Who is Ra? – Part 13: Freewill Abridgment and the Mystery of Infinity

Credit: Saviorsite.com

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned about children with ‘double bodies’, which enable them to do and perceive things most wanderers or spiritual adults are unable to do.

We learned that a lot of children possess deeper spiritual perceptions and capabilities, and they don’t violate the law of freewill by using these abilities because most adults are unwilling to believe that what they’re saying or doing is genuine.

The wanderers don’t possess anywhere near the deeper capabilities children with ‘double bodies’ do, and this is because if we did, we’d run the risk of violating the freewill of those around us who’d witness the miracles we’d perform.

Now, we’re going to hear Ra’s perspective on how Jesus performed his miracles without violating the freewill of the people who witnessed them. Jesus came here to represent the greater spiritual perception/abilities we can each access, and he intended to show the way back to Source for those who were lost in darkness and unawares.

Given that we have freewill not to know or perceive certain things, how was he able to perform his miracles without abridging it? Ra explains that when Jesus shared his knowledge and abilities, he shared them through an apparent veil.

Question: “It would seem that seeing the miracles performed by Jesus would abridge free will to some extent in that a seemingly magical occurrence took place as a result of the working of an adept. Could you speak on this paradox that is immediately the problem of anyone doing healing.

“We are humble messengers of the law of One. To us there are no paradoxes. The workings which seem magical and therefore seem to interfere upon free will do not, in themselves, do so, for each witness sees what it desires to see.” (1)

Apparently, Jesus would’ve abridged the freewill of his followers if he claimed to be solely responsible for his miracles, as opposed to being a conduit for Source.

“Interference with free will occurs in magical healing only if the entity doing the working takes credit for the healing itself, and claims it is due to its own skills. He who states that no working comes from it, but only through it, is not interfering with free will.” (2)

Recognizing that we’re conduits for the greater abilities we possess beneath our surface consciousness can empower us to do a wealth of things that most of humanity thinks is impossible, but we’ll abridge the freewill of others if we claim these abilities originate in our consciousness. Not to mention that we wouldn’t be telling the truth.

We’re all conduits for spirit, and when we can transcend the otherwise overbearing influence of the mind and ego, we’ll see that we’re capable of performing a wealth of divine miracles. Some people, like Jesus, come to earth with a naturally purer perception, and with this perception comes the understanding of our nature as spiritual conduits.

In our next quote, Ra moves away from the subject of Christ and tells us that gaining a glimpse of infinity can cause us to want to experience the higher realms instead of the more distorted ones we’re incarnate in. For many, however, the desire to share what they’ve learned with others on earth is too strong to cause them to cease their incarnation.

“The mystery and unknown quality of the occurrences we are allowed to offer have the hoped for intention of thinking your peoples grasp infinity, and then and only then, can the gateway be opened to the Law of One.

“The entity which reaches intelligent infinity most often will perceive this experience as one of unspeakable profundity. It is not unusual for the entity to immediately desire the cessation of the incarnation.

“However, the desire to communicate or use this experience to aid others is extremely strong.” (3)

Ra is then asked a question about the expansion and rippling-out of intelligent infinity.

Question: “The concept of intelligent infinity is that it expands outward from all locations everywhere. It expands outward uniformly from every point everywhere at the velocity of light. Is this correct?

“This concept is incorrect as is any concept of intelligent infinity. Yet the concept is correct in the context of one particular Logos, or Love, or focus of this Creator. The one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole, is the macrocosm of the mystery-clad being.” (4)

Each galaxy, universe, etc. is different, and each experiences different ‘versions’ of the expansion of intelligent infinity. No two universes or existences are alike, and we’ll see this as we continue to raise our vibration and we realize that our reality’s nothing like we’ve been led to believe.

We exist in an infinite reality with equally infinite spiritual possibilities, and as hard as we might try, we’ll never really understand our existence. Certain aspects of our existence will always be clouded in mystery, and only when we’re back in Source’s inexplicably pure realms will we see creation for what it truly is.

Our spiritual and scientific understanding of our existence will continue to grow as we greet purer realms and states of consciousness, but even when we’re in, say, the fifth dimension, our perception and understanding will still be quite distorted.

We’ll still seek answers to various questions, and since we’ll have already made so much potent progress, it stands to reason that we’ll be even more inspired to learn as much as we can about our infinite, harmonious existence.

With this report, we reach the end of section two of Bob Childers and David Wilcock’s ‘Law of One Study Guide’. We’ll start fresh at section three in our next report, and even though these reports have been few and far between, I plan to start writing them more often.

This is mostly because of the tremendous support and appreciation they seem to receive, and I might’ve stopped writing them by this point if so many of you didn’t seem to appreciate them so much.

I definitely enjoy writing them, even though Ra’s complex terminology and explanations can sometimes leave me scratching my head, and I’m excited to see what else Ra has to say in the sections we have yet to explore.

I think Ra’s one of the purest and most descriptive channeled sources out there, and I’m happy to continue to discuss their material – especially with how much it’s helped all of you.


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