Spiritual Guidance: Keep Opening Your Channels

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

To create the changes you want to see, it’s essential that you start becoming examples of them in action. You’re the conscious souls on the front lines of helping awaken humanity, and while it’s easy to discuss and advocate ideas that are relevant to the new world you’re building, actions forever speak louder than words.

The things you say are important, but the things you do speak volumes to your true readiness or un-readiness to build the new world of your dreams. Talking about this new world is easy and enjoyable, but the work to bring it about will be far more enjoyable when you start tackling the biggest and most difficult issues holding you back.

You’re being given a lot of help with realizing the importance of being the change you want to see, but we can’t do all of this important work for you.

We can’t place you on the right paths by telling you exactly how you should or shouldn’t live, because it’s your choice as to how you want to live your lives. You were granted freewill so you could explore the lower realms before eventually moving beyond them, and no higher-dimensional soul seeks to take this freedom away from you.

We do, however, intend to offer our perspective on how you can best build a new world, and we forever encourage being examples of it in action.

In doing so, your words become far more valuable than they’d be if you simply said them with no real intention of acting on the sacred wisdom encoded into them. The ascension related ideas being flaunted by myriad conscious seekers are meant to get you thinking in the right direction, but they have to be backed up with real and concrete action.

Work Still Needs Done

Plenty of seekers are content to talk about the changes that need made without looking inside of themselves to see what they still need to uproot and transmute. Some seekers are stuck in a repetitive loop and wonder why the changes they advocate don’t seem to have manifested, and from our perspective, this is because plenty of souls are still employing the old world.

Despite the increasingly pure energy you’re being given, some work still needs done to raise the collective vibration and help humanity find the light, and the hardest of this work is intended to be done by the conscious seekers who recognize that changes are in order.

We can’t express the importance of looking within and aligning with the new world you want to build enough, and even though we’re offering a lot of assistance, we can’t force you to do this.

We can’t force you to look within and find what isn’t working so it can be transmuted and replaced with things that do, but we can point you in the right direction and give you general advice and guidance about this and various other matters that are important to your evolution.

One of the purposes of our communications is to encourage you to start living in the new world you want to manifest, and to do this, you only need to start acting in alignment with the qualities of this world, which you can clearly discern from the qualities that are out of alignment.

We understand that stress, frustration, and anger are very, very easy to feed into – especially in difficult or pressure-filled situations. We understand this because of the vantage point we’re able to have, and we want to remind you that you chose the lessons that have brought you such stress and frustration.

You chose to test yourselves in the biggest and most difficult ways possible by incarnating on a lower-dimensional planet that’s filled with pressure and stress, and when it seems as if your lives are spinning out of control or as if you’ve been greeted with far more stress than you can handle, remember that you’ve chosen to take it on.

In remembering this, the stressful events that greet you can actually become much easier, and indeed, more enjoyable to take on. When you realize that you’ve planned to experience absolutely everything that comes your way, you’re able to open up and handle these challenges from an enthusiastic standpoint.

You wanted to come to the earth so you could take on and successfully complete the very lessons you’re struggling with, and you knew you’d be given all of the help and support you required along your difficult earthly journeys. You knew this, but the veil of forgetfulness you currently exist under has muddied your memories of your experiences and encounters before the earth.

Because of this, the lessons you experience can seem quite random and unplanned, but in reality, everything about your lives is inexplicably coordinated. Everything you experience has been planned beforehand, and even though we have a lot to do with this planning, you’re in the driver’s seat and you ultimately decide what does and doesn’t happen to you.

As such, we hope for you to be able to move beyond the stress and frustration that can easily bring you down if you let them and into an enthusiastic frame of mind, so every challenge you face can be completed with relative ease.

Illusory Stress and Frustration

Of course, challenges are meant to test you and your abilities, but with strength, perseverance, and the understanding that everything you experience is ordained, you can handle these challenges without the difficulty that’s weighed you down in the past.

Stress and frustration are illusory aspects of the old, fading world, and they’re intended to be seen as such by the awakening seeker who’s ready to welcome a new world.

The qualities of this new world have to be shown and radiated if any seeker wants to enter it, and beyond the physical work that’ll be done to restore the planet to its once pristine condition, and lot of spiritual and emotional work will be done by the awakening humanity to help transmute the massive density that’s held you back for so long.

We can envision various movements being started and built on that are intended to deepen humanity’s understanding of spirit and rekindle the oneness you’ve always been meant to rediscover you possess, and plenty of inspired seekers are already starting many such movements with the intent of reviving and encouraging everyone to act on higher ideals that have been lost to time.

Your work to help humanity evolve is more than important, and as long as you can start living the divinely inspired lives so many of you strive to live, your work will be much, much purer.

If negativity or toxins are built up in your physical and etheric bodies, your divinely inspired work can be much more difficult and your efforts to awaken others could be muddied. This, among plenty of other reasons, is why we encourage you to welcome a new way of life that reaches and upgrades every facet of your current.

You’re capable of shifting into a new reality in any and every moment, but your belief in limitation and inability keeps you in the limited state of consciousness that feeds such a belief. This is one of the reasons we’re here to help you remember that you’re spiritual beings with the potential to traverse various planes of reality.

The lower things around you can and will make a higher vibration harder to find if you indulge in them too heavily, and indulgence specifically is one of the qualities of your reality that we encourage your society to move beyond.

Souls on your planet indulge in materiality to feed the spiritual void they don’t even know exists, and the expanding human can recognize physical indulgence as a hindrance to their growth and, instead of taking part in it, they can indulge in the greater perception unfolding for them and all of humanity at this time.

Instead of keeping your focus in the material realm, you can root yourselves in spirit as much and as often as possible. In doing so, you’ll find that your lives take on a different flavor as you’re filled with a greater sense of purpose and inspiration.

Treating your bodies well and embodying the qualities of your new paradigm will fill you with elation and enthusiasm to do everything you can to change your planet, and when your important personal changes and realignments have been made, you can focus on the work you’ve set out to do in helping awaken humanity.

The Hardest Truth

Awakening your society to spirit is the top item on our agenda, and presently, it’s still far too difficult for a lot of earthly souls to believe in the spiritual realms or the Company of Heaven. From our vantage point, the existence of your star brethren and sistren seems to be the hardest truth for your planet to believe, because of the fabricated and fictionalized mindsets that have been bred surrounding this subject.

‘Aliens’ as your society likes to call your galactic family are highly fictionalized and hyped on your planet, and because of this, genuine galactic visitors and helpers have been pushed into the ‘fringe’ and ‘fiction’ category. This is very unfortunate from our perspective, because it stops your society from being able to explore the idea of life on other planets in a real and serious way.

The notion of fictitious ‘aliens’ has stopped humanity from genuinely exploring the idea that other civilizations could exist on other planets, even planets that are very near to earth, and a massive cover-up that’s poised to end as your society demands the truth has further enforced division between you and your star family.

In speaking with humanity and letting you know about the existence of your star family and various other higher-dimensional beings who are actively looking upon and assisting your planet, we hope to wipe the distortion away from your minds and hearts and make it easier for you to discern the truth for yourselves.

Discernment is very important, especially when it comes to your internet, because among the genuine messages and articles that are meant to uplift you, misinformation is spread around that’s intended to confuse and paint a distorted picture of the sacred truths of your existence.

Your cabal works very hard to muddy the image of channeling and your galactic family specifically, and to that extent, they’ve employed many souls to post on forums and websites and spread a negative, confusing, and distorted message.

Some of these souls have agendas for the things they post – misinformation they intend to pass off as fact, while others are employed simply to start arguments that subtract from the positivity and genuineness of the subjects being discussed.

Even though we seek to shine light on the activities of these souls and the people who employ them, we don’t encourage the dualistic mindset that can come with pondering this subject.

We want you to recognize that paid disinformation peddlers are indeed out there so you can be aware and discern accordingly, but this subject isn’t intended to bring you down or fill you with a false sense that the cabal has power over the conscious public.

They try very hard to exert power and disrupt genuine progress, but try as they might, they can’t stop the tidal wave of awareness that hasn’t yet hit or the spiritual revolution that’s being built on. Every one of you who empowers the existence of the spiritual realms is doing a great service to humanity, and the ‘former powers’ as our scribe calls them won’t be able to stop the progress you’re all making.

Keep Going

You’re becoming far too passionate and enthusiastic for the cabal’s shenanigans to derail your respective missions, and we encourage you to keep going in the face of any attempted derailment. They’re very aware of channeled messages and the general work being done to raise humanity’s awareness, and if they could, they’d pull the plug on it.

Oh, how they wish they could stop the incoming and already blooming revolution!

No matter what any soul says or tries to do, you’re spiritual warriors who are capable of aligning your planet with the utopian kingdom you’re destined to rebuild, and we mean it when we say that your work is only beginning.

Keep opening your channels to the inspiration and energy spirit has to offer, dearest awakening starlights, because you’re expanding your ability to take in ever purer energy with each time you welcome spirit into your lives for any reason.

Aligning with spirit and a greater perception each day will decrease the pain and general dross so many of you tend to experience, and lightening up in tense and stressful situations will do wonders to the manner in which you react to them.

If we could physically appear before you to give you a pat on the back for your efforts thus far, we absolutely would.

Our pat will have to be etheric for the time being, but with your efforts, we’ll be able to exist on your surface in a time of heightened consciousness. The Kingdom of Heaven awaits, dearest seekers, and the great thing about it is that it isn’t to be found in the sky, nestled upon clouds – it’s to be found right on the surface of your planet.

Your efforts to construct heaven on earth will bear the fruit they’re intended to, and your passionate work to return Gaia to the condition she was once in are greatly needed and greatly, greatly appreciated. Not only do we appreciate all of the work you’re able to do, but Gaia herself is eternally grateful for the endless and inspired work many of you have started to take up.

Many of you still take part in things that feed the old paradigm – sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly – but nevertheless, your work to restore humanity’s awareness and help heal your beautiful planet speaks volumes to your readiness to really change things and enjoy a newer and much freer way of life.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with an outpouring of loving and supportive energy for those of you who don’t feel the love in this moment. Spirit can be hard to find and feel from the darkness and density of the earth, and the missions of many of you have entailed feeling temporarily cut off from spirit, even though you’re beginning to become aware of it.

We’re very aware that this has caused feelings of separation, isolation, and loneliness for many of you, but even when spirit doesn’t seem near at all, you can be assured that we’re far closer than you think. Rest easy with the knowledge that you’re never left alone, because soon enough, you’ll be delivering this knowledge to the rest of the world.

Then, the fun can really begin.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

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