Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Crown Chakra Expansion – Part 1/2

Credit: Stuartwilde.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

In this time of heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of the conscious community and, eventually, all of humanity, certain bold phenomena will grace you at times that are related to your ongoing ascension and your receptivity to the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts.

If you’re particularly attuned to this phenomena, many of you will begin to notice strange and interesting things in your meditations that are related to your ongoing ascension.

Interesting happenings and circumstances may greet you at times that leave you wondering what exactly you’re experiencing or going through, and we’re here to let you know that it’s all for the greater good.

Even the most bizarre ascension-related experiences you go through are all part of your ongoing ascent into a higher frame of consciousness, and in order to experience something paradigm-shattering, you’ll have to be open to having experiences that are very far outside of your conscious perception.

If you can ready yourselves to experience bold ascension-related phenomena that’ll vastly expand your individual and collective paradigm, you’ll greet the things you witness and experience with a greater degree of ease and readiness than if you enter into them unprepared.

Call on Spirit

Always call on spirit for the assistance you require with navigating your difficult ascension journeys, and know that as long as you call on us for inspiration, insight or energy, we’ll be with you.

We’re here for every receptive godspark who’s ready to enter the next, purer phase of consciousness and see what it has to offer, and we’ll always offer our energy and insight in hopes that it helps you navigate your earthly journeys with the greatest degree of joy and ease possible.

We want you to enjoy yourselves and your existence on the earth, and we want you to know that your enjoyment’s very important to your planetary ascension.

Even though we understand that many of you feel inspired to work as hard as you can to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, one of the best ways to raise the collective vibration is to get out and enjoy yourselves when you could otherwise work away.

The work you’re doing is very important and needed, but the time you can spend with your family is also very important and the level of joy you can collectively feel from doing things that are unrelated to your work but still fill you with a sense of love and wholeness is greater than we can express, through this or any other channel.

The best advice we can offer many of you at present is to simply detach.

Allow your ego-driven perception of the reality around you to fade and be replaced with the slow yet steady descent of a pure, loving perception, because this’ll strengthen your ability and willingness to be an infinite conduit of love for those around you to draw off of in every moment.

You have the potential to create a wealth of needed and important changes simply by enjoying yourselves and your lives, and the upliftment you can find in this transformative time will motivate many of you to start offering yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in whatever ways work best for you.

Your ability to find and remain in a lasting, loving space hinges on your willingness to claim the sacred upliftment you now have the opportunity to feel, and your work or anything else you do is never intended to drag on your sense of enjoyment.

Quite the opposite – you’re meant to feel inspired and passionate about every bit of work you do to bring yourselves and your planet the light.

You aren’t meant to slave away at your respective missions in bringing your planet into the light – you’re meant to feel as passionate about this work as possible. Let love (and the willingness to do whatever you feel inspired to do, which comes with it) reenter your hearts when you’re stuck with the draining emotions of the ego.

Let brimming joy replace the dull tiredness and depletion that tend to overtake the minds and hearts of so many of you, and let yourselves see that despite the ego’s attempts to convince you otherwise, you are free.

You’re free and sovereign beings who are meant to use your freedom for positive and progressive purposes, and you can use your inalienable freedom to embrace your developing creativity and help others find an immense sense of joy, positivity and upliftment because of the spiritually inspired things you decide to do.

In doing this, you’ll enable them to begin contributing to your planetary ascension in immense and extraordinary ways, and with this said, we’ll happily answer the question we’ve been given today.

Question: An Addition to the Crown Chakra

I have had many metaphysical experiences in my life including contact with both galactics and gnomes, orbs and other unidentifiable creatures.

“This is different. The latest one has been that I sense something directly over my head (over my crown chakra I guess). That is hard to describe. I want to say it is a few feet over my head but you know that’s hard to really describe too.

“Also it’s about as big as a candy bar with an opening like an envelope. When I ‘go up’ to it I feel my vibration rise. The strength of the sensation and awareness comes and goes. I’m not sure what it is or why it’s there but I’m comfortable with it. Any ideas about what it may be?”

This question, which we and our scribe anticipated, is the reason we gave the introduction we did for this message, and we’ll repeat that certain bold phenomena will begin to be experienced as you continue to lighten and refine your vibration.

Even though our scribe has understandably chosen to distance himself from explanations and predictions that have to do with your ascension, we’ll affirm the words of various channeled sources of late who’ve told you that you’re in a certain phase of your ascension at present and as your years tick on, the phases will begin to intensify.

The phase you’re currently in is allowing for many of you to begin witnessing things you would’ve never thought or expected – things you may seek advice and guidance about from a channeled source or a seeker who’s started to experience the same things.

You, dear reader, witnessed what we’ll call an addition or expansion to your crown chakra. The energies on earth are intensifying exponentially, and this is resulting in an occasional need for your crown chakra to expand and take in a greater and purer amount of energy than it has so far.

Your crown chakra isn’t the only one in need of certain upgrades at times, and as you continue to greet various energetic and celestial events that’ll turn up the purity and quantity of energy you receive through your sun (and your moon, but that’s another discussion for another time), you’ll find that many of your chakras begin to accommodate certain energetic expansions.

Exactly what you witnessed is difficult to describe with earthly words, but we’ll do our best with the limited expressional arsenal we have at our disposal.

Your crown chakra was in need of an upgrade, and you subconsciously decided you were ready to witness this upgrade as it was being put into effect. If you try hard enough, you may notice that you can experience the rush of energy you first experienced when you perceived this ‘crown chakra expansion’, as we’ll call it.

Especially if you sit down to meditate, you’ll feel this energetic phenomenon at practically any time of day, and this is because you and plenty of others are now expanding and taking in a greater amount of love than you would’ve ever thought or expected.

In fact, even before you experienced this upgrade, you still brought through a wealth of pure energy that you’d be very surprised if you witnessed yourself bringing through from an outside perspective. If you could see just how pure your ability to be a conduit for the light is becoming – and we mean this for our reader and everyone else out there – you’d be very surprised.

You’d see that you truly are lightworkers and energy conduits in the greatest and purest sense, and you might be dazzled at the impressive extent to which you’re able to bring this energy through.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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