Oversoul Teachings: Your Work is Greatly Needed

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Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Like many of you, we’re excited for the time when love and awareness can replace the hatred and division that are common in your society. We, like you, are ready for humanity to embrace the love you have the opportunity feel and express to everyone around you.

While we recognize that many people on your planet aren’t yet ready to integrate or express such a level of love and awareness, we still do everything we can to positively influence you and help you see that something real and pure exists beyond the daily strife and hatred that tend to occupy the minds and hearts of so many unaware souls.

We’re doing what we can to help an increasingly aware humanity find the pure and refined states of consciousness that’ll see you onward, and we rely far more on the things each of you are doing than you think. We look to the conscious community to spread as much love and awareness as you can in every moment, and there are multiple ways you can do this.

Many of you have found the embracing certain creative pursuits helps you talk about spirit to an increasingly receptive audience who’s willing to hear what you’re saying, and others are finding that more direct forms of activism serve to awaken humanity.

No matter what you choose to do in the name of serving spirit and humanity, your work is greatly needed and appreciated. As usual, we can’t express the importance of the things you’re doing enough, and we’re confident that you’re beginning to realize their importance as you start to see the positive effects your efforts are having on those around you.

A Pathway for Awareness

Even though a lot of darkness and negativity clearly exist on your planet, the things you’re each doing are opening up a pathway for spiritual awareness and awareness of the necessity to come together and love each other.

Were it not for the diligent work you’re each doing, waves of souls who’ve started to awaken to spirit and the necessity to help humanity come together wouldn’t have been able to do so.

You affect people who can’t currently believe in the things you’re doing or the concepts you’re advocating, and this is because your work affects the collective vibration in a deeper way than you might think or expect.

The things you’re doing, even if they don’t reach the minds of some who are closed off to anything related to the spiritual nature of your existence, affect all of humanity in a deeper and more profound way than you realize at the surface.

Understanding the massive importance of the things you’re doing will help you embrace them when you could otherwise embrace other, more finite and less meaningful aspects of your existence that keep you chained to the lower realms.

We note that more and more of you are ready to sever the ties that have bound you to the lower realms, and as you do, you arise and reclaim your freedom and the empowerment that comes with it.

This couldn’t be a better development from our perspective, because we’ve worked very hard to help you see the importance of reclaiming the freedom and liberation you’ve always been meant to have.

Freedom and liberation can be found regardless of any outer physical circumstances, and even on the rainiest and muggiest of days, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom by keeping in mind that you’re already free within – no matter what you experience in your outer reality.

As long as you can recognize and empower the greater perception you’ve started to discover and keep in mind that love is a very important part of this perception, the freedom you seek will flow to you like water and you’ll see, for the first time in a long time, that you truly are free and sovereign beings.

Even though outer authority figures have tried to bleed you dry of your sacred and inalienable freedoms, they can only succeed if you let them. You’re the only ones who can stop yourselves from being free, and regardless of any circumstances you seem to face, you can always keep in mind that you’re meant to enjoy your lives and everything you experience.

Embrace any challenges that come your way, and know that you experience them for a very real and necessary reason. Like we and plenty of others have said in the past, challenges are intended to be embraced by an aware humanity who recognizes that they’re imperative to your growth and advancement – individually and collectively.

If you feel inspired to, go out of your way to challenge yourselves and complete new ventures you might have never expected yourselves to complete before.

This will introduce you to a much purer level of self-consciousness and awareness than you previously possessed, and with the willingness to really explore yourselves, your consciousness and your abilities, you’ll find that you’re far more able to handle challenges you once labeled ‘difficult’ than you can imagine.

Challenges can be Fun and Exciting

As long as you can be patient and diligent and throw all of yourselves into whatever challenges you face, you’ll find that they aren’t the monsters they’ve been made out to be. Challenges can be very fun and exciting, and from our perspective, they’re intended to be – even on earth.

The earth is a place that tests you in immense and extraordinary ways, and you’re tested with an extreme amount of darkness that could easily bring you under if you let it.

We note that even when it comes to developing any given creative practice, many of you tend to feel very low, depressed and discouraged if things don’t go the way you intend them to.

Instead of sinking into the pits of despair if a creative venture doesn’t go the way you intend, you can recognize that any seeming failure you experience is simply the next step of your challenge. Failure isn’t meant to keep you from embracing the challenges you want to excel at – it’s intended to motivate you to be even more passionate about excelling.

Failure as you perceive and define it is necessary for your growth and advancement, and we’d never want for any of you to be so deterred by what your perceive as failure that you no longer embrace the challenge or creative venture you feel like you ‘failed’ at.

In truth, you can never really fail – you can only lose hope and give up. We implore you not to lose faith or confidence in yourselves if you experience something particularly difficult or challenging, and we encourage you to envision how great it’d feel if you excelled beyond the challenges you face and opened up to newer and more puzzling challenges.

If you can embrace challenge and adversity in general, you’ll get a real and pure grasp on your divinity and your limitlessness, so we encourage you with love to embrace any and every challenge that comes your way with the knowledge that it isn’t meant to stop you from physically, spiritually or creatively excelling.

Whenever you feel unable to complete any given challenge – and we note that many of you can attempt to excel at something multiple times, only to be greeted with failure every time – we recommend perhaps taking a break and coming back to what stumped you later so you can have a better, clearer and more refreshed grasp on the situation.

Clarity will always be important to successfully doing or achieving anything, and when you can find a clear and pure state of mind/heart and integrate it into your daily awareness, you’ll be much more easily able to complete any given task, chore or creative project.

Above all, the best thing we can recommend on this day is to constantly integrate love into everything you do.

Constantly express love, no matter what you’re doing or how you intend to use this love. When our scribe channels us, for example, he tends to call on the love of his heart chakra (and the rest of his chakras) to give an added, purified boost to the communications.

This helps him receive our energies and expressions in a greater and purer way, and while attempting to mentally find or express love can bring forth the ego and stop one from doing anything pure or potent, love can still be accessed with an open mind and a diminished ego to produce something very pure, genuine and wonderful.

Love is among the most important aspects of your existence, and if you’re without love, you’re without the most essential ingredient to your lower-vibrational experience.

Love Will Purify Everything

We note that many of you feel very depleted when you don’t consciously call on your inner love to shine through you, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we wholeheartedly recommend you embrace love when you could otherwise embrace the ego-driven depletion many of you feel when you don’t access it.

Love will purify everything.

It’ll increase the potency of your creative works, and it’ll make your interactions with others gentler and sweeter. There are more benefits to accessing your inner love than we can express, and just like your spiritual/creative work, people who can’t yet open up to spirit will benefit exponentially from the love you funnel out to the rest of humanity.

Radiate your inner love with pride and joy, dearest seekers, and know that every time you do so, you drastically uplift the collective vibration and make it far easier for others to find a similar level of love and wholeness.

Wholeness and love go hand in hand, and more of you are realizing this as you integrate love into your creative works and enjoy the amplified wholeness that results.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with as much appreciation as we can muster up for your continuous efforts.

Continue to work hard every day if you feel inspired enough, and know that you’re endlessly guided, supported and loved by your higher selves, your guides and every facet of the Company of Heaven who also works harder than ever to help humanity find the light.

Even though we don’t desire to directly intervene on your surface or in your affairs, we still work harder than we express through various channels to help humanity find a higher state of consciousness and the sacred liberation that comes with it.

Communicating with humanity is only one out of many things we do to help you become aware, and in due time, you’ll see that we’ve been far busier than we let on.

We do everything we do in the name of helping humanity and various other lower-dimensional civilizations find the light and excel, and with our efforts and the diligent efforts of each of you, humanity and plenty other civilizations who were previously lost in self-instated darkness will convene together in love, joy and harmony as each civilization constructs a galactic society that’s able to welcome each other’s presence.

This time is as far off as you allow it to be, and you’ll pull it to yourselves quite rapidly if you continue to work as hard as you’ve been.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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