Love Can’t Be Avoided

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

It’s more than okay for the awakening humanity to have their ‘heads in the clouds’ as the saying goes, as long as you’re grounded and rooted enough to keep a level head at the same time.

It’s important to enjoy yourselves and your earthly existence, and it’s very important for you to exit the self-instated boundaries that have and continue to hold most of humanity back from discovering the brimming state of consciousness that exists just beyond your surface perception.

Connecting with spirit provides a break from the stress of your daily existence, and ascension entails breaking the lower-dimensional chains that have kept you ensnared in the illusory idea that you’re little more than finite humans who aren’t capable of any greater spiritual powers or abilities, which you’ve been led to believe don’t exist.

This is absolutely untrue, and in reality, you’re infinite beings of pure creator energy who possess and can hone an unlimited amount of greater abilities, which can be used for the restoration of consciousness and the reconstruction of your planet.

Your Actions and Intentions

We see how ready so many of you are to rebuild your planet and find the lively state of consciousness that seems like a faint memory now, and we’re doing everything we can to help you empower yourselves with the understanding that your new earth is being created via your actions and intentions in every moment.

There will be physical changes involved with the restoration of your planet, and by this we don’t mean negative or destructive changes that seriously alter the condition of Gaia’s surface. We refer to physical changes the awakening humanity will make to many of your cities, which’ll help them host nature in much greater ways than they currently do, but the majority of changes that will be experienced will come from within.

There’ll be far more spiritual change than physical, and you can start the greater spiritual changes that need made by putting yourselves on an elevated level of consciousness as much and as often as possible.

You deserve to exist in a constantly pure and uplifted state of consciousness, and when you’re able to, you’ll see that you truly have nothing to worry or be in concern about. Every problem you could possibly have is finite and temporary, and eventually, you’ll be back in a place where physical problems are basically unheard of.

We’re aware of the problems plaguing your reality, of course, and we’re doing everything we can to help your planet through them, but they don’t affect us like they affect most earthly souls.

Instead, we recognize that the greatest difficulties your society currently faces are necessary given the massive negative karma humanity has manifested for themselves throughout your planet’s centuries, and we happily send our love to your world in an effort to help mend some of the most destructive energies behind the problems that plague you.

Your greatest problems will be solved in the blink of an eye when humanity comes together and handles them as a solid unit, and this eventuality could be pretty far away in terms of your physical time if you let it. It’s essential that humanity starts coming together to make the greatest changes that need made to your society, and it’s also essential that you manifest the changes you want to see by living them.

Among the most notable of these essentials is the understanding that love is the greatest and most potent force in the universe. Love is everything, and it can transform an individual’s perception and help them see that there’s far more to your existence than your mainstream science teaches.

Love comprises every facet of your reality, and if you could only understand this, you’d see that the cold, hollowness you’ve perceived around you for so long truly is an illusion. We implore you to transcend the illusion and allow yourselves to see the prevalence of love, for truly, it’s everywhere and in everything.

Love can’t be avoided, which is a good thing because there’s no real sense in attempting to avoid it. To attempt to avoid love is to bock yourselves from the greatest creative and meditative source that’s ever existed, and it’d be silly to block yourselves from this in favor of the aforementioned hollowness that so many of you are used to.

You can experience a brimming, overflowing level of love that most seekers haven’t felt or experienced since they first made their way to the surface of your planet, and all it requires is silencing your minds and opening your hearts to the vastly pure and overflowing energies you’re being given from the higher realms.

Anything is Possible

You can take in and subsequently radiate a massive amount and purity of Source energy, and as long as your minds and hearts are open, anything is possible.

As long as you’re willing to believe you’re capable of superhuman feats that most of your planet has been trained and programmed to assume are impossible, everything you seek to do will be done easily and flowingly. Believing in yourselves is key to achieving anything, and believing in the reality of the deeper spiritual connections you’re beginning to make is key to successfully making them.

Channeling is a very real process, for example, but a plethora of seekers have convinced themselves it either isn’t real or is too difficult for them to do, which, of course, doesn’t have to be true.

We’ve said plenty of times that you’re capable of doing anything you’re willing to believe you’re capable of, and there’s no sense in holding yourselves back from your greater abilities in favor of the limitations so many of you are used to and ready to transcend.

To hold yourselves back would be to dance with illusion, and we’re confident that many of you are ready to do a new dance that requires much more love and enthusiasm than the previous.

Instead of dancing with illusion, feel free to dance with the true, infinite love flowing through the heart space as much and as often as you can, for in doing so, you’ll unlock and strengthen your already strong links to the other side.

Let love spill out of every facet of your being. Fill yourselves to the brim with it, and then release it in a grand burst of divinely inspired expression. Whether you use your inner love for creativity or anything else, it’s infinitely potent and can be used for various important and helpful purposes.

Do you realize just how powerful and potent you each are? Do you have any idea of how strong and pure the connections you can make are, or how important your presence on the earth is?

Many of you do, of course, but we speak primarily to those of you who’ve willingly believed you were too limited or finite to do the things you really want to do. You’re far more able to do these things than you think, but as long as you continue to convince yourselves you aren’t, you’ll continue having the difficulties that are presented because of your initial disbelief.

Disbelief is the greatest inhibitor of an ability, and it doesn’t matter if it’s one’s own disbelief or that of the people around them. If you can’t believe in yourselves or receive the loving support from others that helps you thrive, your creative works will be muddied and you’ll find it much more difficult to get into the pure, lively flow so many of you are so ready to get into.

Believe in Your Abilities

Let yourselves believe in your divinely ordained abilities, because when you do, you’ll be introduced to an all-new version of yourself who’ll seem to have a much easier time accessing and benefitting from their creative gifts.

In plenty of ancient and recent civilizations in your history, waves of seekers were able to tap into their inner gifts and use these gifts to help awaken the people around them, and you can do the same if you make a simple yet concerted effort.

Willingness to do everything that’s required to help humanity find a higher vibration will be encouraged for the seekers who intend to contribute to your evolution, and your work for this evolution can be pure and potent if you work as hard as possible while understanding that it’s important to have fun too.

We note that many of you have fun doing your work, and we couldn’t be happier about this, but those of you who work very hard are encouraged to have fun and enjoy your leisure as much as your work, for your happiness is essential to restoring the happiness and wholeness of the rest of your planet.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless appreciation for the diligence so many of you continue to show in offering yourselves to humanity’s evolution. We’ve said this a lot in the past, and this is because we truly are grateful for everything you have and continue to do.

We can’t express our appreciation enough, and we implore you to keep going when you don’t feel as if you can, because when you feel like you’re about to burn out, your greater creative flow is strengthening more than ever.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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  1. Wes, I am so pleased that you are addressing the subject(s) of the Law of One and RA. I think a lot of people will be interested in reading your discussions. Thank you, Judy


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