Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Crown Chakra Expansion – Part 2/2

Credit: Crownchakrahealing.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

Despite your immense and impressive ability to be energy conduits, your chakras are still occasionally in need of certain expansions or upgrades that help them bring this energy through in an increasingly pure way, and if we haven’t stressed this enough by this point, this is what happened for our reader and plenty of others who wonder exactly what it is they experience when they witness this bold phenomenon.

A Portal to the Other Side

We also want to let you know that if you let it, the upgrade you’re witnessing can allow you to perceive the higher realms in a very clear and pure way by actually traveling into them.

If you meditate on this addition to your crown practically endlessly, you’ll eventually be able to travel up through the opening and perceive a higher state of consciousness.

The experience will be very intense if you do this, and even though one should be careful with their Kundalini, we recommend you practice raising your Kundalini before you attempt to travel through this opening.

This is because you might not yet be ready for the intensely dazzling experiences that can result from traveling through this portal, and greeting the bold experiences that result from raising your Kundalini will help you prepare.

We encourage you to continuously meditate on your crown if you want to feel or access this addition a greater way, and there may be times when you can’t feel it – times when you’re encouraged to be calm and patient instead of letting the fact that you can’t feel it bring you down.

As your consciousness and awareness continue to rise, you’ll witness and greet various bold things that are related to your evolution and the increasingly pure and refined energy you’re being given from various parts of the cosmos, but for now, you’re just beginning to feel and express this energy in the intensely pure ways you now have the opportunity to.

Even though you’ve brought through a lot of pure energy already – so much that, again, you’d be surprised if you knew the extent of your work – this work has still just begun and you still have a wealth of even purer energies to bring through and express, which this recent upgrade will help you with enormously.

One of the best things we can recommend for you and everyone else is to remember to stay focused on the aspects of your ascension that are rooted the most in spirit; in the qualities that can’t easily be felt or perceived with your human senses.

If you’re interested in channeling, for instance, we’d encourage you to practice it a little each day so you can bring through the universally pure energy that’s helping you adjust to the increasingly direct roles you’re playing in your ascension, which, if we haven’t stressed enough by this point, are far greater and more potent than you’ve let yourselves believe.

Many seekers who channel find that their ability’s dulled if they don’t practice it a little each day, and the same can be said for any creative or spiritually oriented pursuit. If you want to continue to feel the sometimes bizarre sensations that come with accessing this expanded aspect of your crown chakra, you’ll want to practice feeling it.

Do What You Can With the Tools You Have

Use visualization, affirmation and other spiritual tools to help you perceive it in a pure and direct way, and even on days when you don’t think you have the time or energy to access it, do what you can to make a connection.

In doing all of this, you’ll find that you’re easily able to perceive your crown’s addition and various other bold things that’ll leave you surprised and perhaps amazed, and with everything you do, remember that you have the assistance of higher-dimensional souls who wait for you to ask for their assistance so they can help you with any given aspect of your earthly mission.

If you require assistance with perceiving this expansion, call on your higher self, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven for the loving assistance they happily offer. They’ll be with you in an instant if you call on them, and they’ll help you witness a plethora of other phenomena that’ll introduce you to the reality of everything you’ve begun to learn and empower.

Because of the ascension phase you’re currently in, and especially because of the increasingly pure phases you’ll greet as your vibration continues to rise, many of you could begin to notice explicitly pure, direct and maybe even intense visions, feelings, sensations, etc. that are related to your ongoing rise into the higher realms and everything that comes with it.

You’re expanding and refining your ability to feel and express the pure energy you’re being given in every moment, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to keep going.

You only have so much ’time’ on your little blue word to create all of the changes that need created and perceive all of the amazing things you have the potential to perceive, so let yourselves embrace spirit when you could otherwise embrace the dullness and spiritual emptiness that come with feeding the ego.

Despite how hard the ego strives to keep you from discovering and accessing the purer vibrations you can now access, you’re on earth for a far greater purpose than to continuously feed it.

You’re on the earth to create all of the spiritually inspired changes that need created, and with the love and support of the entirety of the Company of Heaven, we’re confident that you’ll achieve your respective missions with grace and ease. As long as you can feel just as confident in yourselves, you’ll have little difficulty changing your planet.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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