Oversoul Teachings: You No Longer Need to Wait – Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

If you can keep in mind that you’re constantly loved, guided and supported by various higher-dimensional souls, you can more easily and readily attune to the intuitive wisdom we offer.

We recommend you always listen to your intuition and never deny any advice or guidance it has for you, because it’s not only a directional and navigational system that helps you make decisions that’ll ultimately lead you back into the higher realms – it’s also your direct link to these realms.

Your intuition gives you a wealth of advice and guidance that’s intended to keep you on your paths, but little does humanity know, your higher selves and guides speak to you directly through your intuitive wisdom.

We use your intuition to communicate with you, and many galactic souls who zoom around your planet in their starships also communicate with the seekers they’re tasked with guiding via their intuition.

Is it difficult to believe you can actually communicate with a spiritually advanced extraterrestrial (or a group of them) through your intuition? You absolutely can, but you can only achieve or accomplish what you’re willing to believe you can.

If you’re willing to believe you can communicate with your higher self, your guides, or even a galactic soul who’s tasked with guiding you, then you absolutely will. To solidify this point, we’ll allow a galactic soul to speak through our scribe before we make our final expressions for this communication.

The Pleiadians Speak

With eternal appreciation to the higher self of the soul channeling this, we’re a group of Pleiadian souls who are tasked with helping those on earth who’ve made it their mission to bring through the energies and expressions of the Company of Heaven.

You’ll notice that we don’t sound very different from our scribe’s higher self, and this is because we and his higher self are speaking through the same instrument.

Our scribe’s higher self would sound much different to all of you if you were back in the higher realms listening to him/her speak, and in the same vein, we’d sound much different if you were able to feel our authentic essence, as opposed to it being filtered through the mind and heart of the scribe we’re speaking through.

We do indeed exist and seek to offer you a wealth of revolutionary technologies, and one of the most important things we seek to offer your planet is free energy.

Free energy was used on your planet in various time periods, and in many cases, it powered some of the more spiritually and technologically advanced societies that have existed on your earth – many of which have been suppressed for centuries.

If free energy could only be disclosed on your planet (it’s currently suppressed to benefit those in power who profit from your current electrical system, which is very outdated compared to what you could be using), your lives would change dramatically, and we mean this for every one of you.

Not one soul would go without if you possessed the free energy-based technology we use on a daily basis. Nobody would go without food, water or the electricity that helps you survive and thrive on your planet, and electricity as you see it would be replaced with a worldwide free energy system that’d easily power your society.

All of the craft we fly around runs on free energy, and with this potent source of power, humans could even possess your own craft and various other advanced things you’ve been taught to believe are pure science fiction.

Even though we have a lot to share with you and we could chat your ears off all day about our spirituality and our advanced technology, we’ll echo our scribe’s higher self and say that the most important thing we could have you grasp and understand in a pure way is love.

In a sense, love is the free energy that powers our ships and could drastically transform your society, and you can actually bring this pure energy through yourselves and express it to everyone around you on a daily basis.

The invisible yet potent spiritual/creative energy that you use to sharpen your creative works or enjoy a good meditation is the very free energy that can be used to power your society.

While this idea (and the idea of our existence) might seem very far ‘out there’, especially to those on your planet who are unwilling to believe that free energy exists or that we attempt to communicate with humanity by way of crop circles and through any channel who can open up to our energies and expressions, it’s the truth from our perspective.

Like our scribe’s higher self said, love is far more important than you’ve let yourselves believe, and you can use love to attune to our frequencies and communicate with us if you feel particularly inspired.

Limited Paradigms Will Have to be Expanded

We understand and empathize with the fact that what our scribe’s doing – claiming to channel advanced extraterrestrial beings who claim to routinely visit your planet – could seem very farfetched and basically unreal to many people who don’t resonate one bit with the idea that your reality’s spiritual.

At a certain point, however, limited paradigms that have been instilled in the minds and hearts of humanity will have to be expanded so you can be introduced to concepts and revelations that would themselves expand such paradigms.

You can only open up to revelations you’re willing to open up to, and if you’re willing to believe that we exist and that you can actually communicate with us by using the inner love you’re rediscovering, then you will.

It really is this simple, but the egos of man have complicated almost everything – including your very real and simplistic ability to communicate with the higher realms and every soul in them who’s willing to lend their energies to communicating with humanity.

We’re more than willing to lend our energies, because we Pleiadians have been very close with your planet and your species for a very long time. We’re partially responsible for seeding your DNA onto your planet, but by no means did we ‘create’ you.

We’re partially responsible for creating the temples you inhabit; the bodies you use to experience the earth, but even though your flesh is sacred and holy, it doesn’t constitute who you are.

Your soul; your essence constitutes who you are more than the physical body it inhabits, and while we’re partially responsible for seeding your genetic makeup, Source him/herself is the only being or entity who’s responsible for your organic creation, and as you’ll rediscover, Source isn’t even an entity.

We couldn’t describe who or what Source is if we tried, and the best thing we can say in regards to this subject is that Source simply is. You have to journey deep into the Source to really know or understand it, and even we won’t know or understand Source properly until we’re back in his/her inexplicably pure realms.

The same can be said for all of you, but you obviously have a lot to do and learn before you can be back in those realms.

You have a lot of higher dimensions to traverse before you can be back with Source, and this is one of the main reasons we’re zooming around your little blue world and offering sightings of our craft for those with video cameras to film and post to your internet – we seek to help you spiritually evolve.

The time has come for humanity to learn the truth about our existence and the existence of various other galactic species who keep an active eye on your planet and offer sightings of their craft, such as the Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrians and various others, and we’re all here for you to offer as much advice and guidance as we can funnel through your evolving minds and hearts.

Again, believing in our existence and your very real ability to communicate with us will help you do just that, and we’ll turn this temple back over to our scribe’s higher self with eternal appreciation for his efforts and the efforts of every channel who diligently brings through the energies and expressions of various higher-dimensional souls.

We love you all very much, and we’re excited for the time when all of humanity’s aware of spirit and willing to do what’s required to bring yourselves and your planet into the light.

The Higher Self Speaks

With appreciation to the Pleiadians and every other advanced extraterrestrial species assisting your planet in ascending, we’ll make our final expressions for this communication.

We too empathize with the fact that some might not yet open up to the idea that the Pleiadians or any other advanced species exists and actively attempts to assist you, and one of the reasons their presence isn’t already widely known about is because humanity has freewill not to learn anything that’s too shocking or too far outside of your established, limited paradigm of understanding.

As the Pleiadians said, however, the time has come for a plethora of greater revelations to be exposed and shared with humanity, and again, the harder you each work now, the sooner these revelations can be disclosed for all of humanity to learn and benefit from.

Needless to say, you have a lot to learn and experience in this transformative time, and if you continue to be as receptive as you can in every moment, everything you seek will come flowing in easily and the potency of the greater energy you’ll feel will bedazzle and amaze many of you who were trained to accept the limited version of reality you’re now dutifully transcending.

Working for spirit and the higher realms is your sacred right and responsibility, so continue to embrace every bit of spiritual/creative work you’re tasked with doing as the days, weeks and months churn on.

The things you’re doing are far more important than we can express through this or any other channel, and we’re confident that you’ll continue to realize the importance of your diligent efforts as you continue to raise your vibration.

Your spiritual/creative work will be responsible for your elevated collective vibration, and you’ll eventually see that every spiritually inspired thing you did introduced you to a higher state of consciousness, even if only a little, that you embraced and radiated out for the rest of humanity to benefit from.

Continue to be the conduits for the light you’ve diligently been, and know that you’re never left alone to handle the difficult but necessary lower-vibrational existence you’re on the earth to transform.

Thank you to my higher self, my spiritual guides and the Pleiadians.

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