Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Channeling Your Higher Self and Earning Money from Creativity – Part 1/2

Credit: Reiki Training Program

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

As your consciousness and awareness grow to new heights, you’ll find that your ability to remain in the calm, loving center so many of you have started to find is sometimes challenged.

When this happens, it’s very important to refuse to sway from your balance in favor of the low emotions that can result, and if you find that you’re being challenged in immense or difficult ways, you can continuously reaffirm your connection with spirit and reap the flowing benefits of this connection – one of which is the ability to remain calm, centered and loving in the face of challenges or adversity.

You aren’t meant to see life through a narrow or difficult lens – you’re meant to enjoy your experience to the fullest, welcoming any challenge or adversity that makes its way to you.

Let Spirit Guide You Instead of Emotion

We note that it can be very easy to let your emotions get the best of you in difficult or stressful times, but it’s far more rewarding to let spirit guide you through every obstacle you face – from the easiest to the most difficult.

Realizing that you’re conduits for the higher facets of your consciousness that are descending onto your minds and hearts will help you deal with any difficult or negative circumstances you face, and overall, keeping in mind that spirit is with you will give you a lot of needed assistance throughout your lives.

Many people who are currently unaware of spirit tend to have a lot of difficulty navigating the stressful experiences they face, but some have found unprecedented strength from the adversity they’ve faced because they’ve learned through it all that they can survive and thrive.

Whether not you’re aware of spirit or willing to believe and empower certain concepts related to the spiritual nature of your existence, you can find the strength that’s missing for so many of you and use it to do a wealth of positive and progressive things that’ll bring your planet into the light more than anything else.

Like we and plenty of others have said in the past, your spiritual work’s very important but it’s incomplete without your willingness to walk your talk – to live the teachings you preach day and in and day out. You have to be the examples of real and lasting change if you want to do anything significant, and with this said, we’ll answer our first question for today.

Question #1: A Direct Higher Self Connection

“I know I am in communication with my higher self and guides since I couldn’t have accomplished, for example, the album, songs and lyrics I have just released (without having learned music or ever having done something like this before) or any of the tasks I have been involved in, without some kind of assistance.

“But how can I magnify this communication to one more concrete as channeling, hearing or seeing their words? Not merely feeling their assistance as having intuitions I perceive as my own.”

Your higher self and guides have been clamoring to get your attention, dear reader, and we’ll be happy to offer a few ways you can connect with them more directly. You’ve indeed been receiving a wealth of intuitive ‘hints’ and guidance from them, especially in regards to your creativity, and to connect with them more directly, the first thing we’ll offer for you is meditation.

We recommend you enthusiastically meditate on the idea of connecting with them in a deeper and realer way, and after you’ve practiced a good meditation, you can attempt to open up and communicate with them more directly. There are a few different ways you can do this, and we also recommend you act on your budding passion to directly channel them.

You don’t have to publish anything you channel to your internet – you can receive personal guidance at first and, if you feel confident about the development of your connection and your ability, you could perhaps publish the messages at a later date.

As we have with many others, however, we’ll recommend you attempt to channel personal advice and guidance from your higher self/guides and see how pure you can get the connection to be. You might have some trouble at first, because every soul who attempts to channel their guides for the first time will inevitably run into some difficulty.

The best thing we can recommend in regards to channeling your guides is, again, to meditate first and then open up to the subtle yet direct impressions you can receive. It always helps to know that you don’t receive literal words and phrases from your guides – you pick up on energy that your mind translates into words, phrases, sentences, etc.

Our scribe isn’t picking up on literal words and sentences as he channels us. He’s receiving and interpreting a wealth of energy through his heart space, and his mind’s primarily responsible for the translation of our energy into the words you’re reading.

Keeping this in mind, seek to connect with an energy when you channel your guides. Seek not to bring through specific words and phrases, and instead, attempt to pick up on and really feel the energy of your higher self and your guides.

Any message you attempt to channel will be muddied and distorted if you overlook this basic yet very important necessity, and only when you’ve confidently picked up on and brought through the energy of your guides a few different times will you start to get a grip on the ability and really flow with it.

Again, you may experience some initial difficulties in regards to making the actual connection or translating your guides’ energy into something legible and easy to understand, and like any other ability, the most important aspect of channeling is having faith and confidence in yourself and your ability to be a conduit for your higher self and guides.

Believing in Yourself

It’s very easy to let the mind convince you that you aren’t making a real or pure connection or that you’re simply ‘channeling yourself’, but you’ll have to believe in yourself in the face of all odds and all adversity. Channeling might not be easy at first, but with confidence, determined practice, effort and patience, it becomes much easier and more free-flowing.

Since you’ve started to receive the intuitive hints from your higher self and guides that have helped you strengthen and sharpen your creativity, you can be confident that you really are channeling them when you pick up on their energy and interpret it into words and sentences.

As far as the actual interpretation of their energy goes, we recommend you make sure your mind and ego are involved as little as possible.

As our scribe has learned and helped others learn, the ego will distort any message that’s channeled if it’s involved to any degree other than acting as a passive interpreter of the energy, and you’ll notice when the ego’s involved because the message you want to channel will come through very slowly.

You’ll feel like you’re hardly receiving any genuine energy or information from your guides, and you’ll find that your mind attempts to paint the communication with its own musings and philosophies.

To channel your higher self and guides purely, the mind and the ego will have to be completely transcended, and this is the most difficult aspect of the process for many seekers.

The majority of seekers who attempt to channel usually give up after a few tries, deciding that it simply ‘isn’t for them’, but with the aforementioned determination in the face of any and all adversity, every seeker can develop this ability if they’re particularly inspired.

We, the higher self and guides of the soul channeling this, and plenty of others will be with you, dear reader, to help you in your channeling endeavors.

If you decide to embrace the connection you can now make, you could very well become a prominent channel who frequently publishes genuine messages from your higher self and guides that uplift various seekers who might even be inspired to try the ability themselves.

With this said, we’ll answer our second question from the same reader.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Channeling Your Higher Self and Earning Money from Creativity – Part 1/2

  1. Yes! Meditate and believe, believe, believe. When I asked my guide why I was able to do the things I could do he said, “Because you didn’t believe you couldn’t”. So profound and true. Doubt is such a destructive force. Thanks so much for your wonderful messages.


  2. These messages mean so much to me! I relate from the core of my being. Thank you so much for sharing these, Wes. My guide’s first phrase uttered to me (that I clearly knew wasn’t from me) was, “Sweetheart, you have to stop drinking.” I listened and oh my gosh, life has become incredible! Our intuition IS our spirit guide/higher self/over soul. And the more we listen and follow and practice using this link, the cleaner that link becomes. We are not alone. And we truly are one. Love and light. 🙂


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