No More Pressure

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

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In my developing opinion, to find the happiness and wholeness we seek, all we really need to do is take the pressure off of ourselves. Let’s stop trying so hard to fit in with a version of ourselves we think is ‘better’ or ‘more aware’ than us, because doing so will only make us unhappy and keep us stuck in a repetitive, striving loop.

I think all we really need to do is embody the awareness that we’re spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, not the other way around. We’re divine souls who are here to spread our light in an effort to raise the consciousness of the rest of the planet, and if we put undue pressure on ourselves to conform to a certain higher ideal, we’ll make this experience more difficult and less enjoyable.

I’ve said lately that we’re already free and that we simply need to realize this to find the wholeness we seek. Everything we could ever seek already lives within us, and we don’t do ourselves or anyone else a justice by putting undue pressure on ourselves or convincing ourselves we aren’t doing enough in any moment.

We’re exactly where we need to be, and we’re doing exactly what we need to be doing. I think it’s important that we realize this if we want to find true, unhindered happiness, because endlessly striving will only make us unhappy or make us feel as if where we’re at right now isn’t good enough.

It is, but the problem is that some seekers are comfortable being uncomfortable. What I mean is that a lot of seekers are content to convince themselves that what they’re doing isn’t enough – that they need to strive and strive and strive to reach a level of awareness that, in reality, they’re already at.

In reality, we already possess the exact level of awareness we’re meant to, and this awareness will grow not because we strive to raise it, but because we’ll naturally and joyously expand our perception.

Something a lot of seekers don’t understand about the spiritual path is that we aren’t meant to strive to raise our vibration. In my opinion, we’re meant to see that everything we could possibly desire already exists within us and, in doing so, find unprecedented peace with this existence.

From there, our work to raise our vibration will actually be quite natural.

When we realize that everything we seek lives within, we take the pressure off of ourselves and let enlightenment flow to us gracefully. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make some kind of effort, but we don’t need to make anywhere near the effort most people convince themselves they need.

Spiritual evolution, while difficult, is meant to be a joyous process that we happily and excitedly take part in. Our spiritual evolution isn’t meant to challenge us in ways we can’t handle, and we aren’t meant to mentally create a ‘more aware’ version of ourselves and strive to be that person.

If we do, we’ll never find happiness or wholeness. We’ll constantly fashion an idea of being something ‘better’ and we’ll convince ourselves that the way we already are, in every moment, isn’t good or worthy enough. However imperfect we perceive ourselves to be, we’re more than worthy of the immense bounties spirit offers.

We’re far worthier than most of us give ourselves credit for, and in my view, the key to being in an elevated spiritual state is to detach from all of our mental perceptions, including our perceptions of how we or the reality around us should be.

Realizing that everything is already perfect is one of the keys to liberating ourselves from the confines of the striving mind, and when we realize that divine perfection already exists and waits for us to pick up on it, right here on earth, we’ll see that we don’t have to strive to attain something we already are at our core.

When we find a higher state of consciousness, we’re really reaching deep inside of ourselves and pulling something up that’s always been there. Isn’t that interesting to think about? We aren’t attaining something outside of ourselves that we have to strive for – we’re naturally bringing something that’s been there all along, to the surface.

You’re capable of reaching a higher state of consciousness, and all you need to do is realize this. It’s easy to convince ourselves we need some advanced spiritual practice to find a higher state of consciousness, but in reality, we can do so whether we use a technique or not.

We just have to realize how infinitely able we are to go deeper than our surface perception.

Feel free to continue rooting yourselves in the light as often as possible, fellow seekers, and remember that you don’t have to strive to attain something you already possess. Doing so is akin to trying to buy a house when you already live in one that serves you perfectly, and the idea that we need to strive can actually hinder our growth in the long run.

We’re all strong spiritual beings, and we’re meant to realize this. Instead of selling ourselves short by convincing ourselves we aren’t good enough exactly the way we are, let’s delve deeper into our own consciousness than we ever have before with recognition of the fact that we don’t need to change or become ‘better’.

We’ve never needed to be ‘better’, but the search for awareness has convinced a lot of seekers that they’re less than the infinite, divine beings they truly are.

Feel free to remember that love is always with us, and that at our core, we are love. Remembering this will help us access our sacred selves and flow from there with endless energy and inspiration, and even though I’m just starting to really receive this flowing inspiration, I can say that it feels wonderful.

You can feel it too, and you don’t need to do anything external to do so. All of the work is internal, and a big part of it is realizing and accepting the perfection of all existence.

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