Keep the Strength – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings, The Culture of Awareness

Allow yourselves to connect with other realms; other dimensions of consciousness, the inhabitants of which excitedly await the contact you can make with us.

Let yourselves believe you’re capable of perceiving and connecting with the higher realms, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen your higher-dimensional links and start bringing through the energies and impressions of your guides in much clearer ways than most of you are presently able to.

We’re constantly sending our energies and impressions for as many earthly souls as possible to pick up on, and we wait for you to realize our constant presence around you so you can use our presence for your benefit and that of your planet.

In connecting with the higher realms, you can bring through a greater amount and purity of energy than has yet been seen on the surface of your beautiful little planet, and you’ll purify the collective consciousness quite a bit when you do.

Unintentional Fixation

When you let yourselves believe in your abilities to connect with spirit and use this connection to help yourselves and the rest of your planet become aware, you’ll find that your work for humanity’s ascension is much stronger and more free-flowing.

The result will be an entire planet of awake and aware souls who are ready and willing to do everything that’s required to build a new world, and the harder you work now, the more progress you’ll make in preparation for the wonderful future you have the potential to pull into your field of manifestation.

Plenty of channeled sources have told you about the wonderful, heavenly future you’re entering and creating, and in doing so, an unintentional fixation on this future has been bred in the minds and hearts of some awakening seekers. We want you to look to your future, but we also want you to look to this infinite and everlasting moment of now for all of the love, happiness, and wholeness you desire.

This moment of now offers more love and heavenliness than we could hope to express, but if you’re rooted too deeply in the mind to feel it in the immense ways you have the ability to, you’ll hinder yourselves and make it harder to reach the greater perception so many of you are ready to reach.

The mind and ego act as vast inhibitors of your greater perception, and only in seeing beyond them can you make a strong spiritual connection or expand your creativity. Your developing creativity can be claimed and expressed in this and every moment, but you have to be in a willing, receptive, heart-centered space before you can feel and act on it in all of its purity.

Everything the awakening public does is for the purpose of helping raise consciousness and awareness, and even when it seems as if you’re standing completely still, you’re doing far more than you realize. Even when you feel like you haven’t contributed anything of value to your planet’s evolution, you constantly contribute more than your surface perception would have you know.

Your contributions are more valuable than we could hope to express, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we encourage you to keep going when it doesn’t seem as if you can. Keep the strength, dearest souls, because you’ll need it for the next stretches of your journey.

Repairing your planet won’t be easy, and even though you’ll be given plenty of assistance, you’re going to want the strength that helps every conscious seeker thrive. The strength we speak of isn’t physical, but rather, spiritual strength that helps the seekers who open up to it in their creative and restorative work.

Spiritual strength will see you onward in your most difficult times, and this is the strength so many conscious seekers have tapped into when they were at the end of their rope and felt like they couldn’t possibly continue on.

You can absolutely continue along your magnificent journeys, but the mind and ego will fight to convince you that you should give into lower influences that don’t ultimately satisfy as much as the greater influences you’re starting to pick up on.

These (greater influences) are those of your higher self, your guides, and every other facet of the Company of Heaven who happily and lovingly assist you along your journeys, and opening up to our energies within is the absolute best way to start communicating with us.

The Signs We’re Giving

Many of you have noticed the signs we’re giving of our presence around you, which we primarily use numeric synchronicities to convey, and when you notice these signs, you can get into a deeper state of consciousness and connect with us within if you feel inspired to do so.

In connecting with us, it’s important to understand that the mind and ego must be completely subdued to make the greater connection you seek. If they aren’t, they’ll do everything in their power to block the deeper connection and keep you distracted with surface thoughts and feelings that don’t serve one nearly as much as the deepening perception you’re beginning to find.

If the ego maintains control of one’s perception, it’ll easily block one from discovering their mission and the amazing things that exist within and all around them, excitedly awaiting their chance to be noticed and acted on.

Finding a clear and pure higher-dimensional connection requires little more than subduing the influence of the ego and simply sitting and waiting in a comfortable, relaxed frame of mind/heart to receive the flowing, glittered energies that can herald the connection one seeks.

Of course, some momentum is required to pick up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms, but it isn’t ego-centered and after so much of it is shown, it becomes unnecessary. Momentum is required because it provides the ‘push’ one needs to connect with spirit in a real and pure way as opposed to a shallow, mind-centered way.

That little extra ‘push’ takes you out of the confines of your mental comfort zone, and once you’re free of these shackles, spirit can use your physical temples as conduits for the expression of your higher selves, your guides, and various other higher-dimensional souls who desire to speak with and through humanity.

Channels for our energies and impressions are growing every day, and to find the pure connection so many of you seek, it’s important to realize that beyond the aforementioned momentum and removing oneself from the ego’s influence, little is required to make a connection that, in reality, you’ve already long made.

Seekers have been connecting with the higher realms for centuries, and this has strengthened our overall ability to connect with humanity. Our ability to connect with you was already pretty strong by the 1960s of your time, and since this time, when consciousness and awareness rose to new heights, it’s been getting stronger and stronger.

We wouldn’t have initially been able to communicate through this scribe, who’s temple was very blocked up with lower, egotistical influences when he first started channeling, if it weren’t for the progress we’d already made in connecting with plenty of others.

We make more of an effort to connect with humanity than some seekers realize, and some effort needs to be shown on the part of the seekers who want to connect with us if they want their connections to be pure rather than shallow or distorted.

We’re very enthusiastic about speaking with and through humanity, and this is because we have a lot to help you remember that we think you’ll all appreciate remembering. We have a lot to help you know, feel, and understand, and the greatest scientific and spiritual concepts you have yet to perceive will be understood in due time, as long as humanity remains open to the influence of spirit.

Concluded in Part 2.

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