Your Attitude is the Greatest Indicator of Your Progress

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Becoming aware of your spiritual nature and the immense things you’re on your planet to do is the first step to finding your passion and using it to help others, and if you continue to embrace the potent higher-dimensional connections you’re starting to make, you’ll find that you float to your purpose with ease.

You’ll find your purpose and pursue it much more easily than you would if you were cut off from the influence of spirit, and the lessons many of you are presently learning are geared toward finding your passion and acting on it, helping others in the process.

Once you find what you enjoy; what you want to use to help all of humanity become aware of spirit, you’re tasked with acting on your sacred skills and producing as much spiritually inspired material as possible.

You have the ability to do and be far more than most of you give yourselves credit for, and the reason you haven’t yet discovered this is because of the limited, ego-driven barriers that teach you not to seek anything that’s outside of your conscious perception.

Transcending Mental Barriers

Even the awakening public tends to have trouble moving beyond these barriers, and needless to say, they appear in far more forms than one.

These barriers will appear quite out of nowhere and surprise you with illusory doubt or disbelief in your ability to transcend physicality, and it’s essential that you align with a higher vibration as much and as often as possible so these barriers and their influence are too limited to affect you.

The goal of many of you is to see beyond the rigid, hardened mental structures that have kept you from acting on your greater potential, and if you keep showing the perseverance so many of you have shown, you’ll find that you transmute your personal veils and barriers with ease as the path home becomes much clearer.

Like we and plenty of others have said, the heaven you seek already exists on the earth with you. Everything you could possibly want comes from within, and realizing this is essential to accessing your sacred inner gifts and flowing with an enormously expanded perception and understanding.

There’s no sense limiting yourselves anymore, and to do so is to keep yourselves from realizing and acting on the potent truths you each carry within.

We’re confident that many of you are ready to stop letting the aforementioned veils and barriers keep you from finding and acting on your greater perception, and if you only knew how much assistance you’re being given with this, you’d be very surprised.

We’ve spoken before about the fact that every facet of the Company of Heaven monitors and assists your society along your ascension path, and this goes for every soul on your planet, aware or unaware. ‘Aware’ and ‘unaware’ are really only terms that dictate whether or not others believe the same things as the person who uses the terms, and everyone is ‘aware’ and ‘unaware’ in their own right.

Many ‘unaware’ people on your planet serve others with a kind, loving heart, and they’re just as likely to reach the fifth dimension as the seekers who believe in and empower spiritual ideas.

Likewise, there are seekers on your planet who advocate higher teachings but still carry unresolved darkness below the surface, which is occasionally expressed in the form of an ‘outburst’. Your attitude is the greatest indicator of your progress, and how you treat yourselves and others is essential to your evolution and your finding of a higher state of consciousness.

Allow yourselves to exist in the pure, unfettered love of the open heart, and everything you seek to experience will follow suit.

Living in love as much as you can is the greatest and most helpful thing you can do, for in doing so, you drastically raise the collective vibration and keep the ascension portal open for plenty of other earthly souls to step through, thus shedding the limitation and unawareness that have held so many seekers back.

It’s time to step into the divine infinity that waits for you to realize its existence, and by this we mean that it’s time to adopt the new ways of life so many of you are ready to adopt. The new lifestyles so many of you seek aren’t defined by us or anyone else, and only you can define the way you want to live your lives.

Breaking Habitual Patterns

We bring this subject up because we note that many of you struggle daily with anchoring and expressing a new lifestyle that’s far different from the old, indulgent ones you were trapped in before, and we note that the difficulty of this task tends to repel some of you from coming out of it successfully.

Breaking common and comfortable habitual patterns is one of the hardest aspects of your individual and collective ascension, and we never intend to paint ascension or enlightenment as things that are easy to attain.

To the contrary, ascension is one of the most difficult processes you’ll ever undergo, because it entails shedding the distortions that keep you in your current state of consciousness and changing your vibration to match the higher realms.

This requires a lot of lifestyle changes, but again, nobody else but the seekers experiencing ascension can define how they should change or expand their lives and their perception. This is important for all of you to understand, and you’re given the assistance of waves of guides, angels, and other souls who seek only to help you make the changes you require and not to do your work for you.

The higher selves of each of you are assisting with your lifestyle changes and upgrades, and when you live unflinchingly in the heart, your connection with your higher self is strengthened and your ability to make the changes you want to make is much stronger and more free-flowing.

Those of you who are interested in changing your eating habits, for example, can make an effort to live in love as much as possible and find that your desire for lively, healthy foods naturally replaces the desire for junk foods that fill your physical bodies – your sacred temples – with unnatural chemicals and poisons that are intended to keep you physically unhealthy and spiritually unaware.

The vast majority of food consumed in western society plays a role in calcifying the pineal gland, and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and myriad other diseases are caused in part by the unnatural and unhealthy food so much of humanity eats.

When it’s discovered that unnatural chemicals have been purposefully created, added to your food, and used to replace the natural foods and medicines that worked for your planet for centuries, the people who’ve propagated this will be held accountable and more earthly souls will understand the importance of living balanced, healthy, and natural lifestyles.

A lot of things about your society as it currently stands need fixed if humanity wants to enter a higher state of consciousness, and we say with love in our one heart that you’ll be the ones to bring these changes about.

We have and will continue to offer advice and guidance, but we can only do so much before it becomes important for humanity to take the wheel and steer your individual and collective evolutionary processes.

Very Pure Waters

In many ways, you’ve already taken the wheel and you’re steering yourselves into very pure waters, but in other ways, a lot of work still needs done before you can assume the sacred responsibilities you’ve always been meant to assume. Even though many of you are already doing a lot for your planet’s ascension, the roles you planned for yourselves before you made your way to the earth haven’t been fulfilled by far.

You still have much, much more to do than most of you realize or expect, and remaining in the graceful flow the heart space provides will help you tackle every bit of responsibility that’ll soon come your way. You’re responsible for changing the manner in which your planet’s been run for millennia, but we don’t want you to think you won’t be given a wealth of assistance with doing so.

Even though we’ll be watching from behind the scenes, we’ll still offer you plenty of teachings that are intended to boost your collective ability to transform the surface of your planet, which you’ll be able to do with the assistance of myriad higher-dimensional technologies that have been suppressed and used to benefit the planetary ‘elite’.

The fun can really begin when we’re face to face, but this can only happen when humanity’s vibration has reached a certain level of purity. For this reason, a lot still needs done before the time can come and we can speak more directly than we’re able to through channels.

Our connection with humanity grows stronger and purer by the day, and as long as our scribes continue to diligently allow us to speak through them, delivering as much and as pure energy/information as we can, our connection will continue to expand and we’ll continue to tell you all about your ongoing ascension and the new society you’ll be assisted with creating.

The strength of our connection is growing, and it’ll continue to grow until you’ve aligned with the vibration we’re on and you’re able to speak to us in a much greater way than you currently are. This time isn’t far off, and as always, the work you do now determines the progress that’s made.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with gratitude to every seeker out there who continues to work hard for the restoration of consciousness. Your work has just begun, but the harder you work now, the more you’ll get done on a daily basis.

You’re creating the model for how you’ll eventually work, and you’re encouraged to transcend any illusory limitation that may have accumulated in your minds and replace it with the knowledge that you’re capable of anything and everything.

Your capabilities extend far beyond the reach of your expectation, and we’re excited to see how many of you discover and reclaim your abilities when you see just how real and strong they are.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “Your Attitude is the Greatest Indicator of Your Progress

  1. Thank you so much I am so grateful for all of that information, love, and sharing. Fills my heart, my soul, with assurance and the peace it brings is precious! thank you!


  2. Reblogged this on Cosmic Messenger and commented:
    Wes, Your channelled message is hitting me at exactly the perfect moment!
    I haven’t finished the article, but I know it is guidance I need, as I prepare to re-activate my “ministry.”
    At age seventy-three I have “re-purposes” my life, after thirty years of ordained ministry. As you may notice, I am “reblogging” your posts. They are contributing to the success of my “Cosmic Messenger” blog that is now worldwide. I am also endeavouring to carry these messages to my pastoral ministry in local churches.
    It will be interesting to observe the response to messages that are beyond Christian orthodox doctrine.
    I have been receiving direction from my Higher Self and my Guides. More later. Namaste!


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