Embracing the Heavenliness of Earth

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

How do we choose to see the world around us? Do we choose to abandon this planet in the name of our growing spiritual perception, or do we choose to see that it’s deeply spiritual?

A lot of people have discovered spirit and the idea that uncountable states of consciousness exist beyond our current. While this is a great thing, I don’t think we should abandon our planet in the name of our spirituality.

The last thing we want to do is distance ourselves from this beautiful earth, and unfortunately, discovering spirit can give us incentive to do exactly that.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with focusing on the higher states of consciousness we’ll eventually grow back into, and we’d benefit from exploring these higher realms and the greater, more blissful perception that comes with them.

To take our attention away from this planet and the wonderful things it offers because of our spirituality or our desire to explore the higher realms would be unfortunate to say the least, though.

Even though we exist in a spiritually limited reality, we can access and embrace spirit from right here on earth if we’re particularly open or receptive. Looking around the conscious community, I see that a lot of seekers are fixed more on the higher realms or the various entities who are believed to exist in them than they are on this evolving planet.

Some are more interested in the idea that higher-dimensional souls will come down and ‘save’ us from the harsher, darker realities that are hidden in plain sight, but if we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that we’re the ones who are meant to heal the earth and to do this, we’ll have to be focused on it.

I understand why some would place their interest in the higher realms instead of this world. A lot of bad things are happening here, and sometimes, the desire to explore a higher state of consciousness can be stronger than the desire to enjoy and appreciate everything about this planet – the good and the bad.

We don’t do ourselves or this earth a justice when we take our focus off of it and put it on some other, distant realm beyond our conscious understanding, however. I think we should enact a healthy focus on both aspects of our existence – the earthly and the higher.

This world can be heavenly if we let it, and all it takes is the realization that our heaven’s already here, right now – we just have to open up and embrace it. In order to enjoy our existence here, we have to see that it’s just as beautiful and heavenly as any higher-dimensional world or realm that’s out there.

I think our purpose on earth is to use the greater spiritual perception we’re cultivating to start making the changes that obviously need made. We’re here to heal this planet – not to stay focused on other realms or states of consciousness.

I want to put some of my focus on the darker, more hidden aspects of life on earth that some people, even in the conscious community, are comfortable ignoring. I also want to focus on this planet’s positive qualities; the uplifting things about it that help us see that we live in an earthly heaven.

Our existence is as heavenly and uplifted as we allow it to be, and when we can see this, our fixation on any higher state of consciousness beyond our current won’t necessarily cease, but will be merged with our appreciation for this world.

I’m taking a lot of inspiration from the recent song by reggae artist Ziggy Marley called “I Don’t Wanna Live on Mars”. This song has opened my eyes to the idea that we can appreciate our existence here on earth without feeling like we need to be somewhere else – even another planet or a higher state of consciousness.

We can embrace the idea that everything in existence – every realm, planet and galaxy – is deeply spiritual.

Everything we could hope to find is provided by our dearest earth, and realizing this is the first step to appreciating what we’re given here instead of feeling like we have to ignore or transcend it in favor of something better; something lighter; something ‘more spiritual’.

Spirituality can be discovered from any place and at any time – we don’t need specific requirements or places to find it. We don’t need to focus wholly on the higher realms to rediscover them, and when we use our greater perception to help heal the planet, everyone wins.

We win because we’re still able to enjoy spirit, and the planet wins because her children are finally conscious of the things we’ve done for centuries that have deeply hurt her and caused untold amounts of strife and agony.

It’s clear that a lot of changes need made to the broken and defunct manner in which our planet’s been run for centuries. With love in our hearts and the recognition that our planet’s as spiritual as we allow ourselves to be, we’ll start the greatest of our work and keep our focus right here where, as some believe, it belongs.

I’m ready to embrace living on this planet more than I did before, and I don’t want to focus solely on the higher dimensions. I definitely want to stay attuned to them, however, and embracing this world doesn’t have to keep us from exploring or embracing the higher realms by any means.

With inspiration from various conscious people who are sharing their perspectives with the rest of humanity, I want to love and appreciate this earth – even if some of its people tend to embrace darkness and hatred over the love and spirituality that’ll help us heal it.

I don’t know about any of you, but my love for this planet is growing as I take inspiration from various seekers who recognize that the task of healing the world will be distorted if we don’t focus on it and what can be done to heal it.

We have a lot of changes to make, and in my opinion, the best way to make them is to start loving and appreciating the things around us. Gaia will certainly thank us, and the sooner we can love and appreciate her as much as she loves and appreciates all of us, the sooner we can raise the planetary vibration and finally make some changes.

We certainly owe it to her after all of the pollution and general garbage we’ve put her through, and in the end, we’ll be glad we stayed grounded while we explored our spirituality and the perceptual wonders that come with it.

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3 thoughts on “Embracing the Heavenliness of Earth

  1. Excellent post, Wes! I couldn’t agree more. Isn’t it amazing how Earth still sustains us and loves us unconditionally–even with all that Mankind has done to defile her over thousands of years? Call me crazy, but I REFUSE to abandon her. In fact, I wouldn’t dream of missing out on even a moment of this very special time! Our job is to help raise her (and ourselves) to higher dimensions and begin healing the damage that was done to ALL of us. I’m here for the duration!



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