The Spirit World Chronicles: More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 1

Rev. C. Drayton Thomas tells us about the discarnate voices of his children he heard shortly before passing.

“Then the atmosphere seemed to become light around me and I heard voices, but they were not the voices of the people on earth. They were the voices of my two dear boys, the voices I had not heard for many long years. I did not feel impatient. I knew they were there and that I should not lose them again. I was content to wait until I should be able to speak to them.” (1)

It makes sense that Thomas’ children would be the first to greet him, and I can only imagine how comforting it was to hear his kids again after years and years without them.

Children, adults, and anyone else we were close with in life will be there for us when the time comes, and even though most of us expect to evolve instead of passing on, if the time were to come unexpectedly, we’d be given all of the love and assistance we need.

I think it’s especially heartwarming that a man’s departed children would be there for him on his deathbed. That has to feel better than anything else, and it’s interesting that Thomas wasn’t in a rush to see them. I don’t know if I could maintain his composure in those circumstances!

Thomas continues, telling us that he heard numerous discarnate voices, the closest of which were his children.

“I did not feel that wild joy, that great elation, that I had always expected to feel. I was not in the state for it, but felt heavy, stupid and sleepy, yet at peace and full of confidence and quiet happiness knowing they were round me. Now and again I heard the voices of people actually in the room with me. The nearer voices were those of my boys.” (2)

Even though Thomas heard the voices of people who’d long left him for greener pastures, he wasn’t in any rush to see them because of the physical heaviness he was still under. He was able to be at peace with his life and his death, because he knew that something much better was waiting for him on the other side.

He was leaving his friends and family on earth behind, but he was going to a place where everyone he’d ever lost is alive and well, helping other earthly souls through their experiences. Realizing that everyone who went before you is alive in in blissfully liberated state of consciousness probably all-out replaces any fear of death.

Thomas also tells us about the sudden burst of consciousness and clarity he was able to enjoy before falling back asleep again.

“After a time of unconsciousness I seemed to have become clearer quite suddenly. It was like a burst of sunshine and I looked. I seemed able to move my eyes quite suddenly and in the burst of sight and light I saw my boys, my brothers, and many others round me. I think this was only for a moment or two and then I must have gone to sleep again.” (3)

I didn’t realize that some people will blink in and out of the clearheaded, etheric consciousness we reenter when we die, but it makes sense. Physical death, while benevolent, is probably a very draining process, and I’d imagine most people need a lot of ‘time’ to rest and relax after they go through it.

We’ve heard about the etheric slumber a lot of people experience right after death, and it probably has to do with the hectic circumstances surrounding their life and death, as well as the draining process of leaving the physical body as it perishes.

However difficult or tiresome the process may be, when a soul wakes up from their etheric slumber, the work really begins. The soul-level transformation is really enabled when the initiate wakes up, because then, they can greet their friends and family and adjust to their newer and purer state of consciousness.

A lot of work probably needs done for them to adjust, but once they do, they can help others in their adjustments or offer their service in plenty of other important and helpful ways.

Thomas then tells us about the advice his sons gave him when he initially awoke in the fourth dimension.

“I knew nothing more then and so suppose that it was just before leaving my body that I had that burst of light. I remember waking gradually on this side and hearing my sons say: ‘Be quiet and don’t try to think.’” (4)

His sons probably encouraged him not to think too hard because he’d just completed the draining process of death. I know death’s a benevolent process, but can you imagine how disconcerting it is, especially to someone who doesn’t know it’s the end of life?

I probably wouldn’t want to think too much either – I’d just want to relax and enjoy my new state of consciousness and the perceptual wonders I could experience. Too much mental activity is probably draining in the fourth dimension, even though it’s been called the ‘mental plane’, and emotional/spiritual thought is probably much more prevalent and efficient.

In the realms beyond, feeling replaces thinking. Spirit and emotion (positive or negative depending on each soul) pervade reality instead of the mental activity that seems to dominate the third dimension, and a lot of people who pass on to the fourth dimension are probably encouraged not to think too heavily at first.

One thing’s for sure: the mind would have a hard time wrapping itself around the conditions of the etheric realms.


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Continued in Part 3 tomorrow.

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