Spiritual Guidance: Live in Love

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Letting yourselves flow with the greater perception you’re gaining will enable you to pick up on the energy of the higher realms in greater and purer ways, and if you remain closed off from this energy, you’ll continue to experience the seeming misconnections that feel so heavy and unenjoyable for the seekers who experience them.

You’re infinitely able to connect with the higher realms and communicate with your higher selves, guides, and various other entities who happily wait for you to realize your divinely ordained abilities, and as long as you can open up to them and apply yourselves from there, you’ll be able to connect with us in the ways you’ve always wanted to.

Every soul is here for you to help you understand your divinity as godsparks who’ve created lower realms of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing and growing away from, and your connection with spirit is growing as you realize just how able you are to maintain long, flowing, and lasting connections that we’re happy to help you make.

You’re far more able to connect with spirit than you yet realize, and like all things, the extent to which you convince yourselves you’re able or unable to do so determines your perception of your abilities. You have a lot of divinely inspired changes to make, and you can start addressing and making these changes with the love and guidance of your higher selves by your side every step of the way.

The Open Heart is Infinite

Stepping into the brimming and open heart space will enable you to make the greater connections you strive to make, and again, you’ve always been able to make these connections and you’re just beginning to catch up with yourselves in a sense and rediscover how able you are to connect with spirit and flow with the greater perception that results.

The greatest advice we could hope to offer any of you is to live in love and let the heart space take over when the finite mind doesn’t seem to produce the things you’d like it to. The mind can only be taken so far, whereas the open heart is infinite and can help every seeker who opens up to it in their quest to connect with spirit and awaken the world around them to its existence.

Where the mind fails, seek the open heart and you’ll find the love and completeness you desire to feel. Channeling our energy is, in reality, an act of opening up to the greater energy you’re receiving through your sacred heart space, and as we’ve said in the past, the mind simply acts as a translator; a communicator of this energy.

The advice we give is usually very general and relatable to numerous aspects of your unfolding evolution, but the energy you absorb with it is growing in purity with each attempt you make to connect with us.

Each time we speak through this or any other scribe, the purity of our communications grows and the ability to connect with us on the part of every seeker grows as well. Understanding this is paramount to finding the inner connections you seek, and while reading our messages will help you make such connections, it isn’t the sole way to do so.

From our perspective, the best way to open up to us and the energy and communications we’re giving is to seek solace in the brimming and open heart, because again, the mind can only do so much for you in this avenue.

The mind will grant you temporary, fleeting connections that don’t last like many of you want them to, whereas the heart will grant you the infinite channeling abilities some of you desire. Channeling can be very easy once you root yourselves in the open and loving heart, and the more love you’re able to feel, the greater and purer communications and energy you’ll be able to pick up on.

We want for you to realize that you’re truly blessed with the love energy you have the full ability to pick up on, and when your minds are feeling low, we implore you to connect with the heart and enjoy the brimming love that flows to you from there.

The heart space is more important than we can yet convey through this or any other scribe, and we look forward to every soul on your planet discovering its importance and the importance of rooting themselves in the divine qualities. In doing so, the complete social transformation so many of you desire to start working on will be enabled to happen, but of course, it can only happen with the active effort of each of you to bring it about.

Your work to build a new world determines exactly what will and won’t get done, and we appreciate the recent calls of many seekers for everyone on your planet to find their passion and start using it to change your planet. Even those who channel our energies and communications are doing a great service to humanity, because the energy we’re providing and embedding unto these messages is raising your collective vibration.

Develop Your Abilities

You’re each helping raise the vibration of your collective consciousness with your efforts to seek and remain in a lasting higher-dimensional perception, and we encourage you to keep flowing with your divinely ordained abilities and the greater and purer energy you’re coming to find and feel within.

We encourage you to strive to develop your abilities if you don’t feel satisfied with what you’ve been able to do so far, but we should be careful with this recommendation because we don’t intend for you to root yourselves in the mind by striving too much.

When you’re rooted in the heart, you’ll find your desire to strive decrease significantly as you see that everything you could ever desire is already with you.

Even though we encourage developing your abilities and challenging yourselves so you can take them to new heights you would’ve previously scoffed at or laughed away, we don’t encourage striving too hard or alienating yourselves from a heart-centered perception under the guise of striving.

Striving can be a good thing.

When, for example, you strive to introduce positive change on your planet, the resulting work you do can be very helpful and beneficial to the goals you’ve set out to achieve. However, striving too hard can also take you down a negative road that we know you don’t intend to traverse, and this is why we encourage striving in a healthy and balanced way for the right reasons.

You’re more capable of creating the changes you desire to see than you yet realize, and one of our goals in communicating with you is to help you realize your infinite abilities so you can get to work creating the planet of your dreams.

The spirit of your planet is ready for her surface to be restored, and she’s calling on each of you to do everything you can to bring such restoration about. You’re being endlessly loved and supported – not only by your higher selves and guides, but by myriad other celestial entities who desire for you to remember the reality of their existence and the assistance they’re offering.

Many of you were very familiar with these entities before you made your ways to the earth, and now that you’re on Gaia’s surface, striving to help every soul become aware of spirit and restore her to the pristine planet she’s always been destined to become again, these souls seek to reconnect with you and, for those of you who are interested in channeling, have you bring their energies and communications through.

Archangel Michael is one entity who works very hard to communicate with and through as many developing scribes as possible, and you can each connect with Michael and various other angels, archangels, etc. who have the development and evolution of humanity in mind.

We’re All Here

We’re all here to offer the advice and energy that’s most appropriate for you along your paths, and understanding and embracing our existence is one of the best ways for you to experience the connections you desire to experience.

As difficult as it could be for many on your planet to believe, all of humanity is able to connect with the spiritual realms and the uncountable souls who exist in them.

We’ll repeat as much as we need to that with the love of the heart by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do or be.

Try to fathom this, dear seekers.

Try to wrap your heads and hearts around this idea, because it’s important to your successful completion of the seemingly impossible tasks that are before you.

Love is everything, and with love by your side, you’ll be infinitely able to create and be all of the change you want to make. In reality, you only need to seek love and an open, brimming heart to complete any and every task that’s before you.

We hammer this idea in so much because we want you to understand how infinitely able you are to change your planet, and needless to say, we work very hard to peel away the misconception that you’re somehow limited or finite beings who are incapable of making significant change.

You’re infinite, limitless beings of full consciousness, and you’ll realize this in the greatest sense possible when you’re back in the completely undistorted realms of Source. ‘Full’ consciousness as you define it won’t be truly experienced until you’re back with Source, but the consciousness and perception you’re tapping into is far purer and far, far less distorted than the dull perception you’ve been used to.

Open yourselves to the greater energy you’re being given, and you’ll live up to your potential as budding fifth-dimensional souls who are on a mission to restore consciousness to the earth and restore beauty and vibrancy to your society and Gaia’s surface.

We envision an earth where every soul works together, in love, joy, and harmony, to do whatever needs done to bring your planet into the light.

A lot of restoration will need done to match your society with the vision a growing number of seekers have for the new world they want to live in, and we have no desire to sugarcoat the work you’re going to collectively do by claiming it’ll be easy.

It could be more difficult than many of you yet realize, and needless to say, if one of you were doing this work alone, it’d be much more difficult.

We don’t want to say it’d be impossible, because from our perspective, nothing is impossible. Our scribe has said before that one soul couldn’t solely change your planet, but it could happen if that one soul possessed the superhuman abilities you’re beginning to rediscover.

However, we’re willing to accept that the likelihood of this happening is very dismal, and even the most ‘superhuman’ souls incarnate on your earth require the love, support, and assistance of everyone else for their ultimate goals of changing your planet to be successful.

It’s essential that you each love and support each other in your respective efforts to heal your planet if you want such healing to take place, and your new world can’t be easily built without the active effort of each of you to start building it. This certainly isn’t new information, but nevertheless, its information we want all of you to know and understand.

All of humanity needs to work on the changes that need made for them to be successful, and it’s wonderful to see consciousness and awareness growing as much as it has and will continue to.

Millions Are Awake and Aware

Even though the perspectives of most of you are too limited to understand the massive awakenings that are taking place, we’re blessed to see just how far you’re coming and we’re happy to report that millions of souls are awake and aware of spirit and ready to start introducing positive and divinely inspired change to your planet.

This number grows every day, and the efforts of the conscious public so far are clearing the way for thousands; millions; billions more to awaken to spirit and educate the rest of creation about its existence and presence all around you.

Rediscovering spirit, and especially love, can lead each of you to awaken others to their existence and reality, and you’re being supported in this process by your higher selves and guides and the aforementioned celestial entities who are just as focused on humanity’s restoration as you are.

In fact, we’re quite a bit more focused than many seekers who are just starting to develop their abilities and their resulting service to humanity’s evolution, because we’re blessed not to have physical bodies that weigh us down and keep us from working in any and every moment to help various planets become aware and start ascending.

Ascension is happening all throughout your universe, and the earth is first in line to experience an ascension that’ll inevitably affect numerous other planets and civilizations in their quest to re-find spirit and anchor the higher realms onto their surface.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement for you to explore the deeper states of consciousness you’re beginning to re-find, because they aren’t going anywhere unless you remove yourselves from them.

Keep practicing your abilities, for your sake and that of the seekers around you who benefit from them more than you realize, because the love of your open heart is leading you to develop and expand them in ways you would’ve never expected or thought possible before.

You’re expanding your spiritual capabilities and your perception of the vibrant spiritual reality around you, and instead of doubting yourselves or your greater abilities, understand that you are and have always been capable of heart-centered success.

Your missions will never truly end, and this is why we encourage you not to end them yourselves, even if only temporarily.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

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