Commitment and Dedication are Important

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Your ability to receive the flowing energies and impressions being happily and lovingly sent your way from the higher realms can grow as much as your greater perception if you allow it, but if you impede your growth by closing yourselves off from these energies, you’ll find it much more difficult to get into the lively, heart-centered place so many of you are ready to be in.

Commitment and dedication are very important to finding a higher state of consciousness, and if you aren’t committed to the process, you won’t experience the evolutionary highs that feel so wonderful and fulfilling. You have the ability to reach an unflinchingly pure state of consciousness and awareness, but you can only act on this ability if you realize just how much pure, potent power you carry within.

You’re each universal creators – sparks of Source who’ve come to the earth to help all of humanity awaken to their sacred destiny. You’re on the earth to help everyone become aware of spirit and the necessity to begin the transformation of your planet, and your efforts are more important than we could hope to express through this or any other channel.

Love is Misunderstood

The things you’re doing on the earth go far beyond any description we could attempt to give, and realizing the importance of your earthly presence is one of the first steps to acting on your missions and producing as much spiritually inspired material as you can in an effort to elevate humanity’s vibration.

When you allow yourselves to get into your creative groove; your creative flow, you’ll find that you enjoy yourselves far more than if you would’ve done your work from a rigid, mind-centered place.

No work for humanity’s evolution can be pure if it’s done from within the confines of the mind, and to experience the flowing connections so many of you want to experience, you have to be willing to live in the sacred heart space as much and as often as possible.

Living in the heart will provide every bit of inspiration and clarity you seek, and needless to say, love is quite distorted and misunderstood on your planet. You’ll discover true love when you make an effort to live in the heart and treat everyone around you exactly how you’d like to be treated, and living in love is the first step to creating the society of your dreams.

The planetary transformation you’re all so ready to see has to come about as a personal transformation in the minds and hearts of all of humanity before it can be reflected in your society.

All of the chaos, hatred, and cruelty you’re witnessing on your planet is a result of the darkness humanity’s carried within for centuries of your fading concept of time, and it doesn’t have to hold you back from becoming the spiritually inspired revolutionaries that’ll be needed to transform your society.

You’re revolutionaries in your own way, because you‘ve made it your sacred mission to completely change the manner in which your planet has been run in favor of a new standard that understands and acts on the principles of peace, love, harmony, respect, and oneness.

The things you’re doing on the earth are more important than some would have you believe, and as long as you stay strong and, again, commit to your tasks and missions, the new society you wish to see will be built in a relatively small amount of time.

We’ll happily repeat that the inner changes you each make are paramount to the outer changes you wish to see, and we look forward to the day when all of humanity can live in love and make the divinely inspired changes that are required for your planetary transformation.

When every soul on your planet learns to live in love and allow everything else to fall by the wayside, your work in restoring your planet will become much easier and your ability to make the changes you’re destined to make will flow in a much greater way.

We know you’ll enjoy the higher-dimensional abilities you’ll possess when you reach a certain state of consciousness, and telepathy will especially be seen in a new light.

Twin Flame Telepathy

Your telepathic abilities, which are far realer than most souls on your planet realize, are coming online with increased rapidity, making it easier for waves of seekers to start channeling and communicating with each other via the thoughts and impressions you give out.

Many twin flames and sacred couples have long noticed that certain small words or phrases seem to come to their minds simultaneously, and this partially a result of their closeness and partially a result of the increased telepathic abilities that are coming online for all of humanity.

Those who are unwilling to believe in these abilities enough to start practicing them won’t yet experience their greatest benefits, but those of you who’ve long become aware of the reality of telepathy and everything else you’ve been led to believe is the product of fiction can notice your greater abilities emerging from within.

You’re wholeheartedly encouraged to act on these abilities, but if you don’t, you could set yourselves and your higher-dimensional growth back.

You have to be willing to believe you’re capable of telepathy and myriad other revolutionary abilities before you can experience the fruits of this belief, and as long as you’re willing to understand just how infinite and capable you are, you’ll practice and develop your abilities with ease and your resulting enthusiasm to contribute to your planet’s restoration will be dialed up.

We’re very excited for more seekers to discover their ability to channel the energy and information of their higher selves and guides, and everyone in the higher realms excitedly awaits your increased understanding of your abilities and your respective missions as receivers of divine inspiration and energy.

We have so much to tell you; so much to help you remember, and we absolutely love making the connections we’re blessed to make with earthly souls.

Some channels have made it their mission to pick up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms, bringing us through daily for their benefit and that of the conscious public, and we couldn’t be happier with this choice because, again, we have more to help you learn than we could hope to express.

There’s so much for humanity to understand that you’ve forgotten about entirely, and the veil of forgetfulness that’s instated on your planet is due to dissolve as more souls become aware of the truths of your existence and the necessity to orient to the divine qualities and stabilize the surface of your planet so you can all enjoy the higher realms instead of experiencing a negative fate, as was the case in Atlantis.

Some channeled messages only talk about Atlantis’ destruction, but there were a lot of positive things about this society that you’ll benefit greatly from knowing.

Some channels have turned away from the subject of Atlantis, deeming it ‘old news’ that isn’t as helpful to humanity as other subjects, but in our eyes, there are plenty of important things about Atlantis that the conscious public will benefit from knowing.

A Technologically and Spiritually Advanced Society

As most of you now by this point, Atlantis was a very technologically and spiritually advanced society who used their greater capabilities to construct a utopia on the surface of your planet; a utopia that was powered entirely by free/crystal energy.

A renaissance took place in Atlantis that lasted all the way up until its demise, and various revolutionary things were practiced that help the Atlanteans find a purer state of consciousness. The collective vibration grew so pure in Atlantis that your star brothers and sisters were comfortable existing on your surface and helping the Atlanteans in their quest for enlightenment and ascension.

The Company of Heaven was with you very directly in Atlantis, and one of the things we were focused on helping your society understand was the importance of natural things, such as herbs, to finding a greater state of health and a higher state of consciousness.

Gaia provides everything you could possibly need to nourish yourselves and re-find the higher realms, and the manmade, chemical-laced things that are consumed in your society today are massive distortions, especially in the face of what was used in Atlantis.

Nothing artificial or unnatural was used for meditative purposes in Atlantis, and everything that was consumed or used to reach a higher vibration was completely natural. Herbs were used in Atlantis to find a higher state of consciousness, but the manner in which they were consumed was far different than how almost anything’s consumed in your current day.

Some herbs were used as incense, but for the most part, no herbs were burned or physically altered in any way for one to feel their health-boosting and meditative effects. The herbs that were used in Atlantis to re-find a higher vibration are almost completely unavailable on your surface today, but they’ll be available again as your collective vibration rises to new heights.

Some of these herbs sprouted as a result of the higher vibration humanity achieved in Atlantis, and since this civilization’s downfall, they’ve since left the surface of your earth, incarnating on other third-dimensional planets in an effort to help the seekers who live there re-find the higher realms.

Entire ceremonies were held in Atlantis wherein groups of souls would sit or stand around tables that contained different types and purities of herbs, and these herbs offered their rejuvenating, higher-vibrational energy by literally emanating it out to the people around them, every one of which would consume their aura; their frequency, and use it to drift into a potent meditation.

A Deeper Element

Smell was a big factor in the absorption of these herbs, and their scent was the primary way they reached the minds and hearts of the souls who sat around them. However, there was also a deeper element to the absorption; a deeper way in which the herbs reached the minds and hearts of the Atlanteans.

It’s very difficult to describe with finite, physical words, and the picture we’re sending our scribe is of these herbs’ visible, transparent energy silently permeating the Atlanteans who hovered around them, offering subtle and powerful breezes of higher-dimensional energy that are similar to the breezes our scribe and various other scribes receive when they channel.

The energy one receives when channeling us obviously isn’t the same as the energy the Atlantean seekers felt emanating off of the herbs, but they’re similar in that they were very gentle yet very, very potent and powerful.

The use of herbs as it was defined in Atlantis has practically faded from your society, and in your current time period, denser herbs are used in denser ways to find a somewhat dense state of consciousness that, admittedly, is still different from your third dimension.

As humanity’s consciousness rises and the collective vibration reflects this rise, the advanced herbs that were once used will make their way back to your surface, and in general, you’ll be given far more tools to re-find the higher realms than you currently have.

Of course, as long as you have the aforementioned love in your heart and the willingness to use meditation and other, similar tools that are placed before you to find a higher vibration, you’ll be able to. You’ll find when you’ve reached the purest planes of the fourth dimension that plenty more tools are placed before you to help you in your quests, but for now, the tools you have available will help you more than you realize.

The goal for humanity’s ascension is for it to actually happen, as opposed to Atlantis, and for this to come about, those of you who’ve started to find a purer perception are tasked with using it to help all of humanity become aware.

Every conscious seeker is on a mission to get their truth out to the rest of your planet, and make no mistake – you’re being asked to fulfill this role.

Many of you have been or will be put in positions of importance so you can help the rest of humanity, and with these important positions will come the responsibility of someone who’s willing to offer every bit of themselves to humanity’s evolution.

How enthusiastic are you about creating and being the changes you’ve heard so much about? How willing are you to make sacrifices in the name of helping humanity evolve, even if it means going without comfortable, earthly things you might have enjoyed in the past?

Your missions entail doing anything and everything you can to help the rest of your planet re-find the higher realms, and if you convince yourselves you aren’t up for this mission, you’ll experience the fruits of such a belief and your ability to use your understanding for good will diminish.

The Importance of Believing in Yourselves

However finite your beliefs are, they can help you empower yourselves and unlock your greater abilities. If you’re willing to believe you deserve be placed into such an important position that the rest of humanity will hear your voice – a voice that’ll be used to spread the sacred knowledge you’re discovering within – then you absolutely will.

We can’t express enough that you’re capable of anything and everything you’re willing to believe you’re capable of, and belief will forever and always be essential to re-finding the higher realms and helping the rest of humanity do the same.

Nearly all of the truths you carry within have been suppressed to benefit the suppressors, but we don’t encourage feeding the cabal your energy by ‘fighting’ them.

The best way you can fight them is to live in the heart space and express the loving feelings and energies that result, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless joy over the divine miracles that have yet to grace your perception.

We can guarantee that you’ll start to feel these miracles in a realer and deeper way if you open up to them, but if you convince yourselves you’re too limited or finite to feel them, you’ll create this realty for yourselves and your work to help the rest of the planet understand their divinely ordained abilities be muddied.

Let limitation and finiteness be things of the past, and let yourselves open up to the expansive energies making their way to you, which are upgrading your perception and making it easier to find the divine, creative flow that gives all of your creative efforts a needed boost.

You’re strong beings of pure Source energy who are on the earth for a very real and important reason, and you’re encouraged to remember this when your inspiration or enthusiasm seem to run dry. In time, they’ll never run dry again, but for now, do everything you can to replace them when they seem depleted, because your missions are too important for you to be idle any longer.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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