and serve others) are an infinitely subtle continuation of the balancing processes which you are now beginning to experience.

“We seek without polarity. Thus we do not invoke any power from without, but our search has become internalized as we become light/love and love/light.

“We seek balances between love and wisdom which more and more allow our understanding of experience to be informed that we may come closer and closer to the unity with the One Creator which we so joyfully seek.” (2)

Like any other higher-vibrational entity, Ra uses the knowledge they’ve gained to help others understand the spiritual nature of our existence. They do it in a way that embraces love, wisdom and every other quality that’ll help them when their seventh density harvest comes around, and their evolution, while as gradual as ours (if not more so), is more intense.

Their ‘balancing processes’ are different from ours, and I’m sure these processes are more subtle because one doesn’t have to work as hard to find balance in the higher realms. Balance is probably easier to attain there, but nothing’s so easy that it doesn’t have to be worked for.

Since compassion’s replaced with pure wisdom in fifth density, an intense balancing process probably has to take place to adjust the entity to the conditions of their new higher-dimensional home. It could be hard to give up compassion if one’s practiced it for eons and eons, and this is where balance comes into play.

Now, we’ll learn about seventh & eighth density. Ra describes what seventh density is like by outlining the features of a seventh density entity, and they also tell us that portions of this density are still mysterious to them.

“The 7th density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates (spiritual) mass and compacts into the One Creator once again (presumably as it enters 8th density).

“There are portions of the 7th density which, although described to us by our teachers, remain mysterious. We have experienced a great deal of the available refining catalyst of this octave, and our teachers have worked with us most carefully that we may be one with all, that in turn our eventual returning to the great all-ness of creation shall be complete.” (3)

We’re then told about eighth density, which, according to Ra’s terms, is the highest.

Question: “The Law of One is truly universal in creating a progression towards the 8th density in all galaxies. Correct?

“That is correct. There are infinite forms, infinite understandings, but the progression is one.

“Intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from the 8th density.” (4)


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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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