Spiritual Guidance: The Pioneers and Revolutionaries of Your Generation

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness.

You’re being given an immense amount of assistance with transmuting the negative and painful emotions that could bring you down in a heartbeat if you let them, and we’re doing everything we can to guide you through these difficult but necessary transmutations.

Now that many of you are rooting yourselves unflinchingly in the open heart and enjoying the greater perception that results, we’re beginning to be able to connect with you in purer and more potent ways than we were in the past.

We’ve worked with many of you in your sleep realms to help you become the instruments for spiritual expression so many of you desire to become, and we work especially hard with those of you who’ve made it your mission to bring through the energies and impressions of your higher selves, your guides, and various famous entities for the rest of the conscious public to absorb and benefit from.

Many seekers have made it their mission to connect with spirit and use that connection for humanity’s greater good, and we intend to help those of you who’ve taken on this mission adopt your roles when the time comes for you to start bringing us through in greater and purer ways.

Heart-Centered Channeling

The seekers who are inclined to channeling the Company of Heaven are learning how to be the purest instruments for our expression, and the desire to connect with us will breed such a connection for every seeker who feels as if it’s their mission.

You’re far more able to connect with the various beings and collectives comprising the Company of Heaven than you yet realize, and channeling is actually much simpler than most seekers and channelers expect.

You have to be willing to move beyond the influence of the striving mind, which will teach you that channeling us is a grand feat that must be endlessly worked for to be accomplished. The only work that needs done to purely channel our energies is in moving beyond the ego and letting the heart flow with the energy and information you receive, and that’s the hardest aspect of channeling.

Once you’ve successfully moved out of the mind and into the heart, channeling and anything else you could hope to do becomes easier. Living in the heart is more important than we can express, and this is in part why we mention it so much.

We talk about living in the heart as much as we do in an effort to get more of you to start doing so, because your egos will only continue to lead you down difficult and painful paths that don’t fill you with the invigoration you can feel when you connect with a greater facet of yourselves.

When you realize that you’re capable of being and doing anything, which is something the ego practically can’t accept, everything you strive to do flows in an easier way.

You’ll enjoy your lives immensely when you let love replace the mind-centered angst and agony so many of you tend to experience, and all that’s required for you to start having greater spiritual experiences is to diminish the otherwise overbearing influence of the ego.

You can transmute the negativity that builds up in some of your minds, and in doing so, you’ll see that there’s never been anything for you to worry or be fearful about. You’re on the earth to achieve wonderful and miraculous things, and realizing this is the first step to getting to work creating the society you want to create.

If you want to build a new world, it’s essential that you start taking steps to do so and working with those around you who are also ready to take those first steps. It’s essential that you start creating the change you want to create, and we note that a growing number of seekers are already very ready to start changing your planet.

More and more of you are ready to create and see the new world you’ve heard so much about, and we’re doing everything we can from these realms to motivate all of you to start creating change and orienting your society to the loving and harmonious society you’d like to see.

We Intend to Motivate You

A lot’s being done in the realms beyond to help you achieve your goals, and we’ll continue to be as close with you as we can in preparation for the events that are to come. These events will be created by humanity and assisted by the Company of Heaven, and if you knew just how busy you’re going to be in a very short amount of your concept of time, you’d be surprised indeed.

We don’t talk about the future you’re entering in an effort to fill you with false hope, but we intend to motivate you to get active in creating this future. When all of humanity recognizes the changes that need made and gets to work making them, you’ll not only be brought together, but the world of your dreams will be created in a relatively small amount of your concept of time.

We note that many of you are ready to be the spiritual pioneers and revolutionaries of your generation, and we want you to know that you’re completely capable of pioneering the changes you want to see.

You’re more than capable of moving beyond the influence of the limited ego and into the infinity of the open heart space, and you have to let yourselves believe in your capabilities to start really acting on them. Recognizing that you’re on the earth on a mission to raise consciousness will help you do just that, and a lot of seekers are tasked with raising their vibration before helping raise that of the people around them.

It’s essential that you do the inner work that’ll put you in a better and more spiritually inspired position to change your planet, and if you aren’t situated on a good vibration, you can’t expect your work to be helpful or higher-vibrational.

You can’t expect to awaken, inform, or uplift others if you do it from a low or dull space, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we encourage doing anything and everything you can to put yourselves on a higher vibration when the love of your existence doesn’t seem prevalent.

Love is all around you, but we note that this can be hard to realize when you’re held up in the pains and stresses of the finite mind. You’re forever encouraged to do everything you can to move beyond the mind, and when you do, you’ll see that lower-dimensional life can be much better and more enjoyable than you’ve made it out to be.

There are a lot of painful and stressful things on your earth, and we certainly don’t seek to deny this. However, those things don’t have to bring you down or keep you from living spiritually inspired lives, unless you let them.

It’s very easy to let the pains and stresses of your physical reality bring you into an unloving or unconscious state, but you hurt yourselves and the collective consciousness when you do. There aren’t a lot of people on your planet living for spirit or anchoring a higher vibration, and this is why your effort in doing so is more than needed.

Finding Something Greater

Make it a point to be in a good space when it doesn’t seem as if you can. Make it a point not to let the trials you experience bring you down, because far too many souls are already doing this and finding that it isn’t working for them.

A growing number of people on your planet are finding that the lower-vibrational things around them no longer satisfy them, and as such, they’re seeking the truths of their existence in an act to find something better; greater; more enjoyable.

Even though a growing number of people are doing this, far too many people on your planet still aren’t.

Far too many earthy souls are still comfortable in the lower vibrations of duality and separation, and those of you who aren’t are implored to practice being in a centered, higher-vibrational space as often as possible, because you’re uplifting the consciousness of the entire planet when you do.

All of humanity is inexplicably connected. We and plenty of other channeled sources have said this plenty of times, but in this case, we say it to remind you that the vibration you’re on is very important to the vibration of your collective consciousness.

If every one of you who reads our communications made an effort to be in a spiritually inspired place every day, you’d drastically raise the collective vibration and make it far easier for far more souls to welcome and integrate a higher vibration.

Those of you who enjoy channeling are encouraged to continue connecting with spirit, and those of you who don’t are encouraged to continue exploring the crafts and talents that work best for you, because in doing so, you’ll welcome and integrate a higher vibration like never before.

Practicing your crafts and talents will help you reconnect with spirit in ways that few other things can, and realizing that you’re capable of being and doing anything will take you out of your minds and put you in your open hearts, where every bit of inspired work you hope to do can be done.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to keep practicing your talents and abilities, because they’re direct links to the other side and will drastically uplift the seekers who are led to develop them. The Company of Heaven works harder than most of you realize to help you evolve, and we happily direct seekers to the spiritually inspired material that’ll help them the most.

Those of you who work particularly hard to bring pure communications through will notice that your material’s picked up on by a lot of seekers, and this is because we’re using every route we can to help all of humanity become aware of spirit and flow with the greater perception that results, which is rooted in love instead of the finite, striving ego.

Helping humanity become aware is the biggest item on our agenda, and if we can help you all see that something much greater exists beyond your physical reality, then we’re satisfied. If we can help everyone realize that bliss and joy are far more prevalent than pain and fear, then we’ll have done our jobs well.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless appreciation to our scribe and every other scribe dutifully bringing our energies through. We’re starting to connect with humanity in purer ways, and while a lot of scribes are still practicing their ability to be receptive instruments, we’re confident that in time, we’ll speak to you much more clearly than we currently do.

A lot of work still needs done to open your channels and communicate with us more directly, but with willingness and the love of your open hearts, you’ll do this work and become the receptive instruments so many of you strive to become.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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  2. Wow, this made my eyes tear up. It feels so good to know we can create the world we truly desire and deserve. We can be on the leading edge of the new wave of consciousness as we can each use whatever talents best suit us to increase awareness to the entire world and the need to wake up and change. Thank you!


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