The Spirit World Chronicles: More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family – Part 1

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Previously, we examined the idea that a lot of people are guided through their physical deaths by departed friends, family, and other fourth-dimensional helpers, and we’re going to pick that discussion back up here.

We’ve been given a lot of channeled accounts of the experience of death, and plenty has been said about the extent to which we’re able to perceive our friends and family before, during, and after our transition.

I’m sure some people don’t meet with their friends and family directly before their time comes, but the wealth of material we’ve been given about life after death certainly advocates the idea that initiates are greeted by their loved ones who’ve already crossed over – in some cases, before the body even ceases to live.

While the body’s still alive, some people will report seeing their friends and loved ones, as if they were there to help the initiate pass on in an easier and more free-flowing way. Can you imagine how relieving it’d be to find out that death isn’t the end directly before you were about to go?

This is probably the reason for the presence of departed friends and family at the time of death. They want the initiates to know that they aren’t ceasing to live, but readying themselves for a much greater life, and what better way to do so than to actually appear before them, in full etheric form, right before they go?

If I passed on before our collective evolution reached its peak, I’d hope some of my departed friends and family were there to make the transition smoother. Whether they’d be with me at the beginning of the transition or not, I’d eventually be able to perceive them after I made my way to the fourth dimension.

I won’t worry about any of that, though, because like the rest of you, I’m in it for the long haul. I’m ready, willing, and excited to be on this earth for as long as it takes to build a new society, and I think the only time I’ll be in the fourth dimension is when I and we all are passing through it in preparation for our entrance into the fifth.

With that said, there are a lot of souls in the fourth dimension, many of whom made their way there after physically perishing and leaving the third behind. People have departed to the fourth dimension in various interesting ways, and like we learned before, no two transitions are alike.

Everyone experiences death differently, but one common theme that ties every death together is the place we go when our bodies perish. The etheric body lives on and, in fact, takes on a far more expansive life than it lived when it was in a body on earth.

First, we’re going to examine the account of one ‘Horace Treubel’ who witnessed the presence of some of his departed friends shortly before he made his way to the other side. A woman named ‘Flora’ speaks in this account, and she describes Horace’s experiences before passing.

“All day on August 28th Horace [had been] very low-spirited. He had been brought in from the veranda but was now absolutely radiant. ‘Look, look, Flora, quick, quick, he is going!’ ‘What, where, Horace, I do not see anyone.’ ‘Why, just over the rock, Walt appeared, head and shoulders and hat on in a golden glory; brilliant and splendid.

“He reassured me, beckoned to me, and spoke to me. I heard his voice but did not understand all he said: only ‘Come on.’ All the rest of the evening Horace was uplifted and happy. …. (1)

The account continues: “On the night of September 3rd Horace was very low. Then he said: ‘I hear Walt’s voice, he is talking to me.’ I said: ‘What does he say?’ He said: ‘Walt says: “Come on, come on, come on.”‘ After a time he said: ‘Flora, I see them all about me, Bob and Bucke and Walt and the rest.’” (2)

Horace was first able to witness the presence of ‘Walt’, someone he was obviously close with when the man was alive, and not too long after that, he was able to witness the presence of various other departed people from earlier in his life who encouraged him to release his attachment to his physical body and join them on the other side.

Some people might think it’s strange that departed loved ones would encourage us to let go of our body and essentially let it die, but for the most part, I think our loved ones would be concerned with making sure we don’t prolong any physical pain or suffering before we get to the other side.

It isn’t that our loved ones would encourage us to let ourselves die, but they’d probably be very excited to see us and very adamant that we don’t need to prolong the temporary and transitory pain that ultimately brings us to them. If you were on the other side, waiting for someone to join you, would you want them to go through undue pain or misery?

I certainly wouldn’t, and I’d do anything I could to get them to come on over to the realms where pain and fear are things of the past instead of watching them suffer. Especially if they had a prolonged illness, I’d commit myself to being there for them, helping them realize that death isn’t the end, and showing them what awaits.

‘Colonel Cosgrave’ outlines his experience watching Horace pass on, telling us that Horace’s eyes were fixed on a certain point above him before he went.

“On the last night, about 3 a.m., [Horace Treubel] grew perceptibly weaker and his eyes opened, staring towards the further side of the bed, his lips moved, endeavoring to speak; his eyes remained riveted on a point some three feel above the bed. My eyes were at last drawn irresistibly to the same point in the darkness.” (3)

My eyes would be drawn to that point too if I watched someone who was about to pass on stare at it intently. Knowing the things they do, most seekers wouldn’t need to wonder exactly what it is the person is focusing on, but someone with less spiritual knowledge or experience might be a little confused.

The departed person’s probably seeing their friends, relatives, and guides as they’re beckoned to join them in a much more liberated state of consciousness. It must be great for a spiritually aware person to be with someone who’s gently passing (as long as the passing’s expected beforehand) because they’d certainly know what’s going on.

Colonel Cosgrave continues, telling us that the ‘Walt’ figure who initially amazed Horace actually appeared before both of them.

“Slowly the point at which we were both looking grew gradually brighter, a light haze appeared, spreading until it assumed bodily form and took the likeness of Walt Whitman, standing upright beside the bed, a rough tweed jacket on, an old felt hat upon his head, and his right hand in his pocket, similar to a number of his portraits.

“He was gazing down at [Horace], a kindly reassuring smile upon his face, he nodded twice as though reassuringly, the features quite distinct for at least a full minute, then gradually faded from sight.” (4)

It warms my heart that Horace’s friend was able to be there for him so many times before his passing.

I can only repeat that it must be wonderfully comforting to see old friends and family on the other side before one passes on, and I hope the loving assistance Horace’s ol’ buddy Walt gave him enabled him to enjoy his transition and adjust to the other side easily.

Of course, I’ve never met either of the men and couldn’t say for sure, but I can say that Horace isn’t alone in his experience.

He’s one of many people who were able to witness the presence of departed friends and loved ones before transitioning, and from what I understand, the intention in appearing before someone is to quell their fears and reassure them that death isn’t the end.

Death is a new beginning, but it can be hard not to be scared if you’re on your deathbed, about the face the reaper. This is where departed friends and relatives come in, and personally, I think it’s wonderful that they’re able to be there for initiates in such a direct and reassuring way.


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Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

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