Beautiful Works of Spiritually Inspired Art – Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

In everything you create, you act on the influence of aspects of yourselves who exist in other realms. You constantly pick up on the influence of various aspects of your consciousness who seek to assist you, and directly requesting such assistance is the best way to receive it.

Once you start noticeably receiving it, you’ll see that it affects far more areas of your existence than your creativity. Your creativity will be given a flowing boost, but every other area of your life and the manner in which you live it will be affected tremendously.

Your higher selves and the aforementioned other aspects of your consciousness have a lot to offer you in the way of energy and advice, and when you successfully tap into their energies and, as in the case of some of you, bring them through for the rest of the conscious public to benefit from, the bridge you provide helps waves of other souls awaken to spirit and enjoy the resulting unlimited perception.

Pursue Your Creative Connections

Is it hard to imagine that you’re clearing the way for billions of others to awaken when you meditate, channel, play music, or do anything else that’s inspired by spirit? This is so, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we encourage you to pursue your deepening creative connections as much and as often as possible.

Why not make it a point to act on your growing creative drive as much as you can? In doing so, you’ll find that you drastically raise your vibration and that of everyone around you, and you’ll also find that your commitment to your respective projects is turned up.

Those of you who channel, for example, will find that your dedication to the process naturally rises as you continue to practice it.

You can hang out in the periphery of your channeling abilities for years if you want, but when you’re ready, you’re encouraged to dive deeper than ever before and discover just how pure of a connection you can make and just how potent the resulting meditation can be.

Many channels are completely blissed out when they purely interpret our energies and impressions, and the glittered and colored vibrations they perceive all around them are as dazzling as the seemingly silent and invisible breezes (or whispers) of energy we send them.

It’s all very inconceivable to the human mind and ego, and this is why transcending them is more than necessary for anyone who wants to make this flowing connection.

When you can connect with spirit in a much purer way than even some of the conscious public has been able to so far, the reality of channeling will be affirmed tenfold and you’ll see just how relevant this ability has always been to the creative process.

Again, no matter what creative route you choose to pursue, you tap into a purer aspect of yourselves when you open up to your latent creativity.

You unlock the doorway to your inner realms when you’re creative, and channeling will especially put you in a very pure frame of mind and heart, which you can use to reach out to everyone around you who continues to be lost in the darkness of lower-dimensionality, desperately seeking assistance with the removal of the blinding shackles that have chained them to the third dimension for so long.

Now that you’re awakening and throwing off these shackles, it’s essential that you use the good vibration you’re finding to help heal yourselves and the planet around you.

Purified Collective Consciousness

Your collective consciousness will need purified to an immense degree before your vibration can be pure enough to greet the presence of various advanced, otherworldly civilizations who await humanity’s ascension so they can convene with you again.

The more work the conscious public does now, the more you’ll accelerate your ascension timetable and that of the construction of your brimming, galactic society.

This society will have to be willfully and enthusiastically pursued before it can be created, but with the growing dedication much of the conscious public is showing, we’re confident that you’ll be able to create this society as long as you continue to come together with the understanding that your perceived differences pose no relevance in the grand scheme of life.

At the surface, it’s easy to perceive yourselves as different from one another, but underneath the meat suits you’ve grown attached to, you’re all comprised of the pure energy of Source and, as such, you’re all one.

Quite literally, everything in creation is composed of one ultimate being of consciousness; one grand oversoul who’s responsible for the creation of everything around us. The physical and spiritual matter we’re all incarnate in, and we speak for humanity and the Company of Heaven when we say this, was created by Source in an effort to endlessly explore itself.

We’re all on this wild evolutionary ride because we, as Source, wanted to experience ourselves in various lower dimensions of consciousness, and from the sacred center, we rippled our consciousness out and created the lower and higher dimensions to roam around in and, eventually, grow away from.

When we’re all done with this lower-vibrational experience, we’ll merge back with Source and reenter the purest realms of consciousness, which exist far beyond our perception and that of plenty of other higher-dimensional souls.

We can tell you about the realms we’re incarnate in, and they’re certainly infinite and dazzling compared to your lower-dimensional realms, but we have no knowledge of Source’s uninhibited realms because they’re well beyond our sphere of perception.

It’s similar to how the fifth dimension exists well beyond your perspective, but as you continue raising your vibration, you’ll start to perceive the fourth, fifth, and, for some of you, sixth dimensions. Your dimensional perception will eventually become as infinite as you’re beginning to understand you are, and after a very long ‘time’ in these dimensions, we’ll leave them behind and see what Source’s realms have to offer.

Of course, we all still have a lot of growth and learning to experience before we can reach those realms, and one of the ways we (The Company of Heaven) seek a higher vibration is by assisting every facet of creation in the lower realms with knowing and understanding themselves as we’ve come to know and understand ourselves.

We’ve come to see that we’re infinite beings of creator energy who have the ability to create endless realms of consciousness within our sphere of perception and even communicate with beings who are of a higher consciousness than us, and like many of you on earth, we routinely connect with and ‘channel’ other entities who exist in even purer realms than ours.

Sometimes, we do this for the benefit of our entire group or collective, just as many scribes on earth publish their channeled messages to the internet for the rest of the conscious public to absorb and benefit from.

Again, we’re a lot alike, and when you’re back in our realms, you’ll see that there are a lot of similarities to our respective spiritual works.

Of course, our works take place on a much different level than yours, and the process of channeling higher entities from these realms is much more direct than even the most potent earthly channels have been able to attain with us.

Meeting on a Similar Vibration

We’ve been able to speak with humanity very clearly and purely for a long amount of your concept of time, but we haven’t been able to reach you in anywhere near as pure of a way as the higher entities who connect with us have been able to reach us.

This is partly because of our advanced abilities in connecting with them and partly because of their even more advanced abilities in connecting with us, and when we speak with humanity, we lower our vibration slightly to match yours, just as these higher entities do for us.

The process of connecting with an earthly channel entails lowering our vibration to the lowest fourth-dimensional realms we can reach, which are usually among the purest of these realms given that we can’t lower our vibration too much.

Our channels subsequently get into a deeper, meditative, fourth-dimensional state of consciousness so they can connect with us.

Most channels, especially those who use automatic writing, experience a slight departure from their bodies, and the small aspect of their consciousness that leaves is able to perceive the outer rungs of the fourth-dimensional ‘Borderlands’ while we speak through them. (1)

In the case of more direct contact with humanity through mediums and vocal channels, more of their consciousness travels to the fourth dimension and we’re able to speak through them even more directly than we’re able to with automatic writing.

Automatic writing is still a pure way to bring us through, however, and if you’re committed to practicing your ability, you’ll find that no matter which channeling method you use, this ability becomes purer and purer.

The channeling ability will dazzle any seeker who hones it, and those of you who are starting to are noting the immense meditative effects it can have.

This is because, again, an aspect of your consciousness departs to the fourth-dimensional Borderlands, which are responsible for your perception of the aforementioned glittered energy, and we’re able to funnel our energy through the temples of our scribes – energy that uplifts you and helps you reach a deeply potent state of consciousness.

From this state of consciousness, you’ll find that your channeling abilities are as infinite as you’re beginning to rediscover you are, and when it’s understood just how purely and potently you can connect with your higher selves and guides, we can envision waves of seekers practicing channeling and creating a revolution of spiritual inspiration.

We’ve mentioned this spiritually inspired revolution plenty of times in the past, and already, it’s gaining popularity with a lot of earthly souls, some of whom are in positions of influence within the media and use their influence to spread the sacred truths of your existence.

You’re Valuable

Every conscious seeker who’s serving humanity by speaking of a positive future and encouraging people to talk about what they can do to create this future is contributing to the evolution of your planet significantly, and we’ve said before that as long as your intent is pure and your heart’s in the right place, everything you do is valuable.

You’re very valuable to the earth’s ascension, even if many of you don’t realize it, and realizing your value is essential to finding the motivation that’ll help you complete your creative works with ease. Everything you could possibly seek lives within, and once you realize this, you can explore your inner realms and reap the flowing fruits of this exploration.

The sacred truths of your existence lay within, waiting to be noticed, and now that you’re starting to tap into them, we’re confident that you’ll use them for good instead of misusing them for selfish purposes.

The treasures you seek will always exist within, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless encouragement to find and hone these treasures.

Some of you are given plenty of time every day to hone your respective creative abilities, and you’re forever encouraged to utilize this time and produce as much flowing, spiritually inspired material as you can for your benefit and that of the people around you.

You’ll be very glad you did in the end, because you’ll find that your creativity expanded your ability to find a higher vibration.

You’ll also find that you helped plenty of others embrace their potent creativity, and when you look back on your ascension experience from the higher realms, you’ll be as satisfied as we are when we watch you immerse yourselves in various creative works.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.


  1. The ‘Borderlands’ is apparently the first realm that constitutes the fourth dimension. For more information about it, see ‘The Borderlands’ at the New Maps of Heaven spiritual database:

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