Consider a Subscription to The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter

"Sky Leaves" - Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

If you enjoy the daily articles and channeled messages I offer via The Culture of Awareness, my personal blog, Facebook, etc. and you have a little financial abundance to contribute, please consider a subscription to The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter.

We’re running a little short on funds this month, as people tend to, and every subscription is greatly needed and appreciated.

The weekly newsletter features 5 written segments.

Among these segments is what I like to call “planetary healing” where I examine topics that have to do with finding enlightenment and healing the world, as well as a “channeled discussion” where I discuss snippets from some of the latest channelings we’re given each week and a “reader’s question” section where I give my perspective on subscribers’ questions.

The newsletter features loads of material I almost never offer publicly, and I’ve received a lot of comments from subscribers who expressed that it either helped them through difficult times or helped them understand certain things in a new light.

Three subscription options are offered: $11.11 a month; $59.99 every sixth months; or $122.22 a year. The subscription process can be started by clicking one of the three “subscribe” buttons on the “Weekly Newsletter” page.

Shortly after you finish the subscription process, you’ll receive the latest issue of the newsletter with a small “thank you” note that’ll tell you more about it. Whenever a new issue is sent out, you’ll receive a copy in your email with an attachment of a more spruced up version of each weekly newsletter than you’ll see in the plain email format.

Anyone with a PayPal account can subscribe, and credit and debit cards are accepted as long as you have an account. When we have enough funds, we’ll be getting a P.O. box for potential subscribers to send checks/money orders in place of PayPal or credit/debit card transactions.

The newsletter’s purpose isn’t as much to profit from spirituality as it is to keep my family and I afloat while I write/channel the posts I offer every day, which I’ve always been happy to give freely. Like everyone else, my family and I look forward to a time when money isn’t such a big concern for everyone, but as long as it is, we’ll occasionally have to ask for support from our readers.

If the newsletter doesn’t seem right for you but you still want to contribute, donations can be sent to my PayPal email: Thanks so much for the love and support you’ve all given – I plan to continue to give it back in the form of as much written and channeled material as I can offer.

Much love everyone,

Wes Annac 🙂

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