Q&A: Relocating and Sensing Departed Spirits – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

If you follow the instincts of your heart, you’ll never be led astray.

If you listen to the constant wants and demands of the fading ego, however, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to re-reach the brimming, heart-centered space so many of you are ready to reach and flow from there with the pure energies and expressions that result.

You can do anything you put your minds to, but your willingness and dedication are always important. No matter what skill you want to hone, dedication will always be crucial if you want to do it successfully. Your abilities are growing, and many of you have yet to surrender to the flow and find out just how potent and far-reaching they can be.

You manifest everything you experience, and as long as you refuse to put up mental barriers around your flow, everything will become easier and you’ll enjoy tasks and chores you might’ve otherwise found tedious.

Remaining in an Openhearted Space

Many seekers are finding a greater level of joy and ease from their lives because they’re willing to remain in an openhearted space, and the more you leave this space in favor of the solitude of the ego, the harder it’ll be to re-reach when you’re ready.

Your collective consciousness will be purified when the time comes, and the hatred and pettiness that have been driven by your division will cease in favor of collective peacemaking.

Everyone will see that you aren’t meant to remain divided over illusory outer differences, and the drive to come together and bring your planet into the light will be stronger than ever because everyone will see the necessity to play their part.

Some people will be led to different parts of the world or greet similar, mountainous changes, and they can be assured that everything is happening for a very important and needed reason. The things you experience are very necessary, and you’re growing and learning with each easy and difficult experience you greet.

Is this difficult to fathom, given how random and unneeded some of your most painful experiences have seemed?

With our introduction given, we’ll be happy to answer our first question.

Question #1: Moving Away

“My partner is very keen to move up North which is a plane trip for my family. I am very close to my family and have never lived that far away. I like the idea of a better climate and going off the grid on a few acres. Question is how will I and my family go with the big move?”

As we mentioned above, relocation can be necessary for the growth and advancement of the people involved, and however difficult splitting apart from her family could be, our reader will soon find that her perceived isolation was very worth it.

She (and her family) may suffer emotional pain, but there are a wealth of ways to stay in touch with your loved ones in your technologically advanced age.

As long as our reader and her family make it a point to continue to stay in touch, remaining just as close as they were when they could speak face to face, she’ll find that her relocation was worth it for the wonderful things her solitude in nature will provide her.

Our reader’s move is an important aspect of her ascension, and the place she’s headed will help her find a higher vibration easier than her current location. Sometimes, big moves and other, similar uprooting lifestyle changes are necessary, because they act as a catalyst for the growth and advancement of, in this case, our reader.

Our reader will experience a wealth of perceptual changes and advancements after a short ‘time’ in her new home, and while there will be trials and difficulties along the way, as with any lifestyle change, everything will flow smoothly in the end.

Our reader is in for some surprises, but if she can see beyond the pain that comes with leaving her family for another destination and embrace the changes that lay ahead of her, she’ll find little difficulty adjusting.

In fact, she may feel very at home when she starts consciously absorbing the pure vibration her new home will offer, and we’ll encourage her to get out in the mornings and evenings when temperatures permit and meditate; feel the good vibes that’ll permeate her perception.

Her higher self and guides have been working on purifying the vibration inside and outside of her potential new homes, and we recommend she look out for the blissful meditative energies that could result.

Attuning to these energies is the best way to feel them, and we’ll always recommend our reader meditate or find another way to attune to the good vibration she has the opportunity to feel. All of humanity has the opportunity to feel this vibration, and if you can each connect with your higher selves and guides, you’ll find that they perform a wealth of healing and purifying practices – on you and the area around you.

Connect With the Higher Self

We also recommend our reader maintain as strong and pure of a connection with her higher self and guides as she can, and while we recommend this for everyone, we recommend it specifically for our reader because staying in touch with her higher self is the best way for her to receive the energy and guidance that’ll help her thrive in this new era in her life.

She may find it difficult to adjust to her new home if she isn’t in the right frame of mind/heart every day, and we’ll again recommend she perform some type of light meditation in the morning before she starts her daily duties, in an effort to connect with Source and/or her higher self and receive a needed boost.

It doesn’t necessarily matter when she performs this meditation or connects with her guides, and as long as her intent is clear and pure, she’ll find that the connection is smoothly and flowingly maintained.

Her higher self will offer her a wealth of needed advice and guidance related to her move and adjusting to the place she’ll find herself in, and her higher self can certainly feel her immense anticipation for the move and everything it’ll entail.

We can’t stress enough that our reader should maintain contact with her family, even when she seems comfortable enough without them, because her bond is meant to remain strong, no matter where she lives. No matter the land around her, family is always important and her family will offer her the love and support that helps her thrive when she could otherwise throw in the towel.

Connecting with family is just as important as connecting with your higher selves and guides, and realizing this is the first step to maintaining the ever-important connections you can maintain with your kin. You’ll find that your vibration is raised when you can convene with your family in an openhearted setting, and this is in part why we encourage our reader to continue connecting with her family.

The potential for our reader to remain as close with her family as she’s always been is strong, but just like connecting with the higher self or doing anything else nourishing or satisfying, this connection will have to be willingly pursued.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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