New Creative and Explorative Routes

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Even when you feel like you’re moving in a backward direction, we assure you that you’re always moving forward. You’re always learning, growing and expanding, and even when you seem to take a step back, you learn important and valuable lessons that, in the end, you’ll be very glad you learned.

You’re encouraged to surrender to the flow of life experience, because in doing so, you’ll see that everything you go through is ultimately necessary for your greater growth and development. Every seeming misstep can ultimately be of service to your growth, and you no longer have to feel low if you think you’ve gone against the current of progress you intend to make.

You’re making constant progress, and we encourage you to understand this in your times of energetic and emotional depletion – the times when you’re easily influenced by energetic parasites who seek to have you diminish your perception of yourselves.

Pursuing a Creative Route

You’re divine beings of pure creator energy who’ve come to the earth to share the sacred knowledge you carry within with everyone else on your planet who’s been lost in the mucky unawares of the lower vibrations, and embracing your mission will help you complete the numerous tasks you’ve set out for yourselves.

Understanding the importance of your earthly presence will open you up to new opportunities; new creative and explorative routes that you can pursue with joy.

As long as you remain open and willing to expand your perception and the resulting work you do to help others find a higher state of consciousness, you’ll find that your work and your life experience flow smoothly; in many cases, more smoothly than ever before.

The conscious public is rediscovering the infinity that’s always laid dormant within, and now that you’re beginning to discover your greater abilities, you can act on them as much and as often as possible.

Your abilities can constantly expand from here on out, and as long as you keep your developing and expanding minds and hearts open, you’ll find that you never burn out. Burning out is the result of closing or blocking one’s mind from the greater inspiration the heart provides, and connecting with the heart will entail a connection with all new realms of insight and understanding.

You’ll gain a new perception of yourselves and the reality around you when you connect with the intuitive guidance of your higher selves, and if you find that you’re blocked from the influence of spirit in any way, you can review the decisions you made in the days leading up to the blockage and ask yourselves if anything that inhibits you was let into your energy field.

If so, you can ask Source to help you transmute it and send it off to another place to affect other souls in different, more helpful ways. When you transmute energy, you change its very structure; you essentially give it a second chance.

In a sense, the energy you’re tasked with transmuting also gives you a second chance.

It tempts you to feed into former ways of being, but instead of allowing this, you choose to transmute it, giving it and yourselves a pass to start your journeys with clean slates and the ability to be receptive instruments for the energy and inspiration of the divine.

As you continue acting on the abilities you’ve been endowed with, you’ll discover that you’re also capable of various other things that seemed impossible a short time ago. They certainly aren’t, but if you let yourselves think they are, you’ll close your minds to your ability to do them and you’ll find that you never seemed to excel in any abilities – other than the ones you naturally possess.

You can claim any talent you desire, and it’ll either be easy or difficult depending on how you choose to open up and practice it. You might find it very easy to expand your ability to do various things, and many seekers, for instance, choose to give an equal amount of time and energy to discussing physical matters as spiritual.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to discuss as long as your work is pure in intention and content, and you can spread your awareness in any way that best suits you.

Refresh Your Perspective

If you find that you seem to have exhausted one route, you can refresh your perspective and your work by switching to another creative route or project for a while and, if you feel led to do so, switching back again. Like we’ve said before, you can give an equal balance to physical and spiritual discussions, and in doing so, you can expand your reach and the amount of souls who are led to your work.

Awareness is growing on your planet more than we or anyone else could hope to express, and with the extent to which so many souls have already become aware and seek to act on their awareness, uplifting waves of others in the process, it shouldn’t be much longer before the collective awareness that’s required for more direct action on the part of humanity is gained.

After awareness grows to a certain percentage, we can envision humanity delightfully taking the reins and running your planet in the ways you’ve always been meant to.

Fairness, harmony and cooperation will rule the day when awareness grows so strong that humanity peacefully rises up and asserts themselves to the self-serving forces who run your world, secretly yet openly.

When the revolution of love and unity that’s already started grows to new heights, you’ll be surprised at your collective ability to regain ‘control’ of your planet and use such control in a way that benefits all of humanity and all of life on earth.

Harmony with the plant and animal kingdoms will be an essential part of your creation of a positive future, and when you can learn to live in peace and harmony with every sentient creature, of which you’ll come to discover an infinite amount exist, you’ll understand humanity’s place in the bigger picture.

You’ll see that you, as humans, have always had the potential to lead a completely loving and harmonious life, showing the way for the plant and animal kingdoms, some of the citizens of which are caught in lower genetic patterns of behavior.

If humanity lived in peace for a few centuries, you could genetically influence plants and animals to live in peace as well. A lot of plants and animals already do live in peace, of course, and they’ve come to the earth with a natural spiritual perception that their lower-dimensional incarnations don’t always inhibit.

Humanity has had more difficulty rediscovering spirit than many other species, but already, a growing number of seekers are discovering their infinity as pure beings of creator energy who are no different from the people, animals, plants, etc. around them.

Every facet of creation is inexplicably linked, and we and plenty of others have described the manner in which you’re all connected as sparks of the infinite and all-loving creator.

Source’s plan for humanity and the earth is for a full-on, collective ascension to take place, and if it were up to us, every soul on your planet would embrace their ascension and find the fifth-dimensional perspective so many seekers have strived so hard to find.

The choice to ascend is up to each of you, however, and we’d never seek to take your ability to choose away from you.

Whether or not you ascend is your choice entirely, and while plenty of lightworkers and starseeds will choose to embrace the fifth dimension, other earthly souls may not be ready to find a higher state of consciousness because they’re comfortable in the lower perception they’ve existed under for millennia.

Those of you who will choose to embrace your ascension energies (and those of you who already are) will discover a world that’s unlike anything you could’ve ever imagined.

The fifth dimension will be unlike anything you’ve perceived on your planet, and while you may notice small similarities with the third that are common throughout the universe and various planes of existence, you’ll be very surprised at the intensely different nature of the place you’re going.

Practicing Your Dormant Abilities

A lot of fourth-dimensional qualities have yet to descend onto your surface, and when certain higher-vibrational qualities reach you, we can envision waves of souls acting on their newfound divine gifts with the understanding that they can be and do anything they desire.

You’ve been surfing through the fourth dimension for quite a long amount of your concept of ‘time’, and when you collectively reach the higher fourth-dimensional realms, which won’t happen until a significant portion of your society has raised their vibration, the aforementioned abilities will become very apparent and the renaissance we and so many others have alluded to will take place.

When all of humanity taps into the greater perception you each possess, more souls will practice channeling and other higher-dimensional abilities that have laid dormant within you for millennia, waiting to be realized and embraced.

The amount of souls who’ll explore their greater abilities will be infinite, and while plenty of earthy souls will be uncomfortable on the higher vibration they’ll reach and may choose to incarnate on other lower-dimensional worlds and experience a steadier growth, the majority of your society will be rooted in a higher perception and will enjoy the resulting divine abilities.

Aligning with the divine qualities and living in love as much as you can right now will accelerate your entrance into the future you’ve heard so much about, and you’re encouraged to endlessly practice being clear instruments for the expression of the divine in everything you do.

Treat everyone around you with the love and compassion you want to be treated with, and let yourselves empathize with others when you could otherwise close yourselves off. Set limits for your compassion, of course, but know that apathy doesn’t help any situation.

In the new world you’re entering and creating, apathy will be replaced with compassion and understanding of the plight of others, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to brush every selfish and lower-vibrational quality to the side in favor of the divine qualities that’ll see you onward.

It always comes down to the importance of keeping your minds and hearts open to the influence of your higher selves, and if you’ve proven anything so far, it’s that you’re more than up for the task.

You’ll be up for far more tasks than you realize as ‘time’ ticks on, but you can all master the task of finding and remaining in an open, connected space if you let yourselves. Work and dedication will be required, but it’s nothing you can’t handle as incarnate masters who’ve come to share your mastery with the rest of society.

Share away, dearest seekers, and don’t let your seeming incompletion or imperfection sway you one bit.

You aren’t on the earth to be perfect – you’re there to strive to show the way despite the difficulties that could easily hold you back if you let them. Continue to shine as brightly as you always have, and take any perceived setbacks in stride knowing that the journey itself is far more important than its completion.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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