Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Working With the Galactics and Medicinal/Spiritual Healing – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Enjoy the lives you’re blessed to live, because you’re only able to have a handful of significant and meaningful experiences on the earth. Your planet’s growing and evolving just as each of you are, and before you know it, you’ll be back in a much higher and purer state of consciousness, looking upon all of your earthly adventures and challenges.

Some of you may look upon them with the wish that you’d done and experienced more; had more fun and spent more time with the souls around you who mean the most to you, but you’ll all know that you gave the earthly experience your best.

You’ll know that you did everything you felt you could to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, and you’ll ultimately be glad you went out of your way to incarnate on your once lost planet.

You’ll be glad you made every mistake and eventually learned from it, and you’ll be very glad you had people around you – be them family, friends or simple acquaintances – who helped you learn important lessons that enabled you to raise your vibration, or at the very least, understand yourselves and your existence in a clearer or purer way.

Stay Aligned

You’re still incarnate on the earth for the time being, however, so you needn’t worry about looking back on your experiences with the wish that you’d done more if you can stay aligned and seek the experiences that resonate with your growing quest for a higher vibration.

Be adventurous in this new time – go out of your way to do things that fill you with a sense of spirit and a sense of enjoyment. Enjoy your lives when you could easily cut yourselves off from the sacred enjoyment you each deserve to experience, and go out of your way to do things that fill you with a sense of joy and passion.

Embrace the creative works that resonate with you, and let everything else fall away if necessary.

Pursue the things that resonate the most in your heart of hearts, and know that you’re endlessly loved and supported in all of your endeavors by waves of higher-dimensional souls who watch you experience the pains and difficulties of the earth with the desire to do everything we can to help you see your way through them.

You’re multidimensional beings incarnate on a lower-vibrational planet, and you’ve willingly taken on blinders that keep you from seeing your true power and your true destiny. You’re awakening from (and subsequently transcending) these blinders as you welcome a plethora of positive inner and outer changes, and your ability to find the higher vibration you each seek is growing tremendously as a result.

The more you can open up to spirit and everything if offers, the more you’ll naturally feel the good vibration descending onto your minds and hearts.

With this in mind, seek to be as open and receptive as you can in every moment to the flowing inspiration spirit constantly provides, because a wealth of higher-dimensional souls are with you who strive to help you open up to our direct presence and the assistance that comes with it.

With all of this said, we’ll answer our first question for today.

Question #1: Galactic Ambassadorship

“I have been carrying this deep call inside me, consciously for about four years now, to be some kind of delegate or representative of humanity for the galactic confederation of light. I want to know if there is effectively a role I will have to play or if it’s just a fantasy of my ego trying to be special or if I’m avoiding really getting involved with daily 3D ‘reality’…

“What should we do in order to be prepared – those who, like me, feel compelled to participate and get involved in direct contact with the galactic confederation of light rendering service as a ‘bridge’ to help humanity awaken and the divine plan manifest into the planet earth?”

By ‘galactic confederation of light’, our reader refers to one of many galactic and intergalactic organizations that exist around and far beyond your planet, who play a part in ‘governing’, so to speak, the universe and the various galaxies within it.

The universe and its galaxies aren’t necessarily ‘governed’ in the sense many of you would expect, and instead, various peaceful galactic organizations that are comprised of various advanced and enlightened planets/civilizations convey together to maintain order and, most importantly, love, all throughout the universe.

These organizations have been called by a lot of different names, and you, dear reader, resonate with the specific one you do because you’ve indeed come to earth to work with it.

Should you decide to take this up as your mission – because what you choose to do is entirely up to you and your life plan can be changed or altered at any time if you see fit – you’ll not only work with the referenced organization, but the galactics as a whole when the time comes for their existence and presence around your planet to become common knowledge.

You can choose to represent the specific organization you mentioned given that you’re closer with it than many others, or you can choose to be a general representative of the galactics. In doing so, you’ll be tasked with helping everyone around you become aware of their existence and the widespread social, spiritual and technological assistance they intend to offer.

Baby Steps

As far as directly representing or attempting to work with them before their existence is disclosed goes, we recommend you take baby steps.

We certainly don’t recommend you attempt to awaken those around you who might not yet be ready to hear about the galactics’ existence, and if the conscious public has learned anything so far, it’s that the people around them will shut down if they’re greeted with truths or revelations that are too far outside of their conscious understanding.

Perhaps you could practice your representation of the galactics, dear reader, by representing them to a crowd of fellow seekers who already believe in their existence and are willing to hear you out.

We’d recommend offering some type of spiritually inspired material – perhaps a blog, perhaps a series of videos or even music – where you can begin to discuss the galactics, their reasons for being around your planet at this time, and the technology they wish to share with humanity.

If you feel truly passionate about representing them, you’ll find that you’re naturally drawn to an outlet you can use to speak about them to an increasingly receptive audience.

The portions of the conscious community who believe in and empower the galactics’ existence will likely support your work if it’s properly aligned and filled with passionate inspiration, and eventually, the rest of the world could gravitate to it in a time when the galactics’ existence becomes common knowledge all across your planet.

You and every other conscious individual can use your current timeframe as a training period before you help the rest of humanity understand the greater revelations they have yet to open up to, and when the time comes for everyone to know the truth, you’ll have sufficiently prepared to begin speaking your truth and representing the galactics in the manner you’re starting to feel inspired to.

Practicing with the conscious public first will help you hone your speaking ability and your general ability to work with or represent the galactics and/or the specific organization you spoke of, and if you’re willing and dedicated enough (and if you practice enough), you could very well become a full-fledged introducer of the galactics for the rest of humanity when the time’s right.

You and every other conscious individual have far more potential than you tend to give yourselves credit for, and we wholeheartedly recommend you act on this potential while the time is right.

With this said, we’ll move on to our next question from the same reader.

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