Energetic Breezes

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Being the example of positive change is never easy, but we’re confident that those of you who are starting to do so will find that it was worth it when you strengthen your efforts and refrain from falling back into old habit patterns and ways of being.

You’re on the earth to create the changes you’ve heard so much about by living in love and orienting to the divine qualities as much and as often as possible, and to keep yourselves from acting on your potential would be to hold yourselves back from the divine wonders that wait for you to realize their presence around you.

We’ve spoken before about the miracles that sit around you, waiting to be noticed, and the primary reason so many seekers don’t yet notice them is because they haven’t yet made the inner changes that’ll help them perceive these miracles more clearly.

When your vibration is lightened to such an extent that nothing lower-vibrational can tempt you to fall back into old ways – ways that kept you shackled to the lower realms – you’ll start to open up and notice all of the amazing, divine things that are within your sphere of perception.

Gaia Has a Lot to Show You

These things wait for you to realize their existence and start enjoying them, but you can’t enjoy them if you’re held up in a shallow state of mind and heart that’s caused by indulging in the lower vibrations.

As you lighten and refine your vibration, you naturally begin to understand that a lot of inner changes need made before you can perceive everything spirit has to offer, and Gaia waits for you to tap into your inner perception and make it a point not to fall back into the unawareness of your previous selves, because she and her precious elementals have a lot to show you.

Those of you who are rooted in the divine to the extent that you’re starting to perceive its wonders will begin to notice faeries and elementals as your perception deepens.

Those of you who live in cities might not perceive these creatures as easily, but if you’re fond of going out to nature or planting plants and flowers in your yards, you’ll begin to notice these beautiful beings of creator energy as your vibration continues to rise.

A lot of meditative effort will need made before you can perceive these souls in the direct way so many of you are ready to, but with focus and dedication, you’ll be able to perceive them with a degree of ease, which is far more than most souls on your planet can currently say.

Those of you who live in cities are encouraged to find parks and nature spots where you can sit and reflect on your lives and the existence around you. Faeries and other elementals love to spend their time in some of the more beautiful parks your cities offer, and with the aforementioned work and dedication, you can perceive them whether you live in a city or not.

Retreating to nature will provide you the greatest opportunity to perceive these souls, however, and they have a lot of advice and guidance to offer that you can pick up on.

Our scribe doesn’t act on his ability to pick up on the energies and impressions of other higher-dimensional souls beyond his higher self, but he and all of you can pick up on the energy of the elementals, and in doing so, you’ll see that they’re beautiful and gentle creatures who seek to share their wisdom with humanity.

The elementals are adding their energy to this communication as our scribe channels us, and I (the higher self) act as a conduit for their energies and impressions to come through.

Like we’ve said before, the higher self acts as a conduit for the energies and impressions of other higher-dimensional souls, and in this case, I’m acting as a partial conduit for the elementals to bring their communications though for the benefit of humanity.

The elementals are speaking through me as I send their energies down to my scribe, who absorbs and transcribes it into physical words.

This is how channeling works – an earthly seeker makes an effort to connect with a famous or non-famous higher-dimensional entity, and the entity first connects with the seeker’s higher self, who sends their energies down to earth to be picked up on.

You Can Communicate With Us

It doesn’t matter if one wants to connect with the elementals; the galactics; the angels, archangels or ascended masters – every group or entity one would connect with first connects with one’s higher self.

You can each communicate with the Company of Heaven and all who reside in our infinite and harmonious realms, and if you do, you’re encouraged to connect with your higher selves and absorb the energy and guidance they give you before you make your other connections.

This is because the higher self has far more to offer you than the entities you seek to connect with, but these entities can and have delivered a lot of helpful information that uplifted the seekers who absorbed it.

They offer their perspectives on your unfolding ascension, but the higher self is front-and-center in terms of the assistance he/she can give and your higher selves have a lot to offer you in the way of personal development and expansion.

Connecting with your higher selves requires little more than requesting this connection and waiting to receive a confirmation in whatever form works best for you.

You have to be in a willing and receptive enough state to receive this energy, of course, and if you aren’t, you’ll find it very difficult to make the connection you want to make and some might become dismayed or convinced they’re unable to connect with their higher selves.

This isn’t true, because you’re all limitless receivers for the inspiration and energy of the higher realms.

If you’re in a rigid state of mind at the time of connecting, you won’t be able to pick up on our soft, gentle breezes of energy with much ease, and to successfully connect with us, it’s essential that you let any mental rigidity fade and leave yourselves with the calm comfort of the open heart space.

The open heart is powerful, but by no means is it a momentous force that requires solidity of mind to utilize.

The energies and impressions you can receive from the higher realms are much more like energetic breezes than actual, physical words and sentences, and if you connect with the higher realms expecting such words and sentences, you might be in for some disappointment.

Subconscious Energetic Interpretation

The words and phrases you read here are the result of our scribe’s subconscious interpretation of the energy we’re giving him, and we couldn’t speak with your earthly words if we tried.

This is one of the reasons some seekers have trouble channeling us, as they expect us to deliver concrete words and sentences that translate very clearly and smoothly when, in fact, we send subtle (yet sometimes rapid) breezes of energy that the seekers who connect with us are tasked with decoding and translating into physical words and sentences.

For some scribes, the translation of these energetic breezes isn’t very clear in terms of what they look like on paper when they initially come through. When our scribe channels us, for example, he transmits our energy into jumbled words and phrases, which he’s then tasked with ‘polishing’ and correcting the spelling of so our communications are readable on your internet.

He receives multiple impressions or ‘breezes’ at once at a very quick speed, and this can account for the initially sloppy nature of our words before they’re ‘polished’. Dear scribe, we’d like to deliver a paragraph and have you leave it unedited so the readers can see what it’s like when we’re initially channeled:

“When our sceion einitally briogns us through, this is the format the words and impreons are trnalsated inot. It’s messey, as you can see, but we give our scrobn eassiaoince with, again’ polihsiong’ it up and making it as areadalbe a sposubel for everyone out ther ewho’s seeking the sacred trhst of their existence. You don’t ened a chalnes soruces to seek these turths, but it helps to have a lear line of oncnection with your hgioehr selvs and guides so you can see how much we hve to offer you.”

We certainly have a lot to offer you in the way of energy and information, but connecting with us can be a difficult process if one isn’t in the right state of mind and heart for it. We don’t intend to paint channeling as something that’s too difficult, however, and it can be very easy if one knows what they’re in for; what’ll be required of them to find a clear and smooth connection.

The process itself may not be what a lot of seekers expect it to be, and if you want to lighten your vibration enough to witness things that are outside of your physical understanding, you’ll need to be ready to be surprised a lot.

We’ve Spoken With You For Centuries

One of those things is the manner in which we’re channeled, and when more seekers realize just how simple yet complicated picking up on our energies can be, those who are particularly committed to the process will start picking up on us with grace and ease, clearing the way for millions of souls on your planet to start doing the same.

We’ve spoken with humanity for centuries of your time, and in the years ahead, we can envision our communications picking up far more than they already have. When more budding seekers are activated and expanded by the incoming energies, they’ll seek the sacred truths of their existence and many of them will be led to channel as a result.

Channeling is what introduced our scribe to spirituality, and channeled messages have already helped waves of seekers understand their spiritual nature and the fact that they can do and be anything they desire.

When more seekers understand how real of a process channeling is, we can envision them rising to offer themselves to humanity’s evolution by becoming conduits for the expression of their higher selves and various other entities and collectives.

We encourage our scribe and anyone else who’s interested in channeling to understand that while the higher self is the most helpful and important entity to connect with, you can connect with practically any being in creation.

Like we said in a previous communication, some higher-dimensional souls choose only to offer their energies and impressions to certain souls on earth, but there are an infinite amount of us who are essentially open books; who’ll offer our communication to any earthly scribe who’ll pick up on us.

We’re as dedicated to your earth’s ascension as many of you are, and if you could see how large and momentous your ascension is from the perspective of everyone in the realms beyond, you’d have a greater understanding of the importance of your earthly presence.

Of course, we wouldn’t want for you to have too large of an understanding of its importance, because we don’t want to put undue pressure on any of you.

Some of you are convinced you aren’t contributing very much to your planet’s ascension, and even though this is untrue, the illusion is still maintained so you can go about your work without feeling the immense pressure you’d feel if you realized just how focused the entirety of the Company of Heaven is on your little planet and the efforts of each of you.

Seekers who aren’t well-known in your society will be very well-known in the higher realms, and even though your earthly missions aren’t about fame or recognition, you’re already very well recognized in these realms. This goes for all of you – every soul reading this communication and plenty of other souls.

It doesn’t matter if you actively offer yourselves to the planet’s ascension or if you’ve simply discovered spirituality and choose to read things that uplift you and help you find a clear and pure state of consciousness – the fact that you’ve awakened is enough to change things.

When an earthly soul awakens, their vibration radiates out to the rest of your planet and everyone’s affected positively. The more souls who become aware of spirit and the necessity to start living divinely inspired lives, the further your planetary consciousness rises and purifies and the easier it becomes for the rest of your planet to open up when their time comes.

We excitedly await the time when a much larger portion of your society is aware of spirit and willing to make the changes that need made before you can become the brimming galactic society you’ve heard so much about, and we’re very excited to see how active some of you will become in the name of the light.

Accelerating Your Ascension Timetable

Even though your earthly presence is technically enough to raise the planetary vibration, which was the exact aim of many of you who chose to leave your comfortable higher-dimensional homes and incarnate on the earth, any work you do boosts your collective ability to find a higher state of consciousness and accelerates your ascension timetable.

Keeping in mind that your presence on the earth is enough, we ask those of you who feel like you’ve been inactive to imagine the wonders you could create if you were actively involved in your planet’s restoration and ascension. We note that some of you don’t feel as if you have any special or notable talents or abilities, and we encourage you to find what you enjoy doing and, if possible (and anything’s possible) use it to help others become aware of spirit.

You don’t necessarily need to use your crafts or talents to help others become aware, and if you lovingly serve humanity with the intention of making the lives and experiences of others better, the planetary vibration will rise immensely.

As our scribe has said in the past, the belief system one has doesn’t matter as much as what they do with their beliefs, and whether you help others become aware of spirit or not, you can serve humanity in very valuable ways by simply living in love.

When one starts living in the heart space, they realize that their beliefs really don’t matter as much as what they do with the love they’ve found within. One can be an atheist and serve others with a kind and loving heart, and they’ll be embraced just as much as anyone else in the realms beyond.

Your attitude and how you treat others is far more important than the beliefs you’ve adopted, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with a request for those of you who’ve discovered spirit and tasked yourselves with living in the divine qualities to do just that – root yourselves in a divine perception and refuse to leave this perception in favor of lower-vibrational things that you know will hold you back.

It’s more important than ever to become the wayshowers you’re destined to be, and it requires commitment and the willingness to stick to your role as a wayshower in the face of stress or the temptation to feed into former ways of being that are more hurtful that helpful. You can do this, but you’ll need discipline and faith in where you’re going.

Some of you have been given very bold affirmations of the reality of spirit and everything you’ve come to discover, and we hope for this to strengthen your faith and your ability to remain centered in the face of the aforementioned temptation to dip your vibration.

We love all of you more than we could hope to convey, and we express this flowing love from the bottom of our one heart with sincere appreciation for everything you have and continue to do. Keep on when you don’t feel as if you can, and always understand your divinity and the immense things you’re on the earth to do, because if you don’t, nobody will.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

Photo Credit: Exploremeditation.com

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