The Spirit World Chronicles: More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 5

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 4

Joy tells us more about the interesting deathbed phenomena she’s experienced.

“I have seen a man who had been writhing in agony suddenly grow calm, fasten his eyes with an expression of joyful recognition on what to those observing him was only vacancy, and uttering a name in tones of glad greeting, breathe his last breath.” (1)

This man was clearly greeting a departed friend or loved one who’d come to see him off in his final hours of physical life, and it’s interesting how the pain and fear completely dissolve from people who experience this.

The excitement upon discovering the fourth dimension must be wonderful. It has to be incredible to go from worrying about ceasing to exist, to enjoying a much freer and more expanded reality than we ever did on earth, and the presence of friends and relatives from our past probably makes it all the more enjoyable.

Especially for the person who’s convinced themselves death is the end and they’ll never see their departed acquaintances again, actually seeing their faces and realizing that they’re alive and well has to be liberating to say the least.

Not to mention that they’re being readied to exist in spirit when they realize this, and they’ll get to enjoy all of the magnificent things they never thought existed. They certainly do exist, and they wait for all of us to realize it, whether we realize it in life or in spirit.

Joy, who’s clearly very rich in deathbed experience, tells us about another amazing occurrence where a woman who was weak and in pain joyously and excitedly departed with help from her deceased mother.

“I recall the death of a woman who was the victim of that most dreadful disease, malignant cancer. Her sufferings were excruciating, and she prayed earnestly that death might speedily come to her and end her agony.

“Suddenly her sufferings appeared to cease; the expression of her face, which a moment before had been distorted by pain, changed to one of radiant joy. Gazing upwards, with a glad light in her eyes, she raised her hands and exclaimed: ‘Oh, mother dear, you have come to take me home. I am so glad!’ And in another moment her physical life had ceased.” (2)

Aren’t these accounts heartwarming? It’s great to know that our family will not only be with us in death, but will be right by our side to help us through the whole thing. This woman, who was suffering with the awful pain cancer causes, regained all of her joy and youthfulness a moment before she physically ceased to live.

The fact that she mentioned her mother as all of this was happening should cue us in on what really took place. This woman’s mother, who’d obviously departed before her, was there for her in her time of greatest need: the moment of death.

When this woman needed her the most, her mother joyously came from the spirit realms to help her through her painful but ultimately relieving transition.

Her pain wasn’t because of death itself, but because of the cancer that ravaged her body and ultimately caused her death, and when the time came, she was cleansed of her woes and readied to be back in the higher spirit realms, where pain doesn’t and can’t exist.

Cancer sufferers especially must be very relieved when they pass into spirit, because their pain’s lifted from them and replaced with joy, bliss, and livelihood.

The same can be said for anyone who dies of a particularly ravaging illness – their pain’s lifted, depending on their karma, and they open up to a whole new realm that offers far greater and more enjoyable experiences than the earth.

The earth only offers so much spiritual liberation (even though heaven exists here as much as it does anywhere else), whereas in the fourth dimension, spiritual liberation is as common as clean air, which, unfortunately, is on the decline here on earth.

Joy also shares her experience witnessing the death of a soldier whose illness caused him a lot of pain.

“The memory of another death which occurred about the same time comes back to me. It was that of an old soldier who was in the last stages of tuberculosis, brought on by exposure while fighting his country’s battles. He was brave and patient but had frequent paroxysms of pain that were almost unbearable, and he longed for the relief which he knew death alone could bring him.

“One of these spasms had seized upon him, and his features were convulsed with agony as he fought for breath, when suddenly he grew calm. A smile lit up his face, and, looking upwards, he exclaimed, with a ring of joy in his voice, ‘Marion, my daughter!’ Then the end came.” (3)

I can only say so much about all of these unique yet related experiences, and my mouth’s left hanging open every time I read one of these accounts. It’s just so beautiful; so heartfelt, so inspiring that these peoples’ families were able to be there for them in such a close way at such an intimate time.

It really displays the power of love, in my opinion. Love transcends everything, even physical death! Loves keeps us close to our departed friends and loved ones, who guide and watch over us as we go about this difficult lower-dimensional experience.

Love keeps us together when we think we’ve been separated, and in reality, we’ve never been separate and never will be. We aren’t apart from the people we’ve lost – it only seems that way in this heavy reality. We perceive someone as gone from our lives when they depart the land of the ‘living’, but they aren’t really gone.

Our departed friends and family are here for us right now. They’re looking over our shoulders in this very moment. How does it feel to acknowledge that? To realize that the people we think we’ve lost are actually here, watching over us and making this existence a little easier?

I’m not trying to be reassuring or fluffy here. I’m very serious. Isn’t it incredible to realize that in reality, nobody’s ‘lost’ from our lives? The ‘departed’ are as alive as they’ve ever been, and only when we reach death do most of us realize this, much to our excitement.

Maybe it’s supposed to be that way. Maybe some people aren’t meant to discover spirit until they cease to physically live, but again, if it was up to me, everyone would be aware. Everyone would understand that our reality’s nothing like we’ve been programmed to believe, and this is why I feel so passionate about working for the evolution of humanity.

Joy then corrects the understandable notion that the visions of people who see their departed loved ones when they pass on are products of mental fantasy, which I also addressed earlier in this report.

“[These visitations] are not, as some suppose, a phantom creation of their own imagination on which they gaze so gladly just before death occurs, but a ministering spirit – an angel* – and more highly endowed with life and vitality than those who have not yet undergone the change wrought by death.” (4)

We can call our departed acquaintances ‘angels’ if we want, but no matter what we call them, most of them become lighted spirits and focus not only on helping us evolve, but helping us through our eventual transition into the fourth dimension, especially if it’s particularly difficult or painful.

Our friends and family work very hard to help us when the time comes, and they’re given the assistance of various guides and higher-dimensional ‘angels’ who direct them to the right methods of service and the right places to be for their family on earth.

At a certain point, fourth-dimensional souls probably don’t require the assistance of guides to help their loved ones on earth, and it all depends on what they’re comfortable doing on their own. An amateur fourth-dimensional soul might request a lot of assistance at first, whereas an experienced soul can probably take the wheel and steer, easily and flowingly.


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Continued in Part 6 soon.

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