Vulnerability in a New Era

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

As consciousness continues to rise, humanity will be tasked with coming together and loving each other on a much more personal level than we’ve been accustomed to. Vulnerability might become very important, because we’ll need to be able to show a sincere side of ourselves if we want to change the cold and impersonal manner in which humans have functioned for centuries.

Learning that vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness will help us open up to deeper aspects of ourselves, because we’ll be able to commune with each other on a realer level. We’re stepping into this new communion as we advocate a way of life that’s rooted in it, and here, we’re going to examine what our channeled sources have said about vulnerability.

This important quality enables us to be closer with one another, and only by completely surrendering the ego, which almost never wants to be vulnerable, will we achieve our greatest unitive dreams. These dreams are very achievable, but we have to move beyond the ego-driven influences that teach us to feel separate and thus unable to really express ourselves around others.

Since we’re all family, I think we need to learn to be as close with each other as possible – so close that we’re comfortable being vulnerable around each other. A lot of people try to hide from this quality, but as we’ve learned before, nothing can be hidden in the light of the higher realms.

I think it’s inevitable that we all reach such a family-like level of closeness, and in time, our desire to connect with each other will increase as we understand that we’re one consciousness. All we’re asked to do is move beyond our old, futile, separation-driven qualities and embrace a new way of life that incorporates love and oneness.

It might seem difficult now, but we’re more than capable of doing it. Like all things, we just have to be willing to take the first step, even if it seems more like a plunge.

Jeshua via John Smallman tells us about the vulnerability and defenselessness living in love can initially seem to entail.

“It does seem, when in your limited human state of consciousness, that to operate from Love instead of from your egos is to lay yourselves open to untold abuse and betrayal. That you are making yourselves utterly vulnerable, defenseless, weak. But, as you will find, that is not the case!

“When you are vulnerable because you are engaging with and operating from and through Love, you are invincible! When you are attacked or betrayed it is your egos that are hurt, that suffer, not the real You, and as your hearts open in Love the true You becomes ever more present, the ego’s importance and influence declines, and what used to hurt or upset you no longer does, or only does so far less forcefully.” (1)

Moving into the heart space will enable us to see beyond the stresses and woes of the mind, and however weak or vulnerable we might feel at first, we’re encouraged to understand that weakness is an illusion and that we’re capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.

Vulnerability and heart-centeredness are important, but the ego fights very hard to convince us that they’re boogeymen. We have to take a ‘leap of faith’ in a sense, but when we do, we’ll discover that life has always been meant to be enjoyed from an open and vulnerable space.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that our heart-centered radiance is becoming more obvious as we let our true essence shine through.

“The goodness and kindness that is inherent within the hearts of humanity is now finding reciprocity in their interaction with others. As people’s hearts are opened more fully and their old modes of behavior which they had adopted in order to shield their hearts from being hurt are cast aside, the true beauty within each soul shines forth more brilliantly.

“Each soul reveals the higher qualities of their divine essence.” (2)

Vulnerability, among plenty of other heart-centered qualities, will help us shine our light when it could be much easier not to. We have to be willing to be vulnerable before our true essence can show, and even it if can be difficult, we’ve proven so far that nothing is impossible.

Nothing can stand in our way of embodying our true, divine essence, because we have the love of the heart by our side – love that we seek to share with everyone who can open up to it.

Hilarion continues: “As these changes within humanity take place, new ways of interaction and communication come into expression.

“The people of the world are tired of the shields that had to be erected in order to protect themselves. The people of the world simply want to live with each other in peace, harmony and transparency. There is a longing within each soul to be connected in a way that begets only the highest and greatest good for all parties.” (3)

We’re ready to work together to build a new world in love and harmony, but we can’t do this if we keep the old world churning by trapping ourselves in the mind. A conscious revolution is blossoming that’s leading us to question the ways in which the world has been run, and we can be a part of this revolution if we seek happiness within and unity with the people around us.

To change the world, we have to be willing to go within and see what changes we need to make. If even one person’s out of alignment, then the world of our dreams is partially out of reach. Therefore, it becomes important to awaken others to spirit so they can become aware of everything we’re feeling and work actively to build a new world.

Saul via John Smallman tells us more about the unneeded fear of being vulnerable and heart-centered.

“Once you do open your hearts, and in this you cannot fail, you will be astounded by the sense of love, of purpose, of satisfaction that vulnerability provides. Mostly humans consider it dangerous to allow themselves to be vulnerable, because that word has come to mean a state of defenselessness, a state in which you are likely to be ferociously attacked or victimized.

“But what vulnerability truly means is being in a state in which you have raised no defenses, a state in which you are open – and when you are open Love can and will pour in. That is one of the lessons that many of you are learning in this lifetime.” (4)

Vulnerability is a state of mastery, in my opinion, and it’s a state most people still haven’t achieved. We have the opportunity to mend the wrongs that have been perpetrated and live a life of collective harmony that’ll see us easily able to be vulnerable with each other, but we aren’t quite there yet.

So what can we do to spread awareness of the importance of vulnerability, beyond practicing it ourselves? I think being the example will raise consciousness and awareness far more than we think, and our actions today could enable another to live in the heart tomorrow.

Our current masculine-dominated paradigm preaches that vulnerability’s akin to weakness, but the sources we’ve heard from here go very far out of their way to let us know that the opposite is true. Vulnerability is one of many divine qualities that’ll lead us to co-create a new world in harmony, and if we start practicing it now, it’ll become much easier as the days and weeks roll by.

We’re here to build a new world, and to do so, we have to be willing to be examples of it in action. I think we’ll all benefit from learning as much as we can about the divine qualities so we can put what we learn into play, and in my humble opinion, the world won’t change until we do.

Yes, the rising energy will inevitably change the world, but our response to it and the awareness it brings really determines what’s going to happen. The energy itself doesn’t do much beyond upgrading our DNA, expanding our perception, and inspiring us to be the change we want to see. It’s valuable, but it can’t solely create change.

It isn’t as valuable as the work it inspires, in my opinion, and I welcome all of you to open up to vulnerability and general heart-centeredness as we collectively heal the difficult issues we face. I look forward to working with all of you, and depending on the progress I’ll have made, you might greet an open and enthusiastic ‘me’ when the time comes.

In general, our masks or ‘constructed selves’ as they’ve been called need to be replaced with heart-centered openness, and thanks to the immense assistance our guides are giving, we’re starting to learn how to express this quality in a new world of heightened consciousness.

Wes Annac – Striving to bring the conscious public together.


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