The Spirit World Chronicles: More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

Now, we’re going to examine the account of Joy Snell, who watched a young woman pass away in the hospital she (Joy) worked at.

I should mention that Joy apparently possessed a greater psychic perspective than most people on earth, and while everyone can access these abilities, she was apparently able to witness a host of psychic phenomena in a way that most people currently can’t.

What Joy says here is intended to support the idea that departed friends and family are with initiates at the time of death, and needless to say, there are plenty of other examples beyond what we’ll read here.

If we tried, and I mean really tried, we could examine all of them, but for now, we’ll stick to Joy’s account(s) and that of the other people we’ll hear from here.

Joy begins: “It was about six months after I began to work in the hospital that it was revealed to me that the dying often really do see those who have come from the realms of spirit life to welcome them on their entrance into another state of existence.

“The first time I received this ocular proof was at the death of L-, a sweet girl of seventeen, who was a personal friend of mine. She was a victim of consumption. She suffered no pain, but the weariness that comes from extreme weakness and debility was heavy upon her and she yearned for rest.” (1)

‘L’ was clearly about to pass on, and weakness had overpowered her, soon to be replaced with the exuberance that comes with waking up in spirit. The initial stages of death are probably very difficult, especially for someone like Joy, who was a friend of L’s.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to watch a close friend perish, but understanding the eternal nature of consciousness could potentially make the whole thing easier. It certainly wouldn’t eliminate the sting, but it’d soften the circumstances a little bit.

Knowing that death isn’t the end has helped me through difficult times, and learning about the deaths of people who were close can be much easier if we keep in mind that they live on in another place. We’re all exactly where we’re meant to be, even if some of us are meant to be in the fourth dimension instead of on the earth.

I’m not saying it isn’t unfortunate, but ultimately, it’s part of the divine plan.

Joy continues, telling us that she eventually grew to perceive two ‘angels’ near L who were close with her when they were alive.

“A short time before she expired I became aware that two spirit forms were standing by the bedside, one on either side of it. I did not see them enter the room; they were standing by the bedside when they first became visible to me, but I could see them distinctly as I could any of the human occupants of the room.

“In my own thoughts I have always called these bright beings from another world, angels*, and as such I shall hereafter speak of them. I recognized their faces as those of two girls who had been the closest friends of the girl who was dying. They had passed away a year before and were then about her own age.” (2)

Whether or not she perceived them, L was in the company of two friends who’d also recently passed away. This is similar to the account of Mike Swain, which we examined last time and which professed that Mike was able to help two teenagers who perished in a car accident shortly after he did.

Departed friends and relatives are very intent on being there for their dying loved ones, and I’d be just as interested in being there if I was in the situation of someone who perished and discovered life after death. Imagine how exciting it’d be to be there for someone who was about to cross over and have the honor of informing them that they’re going to live on.

That’d be one of the greatest missions a discarnate seeker could task themselves with, and it’d probably accelerate their evolution too. They’d probably reach newer strides along their growth by being there for someone who passed away, because they’d gain the compassionate experience that’s essential to reaching a higher state of consciousness.

A lot of fourth-dimensional souls are involved in the evolutionary path, and they’d obviously do anything they could to progress up the ladder of consciousness. It must be an honor to help someone through their deaths, and it raises the consciousness of the person who does it and makes it easier for them to welcome a higher vibration.

What more could you ask for?

Joy also tells us that when L grew too weak to physically see, her etheric senses kicked in and she was able to perceive her departed friends.

“Just before they appeared the dying girl exclaimed: ‘It has grown suddenly dark; I cannot see anything.’ But she recognized them immediately. A smile, beautiful to see, lit up her face. She stretched forth her hands and in joyous tones exclaimed: ‘Oh, you have come to take me away! I am glad, for I am very tired.’” (3)

I wonder how many doctors and nurses have experienced the phenomenon of patients talking to people who aren’t ‘really’ there – departed friends and family who’d come from the etheric to help them home. Most doctors probably shake it off, given the dominant Darwinian mindset that death is the end, but after so long, the proof has to be undeniable.

We can only deny the existence of an afterlife for so long before we have to start exploring its possibility, and hopefully, the experiences a lot of doctors have had in witnessing their dying patients communicating with deceased relatives have opened them up to the idea that something exists beyond this reality.

It’d be easy for a lot of doctors to convince themselves their dying patient’s just bonkers, but again, the truth can only be denied for so long before we become aware.

Joy then tells us that L happily reached her hands out to be taken away by her friends.

“As she stretched forth her hands the two angels extended each a hand, one grasping the dying girl’s right hand; the other her left hand. Their faces were illumined by a smile more radiantly beautiful even [than] that of the face of the girl who was so soon to find the rest for which she longed.

“She did not speak again, but for nearly a minute her hands remained outstretched, grasped by the hands of the angels, and she continued to gaze at them with the glad light in her eyes and the smile on her face.” (4)

It’s interesting that the ‘angels’ actually stretched their hands out for Joy to grab. Even though the whole thing was probably more for show (for Joy’s and L’s benefit) L’s friends literally brought her into the fourth dimension by stretching out their etheric hands and encouraging her to take them.

I wonder how many other experiences have been like this – how many other people actually stretched their hands out to grasp the etheric hands of those who passed before them. It has to be a rare experience, but then again, maybe it isn’t as rare as we’d expect.

Maybe spirit’s here for us in a much greater and more direct way than we realize – direct enough that we can actually reach for it when the time comes. It’s certainly worth thinking about, and it again makes me wonder what it’s like for unaware doctors, nurses, etc. who experience these things.

“I saw my patient stretch her hands out with a smile on her face just before she passed, and she was writhing in pain and agony beforehand. Maybe there is something to this whole ‘life after death’ thing…”


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Continued in Part 4 soon.

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