Who is Ra? – Part 16: The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

I think David Wilcock has said before that in order to experience any degree of negative ‘enlightenment’ from the third density, we’d have to perform so many self-serving acts that we basically become the evilest, most malevolent people around. You know, like the cabal.

I’d prefer not to describe some of the things he said we’d have to do in order to achieve this.

We’ll make things easier by choosing light and love now, and like I’ve said plenty of times before, the terms ‘light’ and ‘love’ mean more than most people give them credit for. They’re important distortions that Source created to help us progress and excel, and they aren’t the airy, new agey terms they’ve been made out to be.

Self-awareness is essential here in third density, Ra tells us. If you think about it, it’s the only reason we chose to come here.

Question: “What is needed to be in 3rd density?

“There is one necessity for 3rd density, namely, self-awareness or self-consciousness. The body must be capable of abstract thought. The fundamental necessity is the combination of rational and intuitive thinking.” (1)

Relationships are necessary in the third density, Ra shares, because they help us know ourselves in a deeper sense by interacting with others.

“Consider a 2nd density entity, the tree for instance. It is self-sufficient. Consider a 3rd density entity. The weakening of its physical vehicle, or body, was designed to distort entities towards a predisposition to deal with each other. Thus, the lessons which approach a knowing of love can be begin.

“The quickest way to learn is to deal with other-selves. This is a much greater catalyst than dealing with the self. Dealing with the self without otherselves is akin to living without mirrors. Then the self cannot see the fruits of its beingness.” (2)

Even though we don’t usually stay in the third density as long as the rest of them, Ra advises that “There is very little work in consciousness in 4th and in 5th densities compared to the work done in 3rd density.” (3)

The fact that we don’t stay here as long but do far more inner work than the rest of the densities goes to show that this sphere’s very intense.

We learn very important lessons here, and we learn them quickly, intensely, and in some cases, difficultly. Our third density journey’s nothing if not difficult, but this takes us back to the idea that it can also be lovely and enjoyable if we let it.

We can’t avoid learning difficult and potentially painful lessons here. There are experiences we simply have to undergo so our illusory perceptions of ourselves and the reality around us can be dissolved, and sometimes, this means taking on experiences or challenges that, at the surface, we might not feel like we can handle.

We can handle them, but we have to have faith in ourselves and in Source who, if we connect with him/her to the best of our third density abilities, will help us through our difficulties and challenges.

I think we’d all benefit from at least attempting to hold a strong link with Source, because even from third density, we can receive His/Her gracious and loving assistance.

We can connect with Source from any sphere – we just have to be willing to believe we’re capable of connecting and receiving divine assistance. We’re only as limited as we let ourselves be, even in third density, and every difficulty and challenge we face can be easier with this loving, everlasting spiritual link.

Ra then tells us that within the third density overall, there are seven main levels with infinite sub-levels.

Question: “How many levels do we have then in the 3rd density at this time?

“The 3rd density has an infinite number of levels. [Bob Childers Note: Elsewhere Ra explains that there are infinite octaves within octaves for every level of density.]

Question: “I’ve read that there are 7 astral planes and 7 devachanic levels. Is this correct?

“You speak of some of the more large distinctions in levels in your inner planes. That is correct.” (4)

This is just an educated guess that’s based off of what others have told me about Ra’s ‘densities’ being different from the traditional ‘dimensions’, but I wonder if Ra refers to the fourth dimension when we talks about the inner levels of third density.

‘Density’ and ‘dimension’ don’t mean the same thing, apparently, and when Ra talks about third density astral levels and sub levels, they might refer to what those involved in the spiritualist movement (and similar movements) have called the fourth dimension.

I’ve studied and reported on channeled messages through spiritualists, and their messages talk consistently about the conditions of the fourth dimension, which include lower and higher astral planes.

Ra’s definitions may be different, but they could be talking about the same thing as the spiritualists and their fourth-dimensional sources. I couldn’t say for sure, but Ra’s mention of inner astral planes makes me wonder.

This quote seems to support the idea that Ra could be referring to what some of us know as the fourth dimension.

“The astral planes vary from thought-forms in the lower extremities to enlightened beings who become dedicated to teaching and learning in the higher astral planes. In the devachanic planes are those even more close to the primal distortions of love/light.

“Beyond these planes there are others.

“The invisible, or inner, 3rd density planes are inhabited by those who do not have body complexes such as yours; they do not collect about their spirit/mind complexes a chemical body. In the upper levels, desire to communicate knowledge back down to the outer planes of existence becomes less due to the intensive learn/teaching which occurs on these levels.” (5)

It seems that there are plenty of enlightened beings in the inner third density levels who do want to communicate with humanity and share wisdom and guidance about spirituality and the best ways we can traverse the densities. Others on more evolved planes, however, have little desire to communicate because they’re also learning and growing.

They’re learning too many lessons to be bothered with the idea of communicating what they’ve learned to others, but I’m sure they’ll eventually reach a stage where they can take a break from their growing and help others in the lower spheres.

Ra’s probably on a higher level than the enlightened beings they speak of, and they have chosen to communicate with humanity, so I’m sure every enlightened being is eventually given an opportunity to communicate with others in lower densities – even if it takes longer for some.

The fourth-dimensional sources who were channeled during the heyday of the spiritualist movement were certainly enthusiastic about speaking with humanity, and they’ve given us a lot of descriptive information about their spheres and what life after death is like.


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Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow. Head here to read the full article.

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