Never Lose Faith in Where You’re Going

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Your ascension process requires you to be as strong and diligent as possible, and as you make your way through the lower vibrations, you’ll find that a lot’s required of you before you can find the greater state of consciousness you seek.

Plenty of seekers have noted that darkness and density are turned up to extreme and intense proportions on your earth, and you knew this before you decided to make your way to its surface in an effort to help its people find the higher vibration you enjoyed before your descent.

You knew the earth experience would challenge you more than any other lower-vibrational experience, and you were still willing and enthusiastic to take on the challenge because you knew your inner light would help you soar.

Now, many of you are empowering a greater level of self-discipline than ever before as you seek to make the constant, greater connection you’re rediscovering. Even at this late stage in the game, you can fall off the horse if you let yourselves, and you might find it difficult to get back on.

Turning Away Lower Influences

Instead of letting yourselves fall in the first place, you’re encouraged to employ a greater level of strength and discipline than many of you have employed so far. In letting yourselves be strong and pure instruments for the expression of the divine, you’ll be able to turn away any lower influences or energetic parasites that’d easily drain your greater perception if you let them.

They can only reach you by way of your actions and intentions, and if you live in love and express the necessary strength, you’ll find that they don’t hinder you. If any of you ever find yourselves in the company of one of these lower-vibrational thought forms, you can beam love their way to assure that they leave your space and never desire to return.

Lower entities and thought forms will only appear where they think they have a chance of being fed.

They seek humanity’s energy, and especially the energy of the conscious public, like an addict who seeks their next fix. An addict will go to places that house their poison, and similarly, lower thought forms will travel where they can receive the sustenance they get from the conscious and unconscious humanity.

If you blast light these souls’ way every time they attempt to influence you, they’ll immediately leave your space; not because of any moral rejection of your light, but because they literally can’t tolerate it.

When a soul or thought form becomes so rooted in darkness, the light is too bright for them. It’s akin to a poison that they must flee from before they’re exposed to themselves and the darkness they carry within in ways that are too pure or potent.

Thus, by shining your light on them, you help them in very small ways before they flee, and you also help yourselves by getting rid of their energy and influence within your sphere.

In doing so, you can bless these souls from a safe distance without having to worry about their attempts to influence you or convince you to fall into old habitual patterns and ways of being that don’t serve you as much as the greater, purer perception you’re beginning to re-find.

Acting on old ways is your choice entirely, and if you do, you’ll naturally find that your environment returns to the condition it was in before you started to ascend.

You’re always making progress, even when you stand still, but if you directly impede your own progress, you could return yourselves to the limited conditions and circumstances you were so ready to grow away from when you started to traverse the ascension path.

We know in our heart of hearts that this won’t happen, of course, because you’ve all already displayed an immense amount of strength, willingness and dedication to the process and the missions you’ve set out for yourselves.

We’re very confident that you won’t return to your former conditions, but the seekers amongst you who choose to continuously fall back into old ways will eventually experience the natural consequences of such falls.

When you can rid yourselves of the influence of lower aspects of yourselves who are in need of exposure and transmutation, as well as the aforementioned thought forms who seek to negatively influence humanity for their own gain, you’ll find all of the divine wonders you seek and your natural energy and vitality will be constantly replenished.

Remaining on the Path

The more you live in love and use your inner strength to refrain from the lower-vibrational temptations that can easily hold you back, the purer your perception will become and the easier you’ll find it to be in an immense, boundless state of joy and bliss that spreads out to everyone around you, creating an unprecedented ripple effect that your planet and various others will feel and benefit from.

Willingness to remain on the path is one of the best things you can have, and since the energy’s being turned up to extreme proportions, duality will continue to intensify in preparation for its complete dissolution. Just like time, we intend to say that your perception of duality is dissolving more than duality itself, and as long as there are lower realms of consciousness, the resulting qualities will continue to exist.

You’ll leave duality behind, however, as long as you can find it in yourselves to remain on your paths and excel like never before.

We note that many of you crave expansion and, at the same time, you’re very comfortable where you’re already at along your growth, and we want you to know that striving to expand won’t help you as much as going with the natural, expansive flow and experiencing the blessings that result.

When it comes to helping others find the light, striving can definitely be a good thing. However, it can also hold a seeker back from going with the flow and experiencing the natural upgrades they’re destined to experience.

By remaining in a constant, open flow of love and creativity, you’ll find and act on the expansive thoughts, feelings and ideas that cause you to dig deeper and deeper into new territories – territories you might not have been comfortable with a short time ago.

As you naturally expand, your ascension process unfolds before you and you find that everything flows in a simple yet complicated rhythm.

Everything you seek comes to you with relative ease, whereas blocking your natural flow and striving too hard makes it far more difficult to find the creative flow you strive to find. Detachment is necessary in a lot of ways, and detaching from the lower vibrations and everything that feeds them is among the best things you can do for yourselves.

There’s no sense in continuing to feed into the lower vibrations, which you know only cause grief, pain and further separation from the divine Source, of which we’re all extensions.

Instead of feeding into the hellish states of consciousness you’re so ready to grow away from, we welcomingly invite you to expand your greater perception far more than you yet have and use your inner strengthen to refrain from feeding into the mechanisms driving your old world.

With time and a lot of effort, your earth will be transformed into a brimming galactic society with various crystal cities and far more advanced ways of powering a more advanced lifestyle than your current.

Pollution as you see it will have long been a thing of the past, but from the perspective of many of you, a lot of work still needs done before your earth can be completely unpolluted.

She’s far more polluted than even many lightworkers and starseeds on the ground realize, but we and the rest of the Company of Heaven are well aware of earth’s condition and we’ve been sending her endless amounts of loving, healing energy that’s helping her eradicate some of the pollution-based pain and cope with the rest of it.

In time, humanity will be made aware of the importance of saving your environment with humanitarian works that’ll be intended to reverse the damage done by landfills and various other things that feed an immense amount of pollution into Gaia’s surface, in her water and under her ground daily.

A lot of major restorative acts will need to be implemented, but it’ll all happen when it’s destined to and once the pollution-cleansing work is done, you can focus on opening your planet to the presence of your extended family; the infinite number of advanced civilizations who exist just outside of your planet and far, far beyond.

You’ll have to ‘clean your house’ before you can greet their presence, and by this we mean you’ll have to clean your planet up and raise your vibration sufficiently before you’re able to host the presence of various advanced civilizations who have a lot to help you remember.

Some of these races are responsible for seeding your physical bodies on earth, but by this we don’t intend to say these races ‘created’ you. They engineered the physical temples you’re all incarnate in, but your body is finite and by no means does it solely constitute who you are.

Creating and Sowing the Human Template

It’s true that a select few extraterrestrial races sowed the template for the human body as you currently perceive it a very long amount of ‘time’ ago.

While modifications have since been made by benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial interests, much of humanity is opening their chakras and activating the DNA your galactic brethren created and intended for you to be able to use in an unhindered way.

You’re reclaiming your sacred powers and abilities as you open up to the suppressed truths of your existence, and as long as you can remain loving and open to the influence of the divine while balancing out your lower selves, the truths and perceptions you seek will flow to you, naturally and gracefully.

You have to be willing to receive this flow, of course, and blocking yourselves from it in favor of lower-vibrational dross is akin to keeping yourselves out of the shade and away from a nice, cold, refreshing glass of water on an oppressively hot day.

Remaining tethered to the lower vibrations won’t do any of you any good, and you’re wholeheartedly encouraged to leave everything that’s hindered you behind in favor of things you know will empower you and fill you with the bliss, wholeness and elation you seek.

Even when one seeks lower-vibrational things, they really seek Source – it’s simply that they seek Source in a distorted way that won’t ultimately fill them with the wholeness they desire.

The conscious public is starting to discover the right channels; the right pathways to Source, and for centuries of your time, seekers have discovered things that did and didn’t help them find a higher state of consciousness or convene with Source in a purer way than the third dimension allows.

The third dimension entails immense yet illusory separation from Source and from oneself as Source, which can be very difficult to climb out of, but those of you who are climbing out of it now are showing the way for billions of other earthly souls to live by when their time comes to re-embrace the higher dimensions.

You’ve all come to earth from the higher realms, and we mean this for everyone on your planet. Whether you’re an incarnate lightworker, starseed, etc. or not, you all came to the lower vibrations from the purest realms of Source that exist for the purpose of knowing and experiencing yourselves in a different way.

As facets of the all-knowing and all-loving Source, you sought to know and understand yourselves in a greater way than you already did by creating an illusory environment to play around in. Eventually, you grew more sophisticated in your creation of this lower-vibrational reality; you began incorporating lessons for yourselves to learn and challenges to overcome.

Eventually, you grew so lost in your lower-vibrational creations because of how much creative fun you were having that you solidified them more than you already had by convincing yourselves they were your reality when, truly, they aren’t.

You were stuck in your own desire to create and experience as much illusion as you could, and you’ve planned your earthly lives down to the last detail with each lifetime you’ve experienced.

The Natural Creative Drive

You all have a natural urge to be creative, and needless to say, this urge was much, much stronger in the higher realms when you were immersing yourselves in the lower-vibrational illusions you discovered you could create and convincing yourselves they were reality.

You wanted to create more; experience more; learn more; grow more; understand more; and in doing so, waves of souls became immersed in the illusions they’d created for themselves.

The souls on your earth who are particularly attracted to obtaining material things are, in some cases, the souls who were basically obsessed with creating new realities; new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Those among you who are immersed in physicality the most are some of the ones who were the most enthusiastic about continuously creating lower realms to experience and learn lessons in.

This is one many reasons we have so much compassion for all of you – especially those among you who are lost in darkness. At one time, you were all innocent, happy, blissful creators of these fun lower-vibrational realms that you took sojourns in as you learned lessons and explored yourselves in new ways.

Some of the darkest souls amongst you today were the happiest, most ecstatic and jubilant creators of lower realms, and they enjoyed their creations so much that they continue to be ‘stuck’ in them and the darkness that’s grown to constitute them.

We excitedly await the time when everyone on your planet can find that playfully creative state of consciousness again, and we feel for those who’ve lost themselves in the lower vibrations they were so happy and excited to create and explore.

While it was known by many in the higher realms that creating and experiencing lower-vibrational realities for the sheer purpose of enjoyment was a bit foolish because it could cause the very ordeal we now seek to help mend, we were still more than happy to watch all of you create and experience to your heart’s content.

We speak from the perspective of those who didn’t create lower realms to experience, but many of us who are speaking to you were lost in the very darkness many on your earth are now lost in because of our own enthusiasm in creating and experiencing lower realms.

This enthusiasm has transformed into enthusiasm to continuously explore the higher realms we delightfully descended away from to create the illusions we’re no longer trapped in, which we’re helping you and various others transcend.

Many of us have chosen to send our godsparks down to the earth to help those among you who are stuck in so much darkness that they can’t seem to release its grip on them, and the actions of the incarnate lightworkers, starseeds, etc. are intended to help heal the distortions that have gripped the minds and hearts of every earthly soul who’s still lost in the illusion of materiality.

Whereas before, a lot of us were focused on creating lower realms to experience, we’re now focused on helping everyone understand that they are and have always been infinite beings of creator energy who constantly create, consciously and subconsciously.

You constantly create in other realms based on your earthly vibration and the vibration of various other aspects of your oversoul who are rooted in various realms of experience in an ultimate effort to help all of creation ascend, and the vibration you send out determines the things you create.

Wondrous Works of Higher-Vibrational Art

If you’re on a particularly low vibration, your creations will reflect this, but if your mind and heart are rooted in purity, you’ll constantly create wondrous works of higher-vibrational art that, we can say from our experience seeing them, are very impressive.

The fact that so many of you are able to create such amazing works of art from within the nearly suffocating lower vibrations of the earth is remarkable to say the least, and we continue to watch you excel and falter in nearly the same breath with amazement at how you’re able to balance it all.

From our perspective, the things you’re experiencing are practically unfathomable in how difficult they are and how much misery they seem to cause, but again, many of us have experienced the lower realms in our own ways. The earth’s darkness and density are far more extreme than most other planets’, and most of us who speak to you haven’t had quite the degree of experience you’re all having.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless joy and anticipation for the things you have yet to experience. If some of you can simply get out of your own way and let your divine flow take over, you’ll find and notice so many wonderful and amazing things that your expanded perception will be responsible for your ability to perceive.

Remaining sensitive to the influence of spirit while being strong in the face of the lower vibrations will see you onward, and before you know it, your vibration will have risen to new heights and you’ll be in a much purer state of consciousness that’s far easier and more blissful than your current.

Remember this in your most difficult times, and never lose faith in where you’re going. We’re all here for you, and you’re encouraged to seek our energy and advice when you need it the most.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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