Is There Anything You’d Like to Publicly Ask a Channeled Source?


Update: Over twenty responses overnight! Thanks so much for your collective interest in this channeled question-answering project. I’ll probably have to cease taking requests for a short time and start back up when I’m caught up. Thank you all again!

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask a channeled source? I’m open to taking questions from readers and asking my higher self/spiritual guides to provide their insight – I only ask that you keep the questions reasonably short.This could be a more direct way to connect with all of you, and hopefully, it’ll help a lot of you who’ve wanted to ask a direct question to a channeled source but haven’t had the chance.

You can send in your question via the ‘Contact Us’ page on my blog, The Culture of Awareness (, and while you’re there, feel free to check out the pages and the daily postings.

If you decide to send a question, please take note that it’ll be publicly featured in my regularly posted channeled messages. Personal or sensitive questions may want to be expressed vaguely, both to retain the quality of the response and to keep the rest of the conscious public from learning explicitly personal things about you.

I’ll respond as soon as possible with your position ‘in line’ so to speak, because once I send out this call, I’ll probably be flooded with responses. Your patience is asked for and appreciated, and I will eventually get to your question.

If you appreciate the efforts that are made to channel and produce these ‘Oversoul Teachings’ messages, donations via PayPal are always appreciated (my PayPal email is

Thanks for your time!

Wes Annac


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