Let Others Traverse Their Chosen Paths

Credit: 1st Art Gallery

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

A person’s anger, hatred or judgment expresses more about them than the person they choose to judge or be angry with, and we don’t want any of you to feel as if you should give in to the hatred and anger that are routinely expressed on your planet by waves of sous who have yet to awaken to the loving vibrations you can now feel and access.

Much of humanity has been entrenched in the lower vibrations for a very long amount of your fading concept of time, and as such, many soul’s perspectives have become hardened and they may, at times, choose to take this hardness out on others for reasons that seem justifiable at the time.

There’s no reason to let the negativity of another bring you down, because you’re each here for a far greater mission than to continuously give in to the lower qualities you’ve come to this planet to help heal.

You’re on the earth to help the collective consciousness find the light in increasingly pure and real ways, and to do this, you’ll have to be willing to remain in your sacred center no matter what situation you face.

Even if you find you’re the target of the anger or negativity of another, you can remain in your center and send them a wealth of lighted, healing energies to help them work their way through their anger or difficulty.

Anger is an Inhibitor

You’re each a divine godspark who’s on the earth to bring it and its people into the light, and you have no more reason to let yourselves feel belittled or ‘low’ when you could otherwise enjoy the omnipotent love making its way to your evolving minds and hearts.

We implore you not to let the ills that afflict your collective consciousness put you in a low or depleted state of mind and heart, because you have far too many miraculous things to do to keep yourselves from doing them.

Anger and myriad other lower emotions are vast inhibitors of one’s ability to do anything positive or lighted, and these qualities will have to be transcended by the seekers who want to advance beyond the Darwinian outlook of life the cabal would have you believe is reality.

Humanity isn’t meant to fight each other, and no one soul is meant to be on top of a social or economic pyramid.

The ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset has been employed on your planet for a very long time, and as many of you can see, this mindset hasn’t yet faded from the minds of many souls who are still comfortable descending into anger, belittlement and plenty of other negative qualities at the drop of a hat.

Your work in bringing humanity into the light requires you to live in love no matter what obstacles you face, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to do this as you see the potent healing effects your love has – no only on yourselves, but on the collective consciousness of the world around you.

Your ability to find and remain in a lasting, loving space enables the rest of humanity to eventually do the same, and even though some of you don’t yet see the results of your hard, focused work to remain in the light no matter what you face, these results will make themselves known one way or another.

Some of you can notice that people around you are beginning to open up to concepts you’ve long advocated and empowered or, at the very least, they’re beginning to find their own sense of love and wholeness.

Your efforts to find your inner love and wholeness is enabling them to do this, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we encourage you to continue on when the going gets tough and you don’t feel like you can remain in the lasting, loving space you’ve started to cultivate.

You can, but you have to believe you can before you experience the fruits of this belief.

You have to believe in yourselves and your immense abilities to be pure conduits for the light before you can experience the flowing results of your efforts, and as long as you can stick to your missions and the sacred inner love that’s driving them, you’ll have little difficulty healing your planet and you’ll eventually notice that the rest of the world caught up to the love you’re able to embody.

We wholeheartedly encourage every seeker who’s become aware of spirit and begun to use their awareness for positive purposes to continue working as hard as you can, because your work’s making a bigger energetic effect on the collective consciousness than you yet realize.

Subtly but surely, humanity’s awakening from the self-instated and collectively enforced illusion you’ve all been enmeshed in for so long, and one of the first things most souls become aware of is the actions of the few in power who seek to keep you oppressed and unaware of the truths of your existence.

Raising Awareness with a Loving Perspective

We don’t wish to spend too much time or energy talking about the cabal for this message, because even though raising awareness of the things they continue to do to suppress humanity’s physical and spiritual awareness is important, we don’t wish for you to expend your energy fighting the old.

This is why we mentioned that you don’t have to let the negativity of others get you down, and instead of trying to ‘fight’ the cabal or manually put a stop to their actions and agendas, you can raise awareness of their agendas from a loving, centered space and radiate as much pure love as possible in the process.

The healing that’ll result will disempower the cabal more than anything else, and even though there’s nothing wrong with rebelling against them in a sense, the energy created by rebellion actually feeds them.

We don’t want for you to remain unaware or complacent, but we do want you to see that there are other, higher ways you can ‘fight’ the cabal or anyone who you perceive to be living for the self or for hatred instead of love and selflessness.

You can send love these individuals’ way, and no matter how naïve it might sound to some, this is among the most potent way to effect real and lasting change on your planet.

Sending love isn’t all you’re meant to do, however – you’re also meant to raise awareness of the things they continue to do. Again, you can do this from a centered and loving perspective, and the energy of rebellion doesn’t necessarily need to be attached.

It will be for many souls who resonate with it, and this is certainly okay. All of humanity will eventually see that the energy of rebellion is an energy of resistance, and resistance, as many of you have begun to learn, will forever keep you from finding the higher vibration that’ll soon become commonplace on earth.

Attempting to Awaken Those Who Aren’t Ready

We want to address a question that was posed to our scribe by a dear reader, and it’s a question of what one can do if the people around them don’t believe or empower the same concepts as them.

From our perspective, there’s nothing wrong with attempting to open the minds and hearts of others, but one should keep in mind that because of the paradigm-shattering nature of many of the things they have to share, others might not open up to their revelations as easily as they expect.

Some might even descend into negativity or aim hatred at the person who attempts to awaken them, and this is because some people simply aren’t yet ready for the greater truths and revelations all of humanity will eventually learn.

Humanity needs to be awakened slowly and subtly – otherwise, they’d be overwhelmed with information and energy regarding your new paradigm and the positive future you have the potential to create.

We encourage our reader to dial back her attempts to awaken those around her, but not too much. The things she’s doing and saying are certainly appreciated, but from our perspective, she’ll continue to meet resistance if she continues to attempt to awaken those who aren’t yet ready to be awakened.

The process of awakening is a natural and usually gradual process, and information can’t be too heavily forced onto people who simply aren’t ready to open up to it quite yet.

They will be ready in due time, and for now, we’ll recommend our reader stand strong in her own awareness and make it a point to see that she doesn’t have to awaken those who aren’t ready to awaken. If she feels inspired to share the things she’s learning, she can focus her work on awakening those who’ve already gained a glimmer of truth.

Sharing your awareness with an audience of seekers who are willing to hear about it will prove to be a much more helpful and lucrative venture, and our reader will find the personal wholeness she seeks by awakening those who are already awakened to a degree.

She’ll eventually be placed in a position to help those who aren’t yet aware find the truth, and this’ll be at a time when a plethora of revelations have become known by most of humanity and the public is searching for information related to spirituality, the fall of the cabal and the new paradigm you’re destined to create.

Our reader can share as much love and knowledge as she feels are necessary with an audience of fellow, receptive seekers, and after so long of doing this work, those around her will eventually open up to the truths she has to offer and explore the concepts she strives to present.

Overall, we recommend our reader keep the faith and live in love as much and as often as possible, for when she lives purely in love, the actions, opinions or attitudes of others will matter little.

When you can each stand in your own strength; in your own pure, flowing love, the thoughts, actions, opinions, etc. of others will hardly affect you because your assuredness of yourselves and the truths of your existence will be set in stone.

You’ll care little about what others think, say or do, and again, you’ll realize that their actions speak more about them than you.

Every Soul Will Awaken

The empowerment and liberation you’ll find from this realization will be unprecedented, and you’ll be very glad you made an effort to simply love yourselves; to inform yourselves and those who want to hear what you have to say instead of wasting your energy attempting to awaken those who are currently on a different path – a path that’ll eventually lead to the awakening you may have attempted to incite.

Every soul will awaken in due time, and when they do, they’ll see the pettiness of the lower qualities they willingly fed while they wore the lower-dimensional blinders that keep so many souls from living a divinely-rooted lifestyle.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless appreciation for the equally endless actions of the conscious public, who recognize that the time has come for a revolution of love to be created and strengthened.

Continue to work as hard as you feel inspired to work, and always keep in mind that Source and all in the higher realms are with you and seek to assist you whenever and wherever possible.

Always let your minds be emptied and refilled with the pure, sacred love of Source, and always remember that the paths of others don’t have to affect or inhibit your paths one bit. They will if you let them, but in this transformative time of heightened consciousness and awareness, it’d be silly to let them.

Your primary purpose on the earth is to hold and anchor as much and as pure love as you can, and many of you have successfully integrated this love into your creative work, creating a massive ripple effect that’ll go on to affect everyone around you who continues to fight and struggle through the dark.

Darkness as you perceive it is necessary for the growth and facilitation of the light, and in time, everyone will poke their heads out from underneath the darkness and see what the light of a brand new day has to offer. When this happens on a massive scale, those of you who’ve long been excited about awakening others can start the greatest and purest of your work.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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4 thoughts on “Let Others Traverse Their Chosen Paths

  1. Hi, Wes. I think I met you in a dream last night. In the dream, you parked your car on a sidewalk to avoid interfering with the work me and my landscaping or road crew were doing on the road or close enough to detour traffic. You then went into your nearby home and emerged quickly, but I don’t recall if you returned to your car. My crew was agitated because of where you parked, regardless of your quick turnaround. I diffused the situation . . .

    Sketchy dream, but I wanted to share it anyway.


  2. Thank you so much !! I ,am very grateful ! What a huge blessing, freedom, peace, wisdom help, happy joy, all in words, cant even find the right word. Much Love !


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