What is Spiritual Evolution?

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I wrote the following for the Spiritual Evolution page of The Aquarius Paradigm blog.

Spiritual evolution is an ongoing process that’s based in the amount of spiritual awareness a seeker gains along their path of enlightenment. A lot of people believe humanity’s experiencing a collective evolution from the third dimension to the fifth, but for this article, we’ll focus more on our general and ongoing evolution.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if we believe we’re entering the fifth dimension or not, because spiritual evolution is ongoing and will never cease.

Understandably, a lot of people have fixed themselves on the idea of a collective evolution from the third to fifth dimensions and, as such, are doing everything they can to lighten their vibration in preparation for what’s been referred to as ‘ascension’.

A lot of ideas about ascension are tossed around the conscious community, but personally, I don’t put as much focus on it as I do the general evolution we’re experiencing. The idea that we’re collectively evolving resonates a lot with me, though, and the work I and plenty of others are doing is geared toward awakening as many people as possible so we can all kick start our respective evolutions.

It’s believed that as more people become aware of spirit and our collective evolution, they’ll feel motivated to awaken everyone else and the result will be an inspired humanity that’s ready and willing to build the new world we hear so much about.

Spiritual evolution entails peeling and integrating the layers of the ego self and finding one’s center in the open heart space, and personally, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. Moving beyond the ego and its deeply rooted ways can be difficult to say the least, but it’ll be far worth it when we attain the spiritual bounties that exist beyond this physical reality.

The stress and pain we experience here on earth will seem like things of the past when we’re back in a higher state of consciousness, and our ongoing spiritual evolution is reintroducing us to this state of consciousness and inviting us to start the process of ego dissolution that naturally results from the awareness we initially gain.

We’re being reintroduced to love in a whole new way, and we’re learning to replace our current definition of ‘love’ with a much more expanded one that makes allowance for the idea that it’s far more than a romantic notion. We’re starting to learn that love is everything – that love makes up the very building blocks of our reality.

Above all else, spiritual evolution entails realizing that we’re infinite, spiritual beings who are capable of superhuman feats we would’ve never believed we were capable of.

Finding the love of the open heart space naturally leads most seekers to realize that they are and have always been divine, and even though we won’t be completely infinite until we’re back with Source, our evolution is helping us realize our potential to become the limitless beings of full consciousness we once were.

We’re intended to act on this potential and start building the utopian society I talk about in “A New Paradigm”, and in my opinion, our construction of a new world will accelerate our evolution and make it easier for various other planets and civilizations we haven’t ‘officially’ become aware of to evolve in a similar way.

No matter how you define it, spiritual evolution is a general process of becoming aware of spirit and moving beyond physicality and the mental limits that have held it in place. Those who believe we’re entering the fifth dimension also believe we’ll unlock myriad higher-dimensional abilities that have been dismissed as simple ‘science fiction’, and these abilities are believed to be coming online already.

In my opinion, we can and should practice developing our metaphysical abilities if we want to bring them online.

Nothing will come to us without some effort on our end to attain it, and this is especially true for the abilities we can access. Some people in the conscious community are content to believe that our new paradigm and the increased abilities that’ll come with it will just appear out of nowhere, but in my view, everything has to be worked for to be attained.

We have to work to build a new paradigm, and we have to work to evolve spiritually. As great as a sudden event that drastically raises the planetary consciousness sounds, I don’t think any such event will happen until we put in the work required to make it happen. I’m confident that I’m not the only seeker who feels this way.

I’m not saying I don’t think an ‘event’ could potentially happen that’ll raise the planetary consciousness, but I certainly don’t think it’ll be something that just happens on its own. It’ll have to be worked for to be attained, and our individual and collective spiritual evolution will keep us busy to say the least.

Some seekers might think working to find enlightenment or evolve spiritually is daunting, but this work doesn’t have to be bad or unenjoyable. Spiritual evolution can be the greatest or worst process we’ll ever undergo based on how we see it, and if we situate ourselves on a good, loving vibration, our work will be much easier and we’ll joyously welcome and integrate a higher vibration.

The hardest aspect of evolving spiritually is moving beyond the pains and stresses of the mind and into the open heart space. The mind will do everything in its power to take us out of a simple, loving space, and one of the hardest aspects of our evolution is letting the heart take over when it could be much easier to root ourselves in the confines of the mind.

From experience, I can say that the heart space is among the most important spaces for us to be in if we want to do or produce anything significant or spiritually inspired. I’m obviously not talking about the physical heart, but the etheric heart space that produces the love and joy we’re able to feel.

There are differences in opinion among some conscious seekers as to exactly what the heart space is. Some refer to it as the heart chakra, while others see it in a different light, but no matter exactly what it is, living in it provides immense, loving benefits that I think we’ll all benefit from tapping into.

I think living in the heart is one of the ultimate aims of our spiritual evolution. It doesn’t matter what vibration you’re on – if you’re living in the heart and making it a point not to let the woes of the mind get you down, you’re already there. You’re already integrating and anchoring a higher vibration for the rest of the world to enjoy and anchor too.

All of humanity will benefit when the conscious community makes it a point to root themselves in the love of the open heart space, and no person will go without the love we all desire and deserve to feel when more of us start radiating it to the rest of society.

Plenty of seekers are doing everything we can to help the rest of the world rediscover love, and our goal is to help humanity collectively evolve. We strive to see everyone open up to love again and flow from there with spiritually inspired works that are intended to bring this planet into the light, and every one of you can join our efforts to do so.

We’ll have to work together if we want to build a new paradigm, evolve, or do anything else, and as long as we keep at our efforts to help each other re-find love, I’m comfortable saying that everyone will be able to understand the reality of spiritual evolution and work from there to find enlightenment.

The purpose of this blog is to help as many seekers as possible along their journey of rediscovering spirit, and in this section, you’ll find plenty of articles related to our spiritual evolution and the new society we seek to build. Everything we do is inspired by a higher power that’s rooted in love, and our goal is no less than full-on spiritual evolution.

Thank you for visiting this blog, and thank you for any effort you give that helps raise consciousness and awareness. We have a lot of work ahead of us, whether we’re working toward a new paradigm or the evolution of humanity, and we need as much help as we can receive from the conscious pioneers who recognize that it’s time to change the world.

Wes Annac – Inspired by spirit to write about our ongoing evolution.

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