Q&A: The Value of Awareness and the Legitimacy of Greek/Roman Gods – Part 1/2

Credit: Karen Jenkins

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

It’s time for every conscious seeker to grasp the importance of your mission, and it’s time to cease allowing any ego-driven obstacles to stop you from shining your light.

You’re on the earth to help others become aware of the reality of spirit and the necessity to cease the ways of living and being that have kept you from finding and acting on your greater spiritual potential, but you can’t shine your light if you let the obstacles you face hinder you.

You can’t let anything hold you back at this stage of the game, and it’s important to flow with everything you experience and know that it’s all a part of the divine plan.

Every seeming obstacle you meet is a catalyst that’s intended to help you thrive when you could otherwise falter, and everything you face is helping you expand your ability to find and radiate a greater amount of love than you could before.

The Flow is Constant

Everything you experience is necessary, and even when it doesn’t seem like you can find the flow so many of you seek, it’s constantly there and simply needs acknowledgment.

It can be difficult to surrender the physical self and all of its wants and desires, but it’s essential that you do in this potent time of personal and planetary transformation. Everything about the lives you currently live is poised to change, and Gaia needs as many willing seekers as she can get to assist in this ongoing transformation.

The work you’ll do in the future will surprise many of you, because you’ll be far more active than you currently are.

The complete transformation of your planet will obviously keep you busy, and you’ll find that you even embark on other, related journeys when you’re able to leave your planet and see what the myriad other, evolved planets and civilizations have to offer.

The earth will host the presence of billions of advanced civilizations who’ve been waiting for humanity to become aware enough to do the work that’s required to greet their presence, and needless to say, you’ll enjoy your lives far more than most people currently do.

The passion that’s missing from so many people’s lives will be reignited when the greatest work that needs done to heal your planet is started, and everyone will find the wholeness they seek. The void so many souls tend to fill with material things will be replaced with an unhindered desire for spirit, and everyone will willingly do the work that’s required to find a greater perception.

With this said, we’ll happily answer the first question we’ve been provided.

Question #1: The Common Seeker’s Value

“Why [do] I exist? There are billions of people on earth I am not needed.”

To the contrary! Our reader and everyone else out there who doesn’t feel like they’re valuable should take a look at the situation your world’s currently in.

Yes, there are billions of people on your evolving planet, but admittedly, this number is pretty miniscule compared to the number of souls on many other planets. Our reader should also take into account the fact that most of humanity has no idea about the existence of spirit or anything we’ve discussed here.

In fact, to an outsider who reads our messages for the first time, it might seem like we’re rambling; spouting nonsense that’s difficult to understand or relate to.

A veil of illusion and ignorance has been placed over the minds and hearts of most of humanity, and the fact that our reader was led to us displays that he has some kind of innate spiritual knowledge. This sets him apart from the vast majority of your society and brings his ‘importance’ up, in our eyes.

Of course, simply knowing about certain concepts isn’t enough – you have to use your knowledge for good. You have to use the things you know to awaken others and help them find the love that every human seeks, and you have to embrace your beliefs with the understanding that they complete you.

They set you apart from the rest of the unaware and uncaring humanity, and you have the potential to use them for a wealth of positive and helpful purposes that make a big impact on everyone around you. We can’t express enough that everyone who’s aware of spirit is very valuable to humanity’s evolution.

Every seeker who’s become aware of and chosen to empower certain spiritual concepts is in an immensely important and valuable position to directly contribute to your planet’s restoration, and we encourage our reader to realize and embrace this when his role seems unimportant.

If we could, we’d visit our reader directly and let him know that he’s valued. We don’t necessarily say these things to make our reader ‘feel better’ – they’re concrete fact, from our perspective.

We respect that most of the conscious public, including our reader, doesn’t have the perspective on your situation we’re blessed to have in the higher realms, but if he could see himself from our perspective, he’d see that he’s a shining soul of light who’s already affecting people around him and people he’s never even met, simply by existing on your planet.

If he were to step it up a notch and use his knowledge to help others even more, he’d find that his good vibration radiates even further. The seekers who are currently very active maintain a huge energetic influence, and their aura extends out further than the human mind can fathom.

Replenish Your Light by Restoring Your Faith in Yourself

Even our reader is affecting souls in other countries who he’s never met and likely won’t meet for a very long ‘time’, but his depleted faith in himself depletes his light to a degree and diminishes the potential energetic assistance he could otherwise give.

In order to replenish his light, we recommend he understand just how valuable he is – not only to humanity’s evolution, but to the reconstruction of your new society. As we mentioned above, every soul will contribute to your planet’s restoration in ways they enjoy the most, and if our reader is committed enough, he could find his passion and use it to bring your planet into the light.

Every seeker is destined to contribute, and nobody will be left out of the construction of your utopian society because you’re each too valued to go unutilized.

Our reader’s in a unique position, because he’s aware of certain things that the rest of humanity won’t become aware of for some time (and the amount of time depends on how much work the conscious public does to help them become aware), and we recommend he embrace his role in this unfolding ascension, because he chose it for himself.

He, along with the rest of you, chose to come to the earth and offer himself to its restoration and ascension, so why not embrace your roles and, if needed, go out of your way to remind yourselves that your effort is very, very needed and appreciated?

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

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