Q&A: Manifesting Abundance and Finding Your Passion – Part 1/2

Credit: Tommiezito.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Love and harmony will have to overflow from the minds and hearts of every seeker who wants to see them established on your planet, and it’s important to live harmoniously if you want to see the changes that’ll result from a society that’s willing to come together.

You can’t expect anything about the manner in which your planet currently functions to change if you aren’t willing to do the inner and outer work that’s required to bring yourselves and your planet into the light, and we encourage every seeker who’s ready for immense planetary changes to keep this in mind.

We fully understand and empathize with the fact that a lot of widespread havoc and destruction continue to be fed on your world, but we encourage you to keep in mind that everything playing out on the world stage is happening for a very necessary and important reason.

Everything that happens – whether it seems relevant or not – plays a big role in the manifestation of your heavenly future, and you’re encouraged to remember this when things seem too random or chaotic to make any sense.

Change Your Planet by Changing Yourselves

Even the darkest and most destructive things that are happening are ultimately necessary, and anyone who loses their life as a result of the massive conflicts playing out across your planet has subconsciously chosen to go early and, in some cases, raise awareness (from the other side of the veil) of the necessity to cease division and the warfare that results.

One of the ultimate conclusions you’re heading to is the complete ceasing of war and every other divisive act that keeps you collectively chained to the lower realms. The cabal has manifested a lot of negativity and cruelty in an effort to feed the lower astral forces who guide and advise them, and you can put an end to all of the negativity and hatred by refusing to let it into your perception.

You can change your planet by changing yourselves, and if you’re peaceful and balanced within, your world will eventually reflect this.

Of course, it takes more than one or two conscious seekers to make the inner changes that are required to bring your planet into the light, and everyone (or at least a significant portion of your population) will need to make these changes.

A lot needs done, but any significant changes will only be temporary if humanity isn’t awake and aware of the necessity to cease feeding your old, divisive ways in favor of a new worldwide standard that embraces love and respect for every conscious godspark.

You’re all sparks of Source’s omnipotent consciousness, and realizing this will help you make the inner changes so many of you are ready to make.

With this said, we’ll be happy to answer the first set of questions we’ve been provided.

Question #1: Big Money?

“I have heard big money is coming my way during August 2014. Is true or false? “2. Then this NESARA thing of St Germaine. When will it reach South Africa?”

Our reader isn’t alone in wondering when the planetary abundance you’ve heard so much about will manifest, and plenty of seekers are focused on gaining the abundance that’s necessary to physically and spiritually thrive.

Of course, financial abundance isn’t necessary to spiritually thrive, but outer abundance can and will help many seekers gain new ground; find the means to contribute to your planet’s restoration.

On your planet, financial abundance equals an almost uninhibited ability to do whatever one wants, and a conscious and responsible lightworker can use financial abundance to help the planet become aware of spirit and the necessity to live in peace in a much more uninhibited way than if they were limited by financial constraints.

Financial abundance will be necessary for many conscious souls who strive to contribute to your planet’s restoration without fear of negative financial consequences, but we say with love in our one heart that beyond this, having money isn’t inherently necessary.

Yes, it’s necessary to physically survive, and we certainly understand why so many conscious souls are focused on it, but our intention is to encourage you to take your focus off of money or any other physical enabler of your ability to survive and help the planet.

Or rather, we’ll recommend taking your focus off of gaining or having money and act as if you already have that which you seek. If financial abundance is what you desire, we first recommend you ask yourself why you want it. Do you wish for financial abundance simply so you can survive, or do you want to use it to help others?

Do you want to live a lavish lifestyle while others continue to go without, or do you want to use your funds to help the rest of humanity prosper? Every soul deserves to enjoy their existence instead of endlessly worrying about financial, survival-based needs, but abundance will mean little if it isn’t used for the right purposes.

We don’t desire to predict when any certain financial program will render the results they intend to, but we do encourage our reader and every other seeker who wants financial abundance to ask Source to provide it and visualize it manifesting before them.

Whether it manifests as a result of any given abundance program or another twist of fate that’ll help the seekers who experience it, visualizing it will help our reader and everyone else find what they seek.

Visualizing Abundance

We’ll offer our reader and anyone else who may be interested a simple visualization for financial abundance, and you’ll find that this visualization also incorporates and embraces spiritual abundance.

We recommend our reader visualize his etheric body as a simple drawing or outline of energy.

This transparent energy can take the form of a human body, but it doesn’t have to. For this exercise, we’ll ask our reader to visualize the energy of money and abundance as a bright green, glowing energy that slowly yet surely fills the space in and around his etheric body.

We recommend he visualize his etheric body filling up with this green, abundant energy, and he can hold the visualization for a few moments once his etheric body is filled to the brim. Practicing this visualization once will do some good, but for its effects to really be noticed, we recommend our reader practice it once or twice a day.

If our reader or anyone else is serious about experiencing the financial abundance that’ll help them thrive as they awaken the rest of your planet, practicing simple visualization techniques once or twice a day shouldn’t be too much work.

In fact, our reader might find that even more can be done with visualization to manifest what he seeks, and he’ll be very glad he made the simple effort to visualize abundance coming his way. While he’s at it, we recommend he envision your planet being filled with the same, abundant energy, because all of humanity could use financial abundance.

Again, we and plenty of other channeled sources no longer want to give dates and timeframes for the manifestation of certain bold events, such as an economic restructuring that could cause abundance to flow down to the most depleted social classes, but these things will be very necessary for your advancement into the light.

Prosperity and abundance will be very important aspects of your future, and the widespread poverty that keeps so many souls bound to a lacking state of consciousness will have to be replaced with collective abundance. Everyone will need to be a part of the construction of your new earth, and for this to happen, everyone will need to be in a decent financial position to contribute.

As your planetary reconstruction picks up pace, you’ll find that money and similar things are no longer needed because prosperity will be shared outright and no soul will have to worry about going without the basic essentials they need to survive.

We hope for our reader’s visualization to render him the success he seeks, and if any seeker wants to do or gain something monumentally significant, some work will always need to be put in.

In our reader’s case, this work is visualization-based in nature, but others will find that similar things are asked of them if they want to contribute to your new society or simply get a leg up in your difficult and hectic world.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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