Q&A: A Permanent Home and Healing Exhaustion – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Everything you experience is necessary for your growth and development, and in order to thrive on earth, it’s essential to flow with the things that present themselves to you. You’re on the earth to create a wealth of divinely inspired change, but your ability to do this will be muddied if you resist the flow of life experience – a flow that’ll ultimately lead you back into the higher realms.

Even though we’ve given this advice a lot, going with the flow is the absolute best thing you can do for yourselves because the ego-driven tension that results when you resist this flow holds you back more than many of you think. We’ll always recommend going with the flow, and we’ll also recommend being open to anything and everything spirit offers you throughout your daily existence.

Realizing that your reality is innately spiritual; that it isn’t necessarily a concrete reality that spirit can’t be found from within, will help you in your search for the higher vibration you once joyously existed in before you made your way to the earth.

Creativity Helps With Spiritual/Emotional Depletion

When you realize that the higher vibration you seek lives within, it’ll be much easier to find and you’ll cease resisting the natural flow that’ll lead you to it. Your creative abilities are becoming as pure as your willingness to contribute to your ongoing conscious revolution, and we encourage you to embrace them, especially when you feel spiritually or emotionally depleted.

Your abilities will help you feel better when your soul seems to reach down to low depths that are difficult to climb out of, and if your vibration dips for a sustained period of time, we recommend immersing yourselves in your creative works and enjoying the upliftment that results.

Of course, we don’t recommend attempting to suppress negativity or anything else that presents itself to you, but we do recommend going out of your way not to let anything you perceive as ‘negative’ bring you down.

With all of the important things you’re on the earth to do, it’d be silly to continue to let negativity keep you in a lower state of consciousness that we note can seem impossible to climb out of. Source is here for each of you, and the love our creator has for all of his/her creation is stronger than we can express through any channel.

The love we speak of is the very energy that’s been used to create your reality and the realities of the higher realms you’re growing back toward, and Source constantly funnels his/her omnipotent love out to create various universes, galaxies, etc.

Source also sends out this love to reach the minds and hearts of the awakened and unawakened humanity in hopes that it’ll help you along your difficult journey out of the physical matter you descended into. Source waits for each of you to find and act on this flowing inner love once again, and you can embrace it if you feel particularly inspired.

Not only can you embrace our infinite and all-loving creator – you can embrace yourselves as the creators of everything you experience. Realizing that you’ve created the situations and circumstances many of you are in will help you reverse any ‘damage’ that’s been done, and with this said, we’ll answer our first question.

Question #1: Uprooted

“3 years ago I received the call to move away from the city where I lived for 30 years. I listened to the call and have not one regret… I found out at the time that it had to do with Ascension. I had never heard of that word until then.

“Anyways during these past 3 years I have been very unsettled with accommodation… I always seem to find the ‘perfect’ place and somehow it seems to get disrupted and I need to move on. Have moved 4 times in the past 3 years… Whereas in the past I was in 1 home for 30 years.

“I think I am in a good home now but once again there is a slight disruption. What is this all about as I really don’t want to keep moving?”

You were indeed uprooted from your comfortable residence as an aspect of your ongoing ascension, and your move(s) affected the collective consciousness more than you might think. Everything each individual does or goes through affects your collective as a whole, and we’ll say that you were indeed intended to move out of your city and find a more peaceful place to enjoy the remainder of your ascension process.

In order for you to understand why you seem to continue to be uprooted, we should explain that the process of changing a situation that’s been routine for a very long ‘time’ can be tricky – both physically and spiritually.

Most of the conscious public doesn’t understand that when it comes to any physical change, loads of spiritual work is done on the other side. Any bold physical transformation requires a lot of effort in spirit, and you’ve subconsciously worked very hard to secure a location that you won’t have to depart.

While we can’t predict whether or not your moving trials will end with your current new home, we can say that you’re being uprooted so much because your energy field is in a constant state of shifting and transformation.

This is being reflected by your continuous moving, and even though we know it’s tiring and strenuous, we encourage you to continue to embrace any lifestyle change you face.

After having been used to your former settings for so long, a lot has and will continue to need done before you can be comfortable enough in a new location to do the job you’re on the earth to do, which is primarily to hold and spread the good vibration you’re starting to feel.

From a secure location, you’ll be able to radiate a wealth of pure vibrations for the rest of humanity to feel and benefit from, and while we know it can be difficult to continue to change locations, it’s all for the greater good and you’ll find in the end that your ability and willingness to radiate the love energy you’re feeling within grew enormously.

You wouldn’t have been able to play the role you’re destined to play had you stayed at your original location, and the new, permanent location you’ll eventually find (which may or may not be your current residence, depending on a few different circumstances) will prove the most suitable for your work.

We encourage you to hold and radiate as much pure love as you feel you can, for this might lead you to your permanent destination quicker. The sooner you act on your flowing abilities to send love to the rest of humanity daily, the sooner you’ll find the security you seek in regards to your living arrangements.

Earth Isn’t Your True Home

A message is also being communicated to you, and it’s that the earth isn’t your true home. We know that you already know this, but it’s being displayed to you very clearly and directly with each new home you find and subsequently leave.

Your real home is in the higher realms, but after so much ‘time’ has passed, you’ll find that the higher realms are anchored on earth and you can comfortably exist there without feeling like you’re away from your true home, which you currently are in a sense.

This is in part why recommend anchoring and spreading as much loving energy as you can – it’ll help you feel closer to the higher realms and by the natural law of manifestation, it’ll lead you to the earthly home you can settle and do your work in.

When you find yourself moving out of homes continuously, keep in mind that they were never really your true home, and again, the earth isn’t either. Gaia loves and cares for her dearest children, but waves of lightworkers and starseeds have come to her surface from higher-dimensional planets and civilizations they were much more comfortable in, as in your case.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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