Out of the Mind and Into the Heart – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 1

Lady Nada through Fran Zepeda tells us that when we move beyond the ego, it still functions by helping us recognize what doesn’t resonate with the heart space.

“Your ego still has a function. It can assess what no longer works in your life and agree to integrate with you, so that your Higher Self is the guiding force always. The degree and percentage of that happening now is increasing for many of you and so you often ‘look to the stars’ and feel comfortable ‘in the void’, so to speak.” (1)

Instead of completely diminishing, the ego (and the mind in general) acts as a helper in distinguishing what we can’t carry into a higher vibration. We’re able to move beyond the things we can easily distinguish as lower-vibrational, and the ego, which once held us back immensely, actually helps us.

It helps us by discerning what will and won’t work for us, and we only need to open up to our heart-centered guidance to benefit from it.

Lady Nada also tells us that living in the heart will get easier as time goes on.

“That ‘void’ contains a plethora of possibilities, however.

“It is enabling you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and allows you to embark with a clean slate into the unknown wonders of your new life. Confusing as it may seem sometimes, allowing only your heart to guide you, without grabbing on to old markers of yesteryear, will soon completely take over your life.” (2)

It makes perfect sense that living in the heart is easier with practice. Separating from the lower mind will enable us to easily tell what won’t work for us any longer, and we’ll be able to abandon those things and greet a love-filled experience that becomes easier to attain with effort.

Eventually, the pain and stress of the lower dimensions will be but a fading memory, because we’ll have permanently tapped into the heart.

In a Q&A, the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon gives us a nifty exercise to release the junk that’s accumulated in our minds.

“Caller 250: Hello, thank you for helping us understand change. I have a question [about] the heart, the seat of the soul. I want to live from my heart but I’m not sure how to do it. How do I get in touch with my heart.

“Divine Mother: Place your hands upon your heart. And feel as if the energy is draining out of your head into your heart.

“All of a sudden it is almost a feeling, if you are not used to it, that you are feeling faint or lighthearted. All of the energy out of your head, all the random thoughts, all the dizziness is just draining down like an elevator going to the basement into your heart. Into the depths of your heart. Farewell.” (3)

Practicing this exercise can apparently help us funnel our unwanted and unneeded thoughts and stresses into our hearts, and I noticed an interesting feeling when I did it myself. It was almost as if a weight was pouring down from my head.

There are probably a lot of ways we can move beyond the mind, and finding what works for us will make the process much easier and more enjoyable. I’m sure we’ll continue to be offered exercises from higher-dimensional souls who have a better vantage point on our journey into the heart, and these exercises will be intended to assist us with this important part of our process.

The Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson offer us a different mind-clearing exercise and encourage us to seek the natural stream of creative energy we receive in the heart.

“When you realise that the mind is drawing you into a state of suffering, imbalance or a lower vibration then there is a need to simply drop all attachments of the mind, in other words, let go of all that you are thinking of and allow your mind to rest in peace. Simply say, ‘I now let go of all that my mind and thought process is currently attached to.’

“Then breathe deeply and exhale imagining each thought like an object in your mind that is now flowing away in all directions emptying your mind. It is then important to;

“Realise the natural flow of Creator expression from your heart chakra and entire being.” (4)

This quote helped me realize that completely clearing the mind of all thoughts and attachments is exactly what I try to do when living and writing from the heart space. I’ve said before that everything I write is produced from the heart space, and I’m learning that letting the mind filter the impressions coming through distorts them and makes the process harder.

Whether I’m writing or meditating, it helps to completely clear the mind in the manner encouraged in this message and feel the undistorted flow that results. The Universal Mother’s recommendation certainly resonates with me, but this one resonates even more.

In our final quote, the Celestial White Beings tell us about the empowerment achieving a heart-centered flow provides.

“With this realisation you empower yourself instantly as if realising that your heart and soul can provide to you the most appropriate guidance. Already you are drawing your focus away from your mind, into your heart and may ask any question to bring clarity but allow your question to come from a space of peace free from attachment.” (5)

I can attest to the reality of this.

When I channel, I tend to seek advice about a certain subject, which is intended to be as undistorted as possible. Whether we write, channel, or seek guidance in a different way, moving beyond mind-centered limitation by completely clearing the mind of all thought and attachment will help us receive the fullest guidance the heart space provides.

The heart space isn’t something that can be mentally felt, and to receive its benefits, we have to be willing to completely move beyond the mind and into the flowing spiritual perception it offers.

My appreciation for all of the helpful and coordinated channeled material we’re being given continues to grow, and I have a feeling that channeling’s a much bigger thing than most people realize. We’re being advised to empower ourselves by living in the heart space, and we’ll help the rest of the planet evolve when we move away from the ego.

It’s interesting to think that our actions effect the entire planet, and it makes our permanent retreat into the heart space much more important and worthwhile. The heart space provides the wholeness many disparaged people have been looking for, and I’m confident that awareness of it will continue to grow – thanks in part to our channeled sources.

Wes Annac – Rich in love and exuberance. What more could we ask for?


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