Addressing Poverty and Helping Ghetto Youths

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Steve Beckow’s recent call for every seeker who’s passionate about addressing this planet’s unworkability to state their issue and get to work (1) has inspired me to realize what I want to fix about our society, and that’s the widespread, engineered poverty that continues to ravage far too many communities.

Humanity’s so entrenched in the rat race for survival that we’ve forgotten about our deeply rooted spiritual nature and the fact that we’re meant to work together to thrive as a species, and it’s unfortunate to see the damage that engineered debt and poverty have caused to the people.

I’m particularly interested in addressing the existence of ghettos and extremely low income areas, the inhabitants of which are usually driven to criminal lifestyles just to survive.

The fact that so many ghetto youths are forced into selling drugs and committing other heinous crimes just to keep from being homeless is tragic to say the least, and even though I don’t have the perspective on this that other people do, I’d like to do what I can to bring it to an end.

I didn’t grow up in a ghetto, and I haven’t seen the ravaging damage poverty can cause firsthand. I’ve learned a little bit about it, though, and it breaks my heart to see so much corruption – on the part of the ‘elite’ and the ghetto youths who are essentially forced into poverty-stricken slavery.

Ghettos, no matter where they are, have been referred to as ‘traps’, because in a lot of cases, the only way to survive in them is to adopt a life of crime and brutality that can eventually send you to jail (or worse). Plenty of people who’ve risen out of the ghetto work tirelessly to raise awareness of the cabal’s exploitation of the poor, and I’d like to do what I can to address and put an end to this issue too.

Guns, drugs, and nearly everything else under the sun that’s destructive to the human mind, body, and spirit are funneled into ghettos by the cabal, who see the poor souls living there as cattle they can experiment on, jail, and keep in desperate and low income situations while they enjoy more wealth and food than they’ll ever need.

“Dem belly full but we hungry. A hungry man is an angry man.” – Bob Marley

In as non-violent of a way as possible, I think it’s time for the people to rise and put an end to the destruction taking place all around the world, in different ghettos of different countries. And of course, the issue of poverty goes beyond ghettos and the people who are unfortunately held up in them.

It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in, because the cabal uses engineered debt and poverty to control all of humanity. It doesn’t matter if it’s the youth in the ghetto or the neighbor across the street – almost everyone has immense money issues to sort through, and it quite honestly drains one’s sense of wellness; one’s spirit.

I’ve had my share of money and living issues, and I certainly don’t live a high-rolling lifestyle with this work. My family and I are able to get by, and for that I’m eternally blessed and thankful, but we go through scary and disheartening money issues like everyone else.

From my experience dealing with those issues (they still aren’t completely sorted out) I can say that a sense of wretch; of despair pervades the souls who realize they might not have enough to pay the interests who’ve been put above the rest of humanity.

I’m talking about the interests who force the rest of the world to pay gross taxes; bills; fines that go right into the pockets of the ‘elite’ so they can fund their black ops projects and everything else that’s being used directly against the people.

Some people have said the cabal’s waging war on the rest of society, and from my experiences and the things I’ve learned so far, this seems one hundred percent accurate. I’m not necessarily advocating an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, but in a lot of ways, the poor and middle classes are being actively targeted by a leeching force that has only its best interests in mind.

There are neighborhoods relatively close to mine that need serious help. Neighborhoods where poverty and crime have completely taken over the kindness and decency that helps souls thrive, and these places are in desperate need of our attention and caring.

What can we do to address poverty and the numerous, uncountable ghettos the cabal continues to create and keep the people they’ve branded ‘useless eaters’ in? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure – one person can’t do it alone. This is the biggest aspect of the world’s unworkability I’d like to start addressing, and I need your help to do it.

We’re here on a divinely inspired mission to raise consciousness and change this planet, and in my view, an aspect of doing so is working together to make poverty and the perceived need to adopt a life of crime just to survive a thing of the past.

I’m going to borrow from the words of a famous hip-hop artist and say that every person in every ghetto has the potential to thrive – to better themselves and contribute to society in a positive and helpful way. Most of them aren’t able to, however, because they’re too held up with survival issues to explore their own consciousness and their potential to greatly contribute to the healing of this planet.

A large and growing percentage of people are unable to soar with their abilities and show this world what they can do, because they’re too worried about paying their rent or keeping their children away from the gunfire of the neighborhood around them.

“What’s in your alleyway, recycling bins or bullet cases?” – Flobots

It’s tragic to say the least, and it needs to come to an end. What kind of an effect do you think growing up in violent, poverty-stricken areas has on children? For most of them, the effect is nasty and devastating. Most of them adopt the mentality they learn in such an environment and take to fighting, selling/doing drugs, killing, etc.

This isn’t the way of the world I want to live in, and I’m sure the same can be said for all of you. These souls need our help, and I think one of the best ways to help them is to address and heal the widespread, soul-crushing poverty that keeps them in the situations they’re in.

Money itself isn’t inherently bad, but it’s been used for extremely malevolent purposes and it controls the lives of far too many people who don’t realize that it isn’t everything. Money is what we make it, but I can say that if I had the funds to do so, I’d start some type of charitable organization that’s intended to help ghetto youths and their families get a leg up in life.

Again, I can’t do all of this by myself. No seeker who’s ready to change this planet can do so without everyone’s active contribution. We need your help; your support; your willingness to start changing things in any and every way possible.

I don’t know what the first step to addressing poverty is, but with the input of each of you, I’m ready to find out. There’s nothing we can’t do, and now’s the time to test our limits and find out just what we’re capable of. If I can be honest, I think the physical and spiritual survival of most of humanity depends on it.

In the world we strive to build, widespread poverty will be replaced with planetary abundance and everyone will be able to contribute without fear of reprisal or not having enough funds to do what they’ve come here to do. I’m ready to see such a world, but we have to do the work now to bring it about.

So, what do you think? Share your thoughts – here and anywhere else you can, because they’re valuable to our creation of the world we want to live in.

Wes Annac – Ready to address this planet’s unworkability like never before.


  1. See “A Global Call for an End to Gender Persecution by January 1, 2015” by Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, also “I am Responsible for the State of My World” by Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia,

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4 thoughts on “Addressing Poverty and Helping Ghetto Youths

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  2. I agree with addressing “Helping Ghetto Youths” I think one of the solutions would be to ask the youths in question is “what do you want, what would you like to see, where do you think some attention can be put. If ideas and visions can be brought out even in one youth this can spread and actually has meaning for them as one of them. Somebody with money and a desire to help can support these ideas/visions come to fruition. A project that helps themselves, improve themselves, involves themselves can become infectious. What does anyone else think?


    • Great idea, Rob. Give the youths themselves a chance to make the change they want to make. In doing so, we can hopefully inspire as many people as possible to want to make such changes. Thanks for sharing!

      Much Love 🙂


  3. People experiencing poverty need access to free spiritual healing and growth tools, like yoga, reiki, etc and assistance in breaking out of limiting personal and collective matrixes/contracts of oppression. To liberate their own voice and story, and connect to their truth and true divine self.

    There are many forces of identity theft and distortion working within the lives and systems of those experiencing poverty. There are also a lot of negative astral forces to be cleared that are connected to the cabal’s and negative alien manipulation of the earth/sophianic body, also being inflicted to create poverty.

    Cutivating the kingdom within, and following the heart of divine will and vision, will eventually translate to prosperity without. This is a big part of my vison/purpose here too.


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