Empower Yourself

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I wrote the following for the ‘Empower Yourself’ page of The Aquarius Paradigm blog.

We have a lot of work to do to build the world of our dreams, and we have a decreasing amount of time to do it. A lot needs done before humanity can find a higher state of consciousness and enjoy a utopian society, and there’s no better time than now to start the greatest of our work to change the world.

The purpose of this section of the blog is to encourage everyone out there, no matter who you are, what job you have, or how able or unable you think you are to change the planet, to empower yourself. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you’re a divine being who’s on the earth to make real and significant change for the better.

Empower yourself with the understanding that you’re far more than you’ve been programmed to believe. You’re a world changer, and with the power of your open heart, you’ll make a plethora of important and significant planetary changes that all of humanity will benefit from.

It’s easy to look to someone else to make these changes for us. It’s easy to hang on the words of an apparent ‘insider’ or even a channeled message that claims all of the changes we’re waiting for will be made by some external force without any work on our end.

I should mention that genuine channeled messages discourage this type of thinking, but plenty of ‘channelings’ out there support the idea that the Company of Heaven will somehow change this planet for us. That idea definitely doesn’t resonate with me, and it seems silly to think that any force outside of ourselves will make the changes we’re destined to make.

We’re far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, and we’re far more able to make significant and positive changes than we realize. We have Source on our side, and with this lighted, almighty force, nothing will stop us from creating the world of our dreams.

Nothing will stop us from realizing that we are and have always been world changers and deliverers of enlightenment – nothing, of course, beyond our acceptance of the idea that we’re limited humans. We certainly aren’t, and we have far more power than most people are comfortable accepting.

I think we should all understand the significance of our presence on earth.

We’re here to do far more than toil away at a job that doesn’t fill us with the passion and invigoration changing this planet will, and as long as we recognize the importance of our existence and start empowering ourselves, we’ll be able to use our passion(s) for humanity’s betterment like we’ve always been meant to.

The people in our past who seem to have done most amazing and positive things for humanity were tapped into the same spiritual and inspirational source we can all tap into. No one person is ‘better’ or more able to achieve certain feats than another – we’re all capable of superhuman achievements, and even though we’ve been distracted with unimportant and illusory things, we’re meant to understand this.

We’re meant to grasp the idea that we’re here to develop our higher abilities and achieve amazing things, and we’re meant to understand that limitation is and has always been an illusion. Nothing should hold us back once we realize our divinity and get to work from there, but a plethora of people have held themselves back in the name of limitation and finiteness.

Even though I haven’t yet grasped true infinity, I can say that realizing our infinite status is one of the most liberating and empowering things we’ll do. The mind and ego will fight very hard to convince us we’re limited, finite humans, but we’re intended to see beyond their influence and welcome a way of life that’s rooted in infinity instead of limitation.

Is there something you want to do but have trouble with? Something you’ve convinced yourself you couldn’t possibly be able to do or accomplish?

If so, feel free to move beyond the limiting thought forms that strive so hard to teach you you’re unable to do it, because you aren’t. You’re far more able than you realize, and you’re not only encouraged, but implored to pursue challenging things you wouldn’t have expected yourself to be able to do.

We’re all encouraged to understand that we’re infinite in the things we can do and be, because nobody else is clamoring to recognize their infinity. In my opinion, we have to be willing to be pioneers who recognize that positive change needs made and seek solutions to the biggest problems we face.

We have to be willing to tap into a spiritually rooted flow that’ll help us with any and all creative endeavors, and we especially have to be willing to move beyond the mind and its endless distractions and subversions. Accessing a heart-centered flow will help us achieve things we would’ve previously thought impossible, and as we’ll learn, nothing is impossible.

With Source by our side, we’ll be able to make every bit of change we want to make. As long as we make it a point not to listen to the ego-driven thought forms that preach limitation and inability, we’ll be able to make all of the changes we previously thought were impossible.

Everyone needs to act on their immense abilities before we can build a new world, and I look forward to working with an entire planet of conscious seekers who realize that they are and have always been infinite and divine. We’re starting to rediscover full consciousness, and with this rediscovery is coming an unprecedented sense of personal empowerment.

We don’t need to empower limitation any longer, and instead, let’s triumph with an understanding of our abilities and the incredible things we’re here to do. In this section, you’ll find articles related to the growing personal empowerment myriad seekers are adopting, and a lot of my material is aimed at motivating and inspiring people to start creating change.

Thanks for visiting this section of the blog, and feel free to stop by any time you could use a reminder of your immense abilities. Spirit has endowed every seeker with the ability to be a beacon of light and change – we just have to realize this and start shining our light.

Wes Annac – Happily motivating the conscious public to recognize their potential.

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