Staying Centered and Loving Life

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

As hard as it can sometimes be, I think it’s time to lighten up and stop taking life so seriously. Yes, life is serious in a lot of ways, but it can also be fun if we let it.

When we refuse to let stress or negativity take us out of our center, we’ll discover that life can be as heavenly and joyous as we’ve always wanted it to be. A lot of seekers look to a higher state of consciousness for the joy and bliss we all want to find, and I think it’s important to embrace spiritual practices like meditation, music, art, etc.

When we routinely practice them, we’ll notice that we feel more aligned and willing to take on the challenges we face each day. Our ability to make our lives (and the lives of the people around us) easier will grow as we make an effort to align with spirit every day, and one of the best gifts we’ll be given will be the ability to see life positively.

For centuries, life has been seen as something to dread; to worry or stress about. It’s never been meant to be this way, and in my opinion, we’re meant to embrace and enjoy our unique experiences.

We’re given this life for the purpose of growing and learning before we reach the next state of consciousness; the next stage of our infinite existence, but this life is more than just a school; it’s a place where we can embrace our talents and our passions.

I think everyone, even the people who are kept busy with the usual nine-to-five, is meant to embrace their creativity or whatever fills them with passion and inspiration. If something inspires you, feel free to pursue it no matter what society tells you.

Just because society shuns something doesn’t mean we can’t embrace it if it inspires us, and even though the world’s starting to open up to spirituality, it’s been shunned for millennia. It’s also been embraced to a degree in the form of religion, but heavily controlled religions have stopped their followers from genuinely glimpsing spirit.

Overall, life will become a lot easier when we can learn that it isn’t a burden.

Let’s allow life to be the greatest, most enjoyable thing we ever do, even in the face of the usual stress and negativity. There are plenty of things about living on earth that can bring us down if we let them, but instead, let’s recognize that they’re all necessary and embrace any challenges we face.

Credit: Pinterest

I’ve said before that challenge isn’t meant to keep us down; it’s meant to help us excel in the greatest sense. God helps those who help themselves, and I honestly think one way our creator helps us is by coordinating the challenges we experience throughout life.

Every challenge – even the most ridiculous or bizarre – is necessary on one level or another, and when we recognize this, we can stop letting difficult challenges take us out of our center.

If we don’t have our center and the love that comes with it, we don’t have much of anything. Life becomes a cold, hollow, empty shell compared to what it could be, and our enthusiasm to contribute to our conscious revolution wanes.

The minute we re-embrace spirit and our sacred center, however, things start to crystallize. Life opens up and seems to become clearer or easier to navigate. Challenges don’t seem to bring us as far down as they did when we weren’t centered, and we can think clearer and make decisions that are in our best interest.

Most importantly, we learn to enjoy life instead of being so serious about it that we make ourselves miserable. I don’t think life is meant to be the burden we’ve turned it into, and as naïve as it might sound, I think it’s meant to be fun.

I think we’re meant to laugh; learn; grow; enjoy the company of the people around us. I think we’re meant to love each other unconditionally, even if we run the risk of being taken advantage of every now and then. We obviously don’t want to let people walk all over us, and we can lovingly remove ourselves from anyone who would try to.

Not everyone’s out to take advantage, however, and we’ll see this when we can unconditionally love everyone in our lives. There’d probably be a few rotten eggs who’d take our love and kindness for granted, but they don’t have to speak for everyone else.

Others would appreciate our unbiased, unabashed love, and they might even live by our example. We never know unless we try, and until we make a real and solid (yet centered and unfocused) effort to love the people around us without putting conditions or circumstances on our love, we’ll never know just what we can do.


We can change this world, and every outer change we want to see has to come from within. There can be no other way, in my opinion, and those of us who embrace spirit will notice that we feel depleted if we don’t incorporate some kind of loving or spiritual practice into our daily routine.

When our minds and hearts aren’t open, we lose the spark we’ve come to this world with; the spark that reminds us how important it is to enjoy our lives and, to the best of our abilities, make sure others enjoy theirs.

Again, life becomes the stressful burden so many people associate it with, and our ability to enjoy it is replaced with a gradual contempt for it; a desire to be somewhere ‘better’ or somewhere we’ll enjoy more.

We might use things like drugs, alcohol, television or video games (which are just as mind-altering as drugs) or even depression to escape from the cold world around us, and as soon as we do, we erect a barrier between ourselves and spirit. The moment we start avoiding reality, we start avoiding ourselves and our innate spirituality.

Our burning flame is doused into a tiny little spark, and from there, a lot of effort and rebalancing are required if we want to relight our spark. We can relight it if we try hard enough, but once it’s lit and it burns mightily, we’ll want to throw as many metaphorical logs on it as we can.

How do we feed the fire, you ask?

With meditation; creativity; general spiritual practices that align us with a higher vibration and fill us with passion. It’s actually pretty simple, but if we aren’t careful, that pesky ego will pop up and complicate things, slowly taking control and navigating our thoughts and feelings until we’re right back to the dimly lit spark we started out with.

We determine whether or not we enjoy life, and staying constantly aligned with spirit will help us more than we might think. Life opens up when we can stay aligned with this awesome spiritual power we’ve barely discovered, and the more we explore spirit, the more it’ll be a part of our lives.

Let depression, anxiety and general negativity diminish, and let them be replaced with an open mind and an enthusiastic, impassioned (yet centered) perspective.

In time, the rest of the world will see how real and pervasive of a reality spirit is, and they can live by the influence we’ll have set if we remember to consistently embrace our spiritual lineage and the heightened joy and creativity that come with it.

Our time has come to shine, so let’s stop hanging around in self-created darkness or depression and greet the light of a brand new, spiritually driven day.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

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