The Spirit World Chronicles: More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 4

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 3

Call me a dreamer, but I have a feeling that a lot of doctors, especially ER doctors, have awakened to the reality of life after death. Plenty more will awaken in due time, as long as we keep at our efforts to raise awareness of the spiritual reality of our existence.

Joy outlines the rest of L’s passing, which was sad for her parents but delightful for L herself.

“Her father, mother, and brother, who had been summoned that they might be present when the end came, began to weep bitterly, for they knew that she was leaving them. From my heart there went up a prayer that they might see what I [saw] but they could not.

“The angels seemed to relax their grasp of the girl’s hands, which then fell back on the bed. A sigh came from her lips, such as one might give who resigns himself gladly to a much needed sleep, and in another moment she was what the world calls dead. But that sweet smile with which she had first recognized the angels was still stamped on her features.” (1)

L was carried off into a wave of bliss (or sleep), and she was very fortunate to have her two friends by her side, leading her through her passing in as gentle and graceful of a way as possible. After a life of pain and hardship, passing in such a way must be indescribably wonderful, and I’m happy for L and everyone else who’s able to go in a joyous manner.

I think everyone deserves to depart this physical world in the easiest and most graceful way possible, and it’s unfortunate that so many people slip over in such tragic and violent circumstances. It all comes down to the things we choose to do while we’re here, and if our lives are basically good, our passing will probably be great.

Even people who live bad lives can probably experience an easy passing if they let themselves, but apparently, people who are too absorbed in negativity and destruction tend to have a harder time coping with their physical deaths.

Their difficulty’s only temporary, though, and they eventually come to terms with it and enjoy the wonderful spirit life that awaits, which they get to spend with their departed family and their fourth-dimensional guides.

In a heartening quote, Joy describes what it was like to watch L leave the hospital room with her two ‘angel’ friends.

“The two angels remained by the bedside during the brief space that elapsed before the spirit form took shape above the body in which the physical life had ceased. Then they rose and stood for a few moments one on each side of her, who was now like unto themselves. And three angels went from the room where, a short time before, there had been only two.” (2)

Some people will sleep heavily when they initially pass on, but not L.

This girl, who’d apparently been troubled in life, was able to rise majestically and join her two higher-vibrational friends in their etheric travels. In doing so, she probably learned and grew more than she ever did on earth, even though this planet’s believed to be a haven for learning and evolving.

Growth on this planet might be rapid, but it’s far more difficult to spiritually thrive here than it is in the fourth dimension and beyond. Hopefully, L’s a full-on Ascended Master by now and she’s working to help humanity become aware of the amazing things she and plenty of others like her have discovered.

Hopefully, every person who’s troubled on earth is able to have a better life in the fourth dimension, but of course, there are lower fourth-dimensional realms that people create for themselves after living lives of greed, selfishness, and hatred on earth.

Apparently, some higher fourth-dimensional souls will lower their vibration and travel to these realms in an effort to help awaken the people who are lost in them, and I think those people need and deserve the help they’re given.

Every person, on earth and in spirit, who’s stuck in a state of ‘spiritual wickedness’ to quote Bob Marley, deserves divine intervention and the chance to put themselves in a better place. Some people just don’t have it in them to take on this earth experience, and they find the higher fourth-dimensional planes much easier and freer.

I appreciate that people like L who are troubled in life can nearly instantly find redemption when they pass into spirit. It gives me hope for humanity and the broken world around us, because if one person can find redemption when they pass on, then everyone can find redemption if their situation becomes just a little bit easier.

We have the potential, but, of course, we have to be willing to transcend our inner negativity if we want our existence to get any better.

According to Joy, a lot of people who were about to pass on have had experiences similar to L’s.

“I noticed that often, irrespective of the physical conditions or frame of mind of the dying, just before the end came they would seem to recognize some one who was not of those at the bedside and was by the latter unseen.

“I have seen a woman who had been in a comatose state for hours, suddenly open her eyes with a look of glad surprise, stretch forth her hands as though to grasp invisible hands outstretched towards her, and, then, with what seemed like a sigh of relief, expire.” (3)

That’s impressive, and it’s one of those things that more than likely alerts the people who witness it to the reality of life after death. Yes, it’d be easy to write such behavior off as the final, strange episodes of the human brain before it ceases living for good, but a person who’s willing to be open to other possibilities can clearly see what’s going on.

We’d have to be stubborn to deny that something exists beyond this life after witnessing a phenomenon like that.

A lot of doctors are working to spread awareness of life after death, and this has in part to do with the experiences they’ve had with patients who suddenly seemed to perceive departed loved ones or a host of other metaphysical things that are difficult to explain with modern science and medicine.

Something’s clearly out there, and those of you who keep up with my work and that of plenty of others who’ve been writing about this subject know what it is. Others aren’t so fortunate, but this’ll change in time. Awareness is growing far too much for humanity to continue to be in the dark, and I think the existence of the afterlife will become increasingly obvious in the next decade.

We can’t be hidden from the truth for much longer, but we need to be willing to open our minds and hearts to possibilities that were hitherto outside of our physical perception. Not everything can be studied, and in fact, entire universes and realities exist that we’ll never be able to physically perceive or study.

Physicality is the minority in a complex, multilayered existence of spiritual matter, and soon enough, our scientists will be more interested in studying spirit than they’ve ever been.


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Continued in Part 5 soon.

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