Q&A: Oak Island’s Secrets and the Unity of Mankind – Part 1/2

Oak Island. Credit: Listingsca.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

We’ve mentioned before that your history is nothing like you’ve been led to believe, and it goes without saying that humanity has a lot to learn before you can understand your history in a real and undistorted way.

The current version of history you’ve been taught is quite distorted compared to the things that have really happened to various civilizations throughout the ages, and for the most part, you don’t know about all of the different advanced civilizations who’s existed on your surface and preserved (yet hidden) the truths of their spirituality and their general advancement.

On every continent, a lot of revelations remain to be discovered underground.

Advanced, Connected Societies

It’ll eventually be discovered that at more than one time, various advanced societies who existed on other sides of your world were connected, and it’ll especially be surprising to learn that free energy has powered more than one ancient society.

Crystals were once widely used, along with free energy, to provide any given necessity beyond food. Every home was powered by free and crystal energy, and needless to say, nobody had to pay for utilities that Gaia readily provided to everyone.

In some societies, however, the egos of the leaders caused a lot of chaos.

The leaders of various ancient, advanced civilizations were focused on making sure their societies’ secrets were unattainable to people in later generations, and a lot of protective measures were taken to guard their secrets and the treasures that come with them.

Humanity has a lot to learn, and for the collectively enforced illusion to be pierced, those of you who are awake and aware of the things that need to be learned will need to use your knowledge to bring others into the light by providing them with a new perspective on various topics and situations.

You’re encouraged to use your knowledge to help the rest of humanity become aware, and you can do anything as long as you’re motivated enough. You have the ability to awaken all of humanity to the startling truths and revelations that have been hidden, but you have to become aware of them yourselves before you can spread the word.

With this said, we’ll answer our first question.

Question #1: What’s Underneath Oak Island?

“Can you ask about Oak Island off of Nova Scotia?

“What is the purpose of the underground shafts that lead up to the surface of the island and to the edges underwater? Is there something significant to be found there? Or is it from the Atlantean time when they dug massive shafts and used the heat from Gaia to power their society? Or is it possibly a sealed off shaft leading to Agartha?”

This question is the reason we gave the introduction we did, and we’ll be happy to provide our perspective on what lays underneath Oak Island.

As we said, various ancient and advanced civilizations have existed throughout your history, and many of them chose to preserve their secrets by hiding them – sometimes in plain sight and sometimes in places that are very difficult to get to.

This is the case with the society that once existed at what’s now Oak Island.

An advanced society once existed there who, at the beginning, honored themselves and their creator. This society wasn’t part of Atlantis – it was built a few centuries after the Atlanteans, and its people were introduced to the Law of One and similar enlightening concepts that many of them took to their graves.

As your history becomes clearer, you’ll find that a lot of ancient, advanced civilizations seemed to thrive before experiencing some kind of downfall, either gradual or rapid, and this is what the civilization at Oak Island experienced.

They started out as positive, loving and mindful of the spiritual laws, and like many other ancient civilizations, their leaders soon began to distort the teachings they were given and preserve the sacred truths for themselves.

The leaders who did this were a part of what you term the ‘Illuminati’ today, but the group didn’t have that name at this time. They acted under a different name but still had very similar agendas, and one of those agendas was to hide the truths from the future generations who’d visit Oak Island.

We should mention that Oak Island itself wasn’t this civilization’s home – it was far too big for this area alone. However, the land the island now sits on was important to this society for many reasons, and near its end, the leaders used this area to hide a lot of the texts they suppressed.

Very advanced engineering was used to hide certain important, sacred tablets, such as the one that was discovered just shy of a hundred feet in the first shaft.

Practically Unreachable

There are plenty more sacred texts buried much, much deeper in these shafts, and it’d take a superhuman level of work and ability to dig deep enough and surpass all of the traps that were set to find them. They’re practically unreachable, and they were intended to be.

The leaders had their people set various traps that were intended to halt progress when anyone attempted to dig deeper and find what lays underground, and while small bits of coins and such that are considered very valuable can be found, the real treasure lies in the uninterpretable texts that lay deep, deep underground.

We’d say these texts will be uprooted when the time comes for humanity to learn the truth, but they can remain underneath your ground because they’re copied into the Akashic Records and can (and will) be available for humanity to interpret and learn from.

It’s basically a fruitless endeavor to attempt to look for these texts or the currency that lays with them, but we applaud the incentive so many people have shown throughout your history to reach them. The contents of Oak Island will remain a mystery for the time being, but in due time, a wealth of revelations will come pouring into your mainstream media at a rapid speed.

One of these truths will be that an advanced society once existed near Oak Island (who utilized its resources), and this society knew a lot of revolutionary things that, if your society knew, would help you progress and thrive.

Oak Island isn’t by far the only place to have once been utilized by an advanced society, and almost every piece of land on your planet was once under the feet advanced peoples.

Your social progress hasn’t been as slow and steady as you’ve been led to believe, and in fact, various ancient, advanced civilizations have existed in various places on your planet – again, many of whom actively communicated with each other despite the fact that there were no ‘phones’ as you perceive them.

Their methods of communication were much more direct, and humanity will enjoy this direct communication in due time as a wealth of revolutionary technologies are disclosed and declassified for public use.

The place our scribe lives in also contains buried secrets that the people in power don’t want humanity to know, and a little bit of digging in various parts of the United States will not only uncover arrowheads and a wealth of other interesting Native American remnants – digging deep enough will unearth some secrets that humanity deserves to know.

This is all we’ll say on this subject for now, and we’ll move on to our next question with appreciation for our reader’s hunger for truth regarding Oak Island.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

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