Natural vs. Artificial Foods

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Even though most of you are probably way ahead of me on this subject, I think the things we consume are more important than we realize. I wrote about GMOs and the harm they can cause in the past, and I did it because I didn’t know anything about them and didn’t want to join the crowd of naysayers before I formed my own opinion.

In writing about them, I realized just how bad they are for our bodies and the environment.

I don’t encourage fear-mongering or worrying about things that our family beyond is helping us neutralize, but I discovered just how malevolent GMOs are when I researched them and realized that they have the potential to cause ‘super diseases’ and a host of other awful and destructive things.

In general, I think that humanity’s replacement of healthy, natural food with artificial, unnatural food that’s gene-spliced in a lab is very unfortunate and could cause a host of negative effects that most people don’t realize or aren’t comfortable thinking about.

We have the right to know what’s in the food we consume, but unfortunately, GMOs are completely unlabeled and are in the vast majority of the American food supply. Most other countries have long banned these unnatural, genetically modified additions to their food, but the American government’s still in the control of Monsanto and the other GM food industries.

I’m starting to realize how important the things we eat really are, and I have the Rastafarian belief system to thank for it. I don’t talk about Rastafari or the connection I feel to it very much, and needless to say, there’s far more to it than dreadlocks and ganja.

Most of you probably don’t know that tried-and-true Rastas don’t drink, for example, because they see alcohol as a poison that inhibits them from being the immense spiritual beings they (and we all) can be. Rastafarians view their bodies as sacred temples of Christ (instead of viewing a church that way) and as a result, they take care of themselves.

They shy away from GMOs and unnatural/unhealthy foods and drinks, and a lot of Rastas are very active in raising awareness about the artificiality that’s growing to replace Gaia’s healthy and natural foods. I owe much of my growing awareness (about food and a lot of other things) to the Rasta belief system, and it’s taught me to be more discerning about the things I consume.

“We live longer ‘cuz our food nuh’ salty” – Damian Marley

I’m not ‘there’ yet in regards to completely eliminating artificiality from my diet, but I’ve taken the first steps by going out of my way to seek natural, healthy, organic foods that are grown from Gaia’s ground with love instead of created in a lab by scientists who don’t realize what they’re doing to humanity.

In my opinion, GMOs are one of many ways the cabal’s poisoning the rest of society, and you can bet you won’t see genetically modified foods on the plates of any ‘elites’. In fact, the British Parliament recently banned GMOs from the restaurants they eat at, while at the same time, encouraging the rest of their country to eat them. (1)

Surprising? By this point, it shouldn’t be.

The cabal’s doing everything they can to distract, pacify, and weaken the rest of humanity, and I think it’s important that we don’t let them succeed. It’s important that we go out of our way to seek foods we know will strengthen and empower our sacred temples, instead of complacently eating what’s before us or what the store across the street provides.

Unfortunately, GMOs have completely infiltrated the American food supply, and anything that has corn and canola in it (and plenty of other important food ingredients) is likely genetically modified, and thus, will hurt our bodies and potentially give us cancer in the next few decades.

Again, I know we’re being given help with the neutralization of things that violate our freewill as much as GMOs, but this isn’t a reason to keep consuming them. I think it’d be silly not to take responsibility for eliminating artificiality from our diet because ‘our family beyond will take care of it’, and I wonder if such a mindset would rule out the help our guides could otherwise give.

As hard as it is, and it is hard, we have to take responsibility for the things we consume and seek things that we know will empower us. GMOs and other artificial foods are everywhere, and this is why our diligence is so important.

I’m learning from experience what artificial food can do to the body. The other night, after eating a huge dinner and snacking too much, too late at night, I woke up three or four times with intense and agonizing stomach pain. It felt as if there was an intensely painful knot in my stomach, and there was nothing I could do to get it to go away.

It’d subside after a while and I’d be able to go back to sleep, but an hour later, it’d come back even worse than it was before. I knew the whole time that I shouldn’t have eaten so much unhealthy and artificial food, and unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

I’ll flat out say that completely removing artificiality from our diets is one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. Even when we rid ourselves of GMOs, our bodies might undergo a very uncomfortable but temporary toxin cleansing process that, in the long run, will have been for the better, but the process itself could be very difficult and potentially painful.

Is this a reason for us not to make the switch? Absolutely not. In my view, if we want our temples to be clear and pure, we have to be willing to do whatever it takes to fuel them in the healthy and natural ways they’re meant to be fueled. Even if it’s difficult or painful at first, the result will be an unprecedented sense of clarity and invigoration.

Along with eating healthy, I’m starting to learn that exercise is very helpful in attaining a clearer and purer perception. After I go on a short run, for example, I feel ten times better than I would have if I just sat on the couch doing nothing. Personally, exercise combined with healthy eating helps me feel my best when I could easily feel low or heavy.

I’m certainly not perfect, and I’m still trying to replace the unnatural food I eat with healthy foods that are full of positive energy that supports the body. We won’t ‘eat’ like we do here on earth when we’re in a higher state of consciousness, and instead, energy will provide all of the support and nutrition we need.

Energy already provides our nutrition, and it’s incarnate in the food we eat. The energy level of the foods we know are unnatural and unhealthy is very low and dense and, instead of supporting our greater growth and development, weighs us down and makes comfort and laziness very appealing.

However, I’ve noticed that the energy level of healthy (and particularly, organic) food is very high and supports my temple in being active and feeling strong and protected from dis-ease. When our body’s energy levels are low and we’re starved of the light of the higher realms, cancer and a host of other dis-eases can develop.

If we feed our bodies the proper nutritional energy they desire, though, dis-ease will be a thing of the past and we’ll feel much lighter, healthier, and more able to take on the lower-vibrational challenges this planet offers. We’ll become real forces for the light when we stop weighing ourselves down with artificial foods and drinks, and even though I recognize this, I still have a ways to go in putting it into play.

I’m part of the nineties generation, which means that GMOs have been around just as long as I have. As much as I hate to say it, I’ve grown up consuming GMOs. Looking back, almost everything I’ve eaten as a child and teenager was probably genetically modified, and I don’t like admitting that any more than you like reading it.

I’m striving to eat healthy, exercise, and do everything else that’ll support my body and make Rasta pioneers proud, but it can’t happen overnight – it’s a process, and a difficult one at that. For me, part of this process is encouraging all of you to start it as well, and I think that when more Americans become aware of the harm GMOs can cause, they’ll start making the switch too.

One can only hope this is the case, because this gross cabal experiment on the people has to come to an end and can only do so if we end it ourselves by starving big biotech and the companies that support them of their profits. We can do it, but we have to recognize the immensity of the task at hand.

Wes Annac – Striving to live the natural lifestyle that supported our ancestors for centuries.


  1. “UK government bans GMOs from its own Parliament restaurants while telling public to embrace genetic poisons” Written by Jonathon Benson, Natural News,

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4 thoughts on “Natural vs. Artificial Foods

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  2. Hi Wes, thanks for this. Our bodies need plenty of calcium and salt in order to produce a strong stomach acid to digest our food. Out of all the categories of medical practitioners the naturopaths are the ones who actually study nutrition and I believe Dr. Peter Glidden is the best. Check out his website when you get a chance. He’s got a radio show 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. You can do a search on the topics you’re interested in and listen to any show. On Thursdays he discusses the metaphysical. Your body-soul knows what to do to heal, it’s just that you have to give it the raw materials–in the form of nutrients–so that it can express itself fully. The soul knows what to do, but can’t do it without the raw materials it needs being present in adequate quantities.


  3. Oh and by the way if I for some reason eat too much too late, I take an HCl tablet, you can them it at the health food store. I’ve never taken antacids, but when I was going to spend some time in Mexico I’ve read that having strong stomach acid reduced your chances of getting bugs so I took some HCl tablets along. We drove through Mexico, ate at all kinds of places, were there for 3 weeks and I never once had a stomach bug. And I forgot another element for good health: don’t eat food that’s bad for you.

    So the elements of good health are:
    1. Your body needs a certain amount of nutrition every day, and unfortunately the foods we eat are deficient in many of them
    2. Stop eating foods that hurt your body and digestive tract
    3. Let the soul / body do the rest!

    Let me know what you think of Dr. Glidden!

    (A healthy attitude is always good…but insufficient if elements #1 and #2 above are missing.)


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