Humor: Medicine For the Soul

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Humor is an important tool in our development of a higher-dimensional perception, because it increases our quality of life and enables us to experience a heightened level of joy. Some forms of humor can easily be used as a weapon (like sarcasm), but this doesn’t decrease the genuine help it gives us in lightening ourselves up.

This quality is one of many that raises our vibration and makes this existence much easier and more enjoyable. Immense pain and sadness can fog our perception and make it much more difficult for us to return to a heart-centered space if we let them, but thanks to the assistance we’re being given, we’re learning how to live in the heart with tools like humor.

We’ve been given a lot of advice about the divine qualities, and if any of you have wondered or doubted, humor is indeed one of those qualities. Humor is as much a part of higher-dimensional life as any other joy-inducing quality, and here, we’re going to learn a little bit about its importance to our rediscovery of joy and bliss.

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that among other things, humor gives people hope for a better day.

“With this wonderful quality [humor] that employs the element of joy in it, people can go through their daily lives looking forward to a better day and situation when they awaken from their sleep the next day. Somehow, this quality has an element of magic in it and so one becomes an alchemical magician when one uses this quality in one’s life.” (1)

A lot of people use humor to uplift those around them, and it can be a very helpful aid in hard times.

Sometimes, being able to just laugh – to feel and express joy, even for a moment – is enough to help the disparaged find hope again. As most seekers know by now, a new day is on the horizon, and it’ll bring with it a host of qualities that’ll help us remember the joyful nature of our existence.

We’re also told that in a lot of cases, the expression of humor is an act of love.

“The quality of humor can brighten many a person’s day as they find that life is much more meaningful and enjoyable when they experience the laughter that is a by-product of the use of this facet of love. Those who try to bring joy and laughter through this quality also show compassion and empathy towards others in times where they most need it.

“The expression of this quality is an act of love on behalf of those for whom it is intended.” (2)

To express humor for the sole purpose of uplifting someone who’s in a bad place is an act of compassion in my book, and if we could all lighten up a little bit (especially in stressful times) we’d navigate our most difficult experiences much easier.

Being in a lively place will enable us to move beyond the painful experiences that tend to hold us back and keep us from flowing like we really want to. Sometimes, we just have to be willing to release our mind-centered tension and let life be enjoyable and humorous if necessary.

We’re then told about the automatic lightening effects humor has on us.

“When this quality is practiced on a regular basis, it is a way for a person to communicate great affection and esteem upon the recipient of it. As long as this quality is not overused by overdoing, it can become a literal life saver for many others, for laughter brings joy and joy brings an automatic increase in vibrational frequency.” (3)

As long as we reserve our humor for an appropriate time, it can become a tool to bring others back into an enjoyable, playful space. This quality helps us realize that life doesn’t have to be as stressful as we’ve made it out to be, and with it in our arsenal, we can lighten up in situations that might’ve otherwise been tense.

We don’t have to stress over miniscule issues that hold no value in the bigger picture, and a little humor now and then will help us realize this. As we’re told below, lightening our vibration will help us deal with the issues we face in a deeper and easier way.

“When a person’s frequency is uplifted to a higher level they are then able to deal with whatever was troubling them in a more positive and philosophical manner. This quality, then, can truly lighten people up and put them in a much better place from whence to see with greater clarity that their lives are on track and all is well.” (4)

Without joy and livelihood, we’re left to deal with a seemingly cold, hollow existence that offers little more than dullness and boredom. Humor is an interesting tool that puts us in a lighter and more able state to address the issues we face, and humanity could very well be in a different place without it.

We’re fortunate to have humor, because it provides depth to this reality and compliments the higher emotions and qualities we’re moving into. We can use this sacred tool to uplift ourselves and everyone around us, as we’re told below, and I don’t think there’s any reason for us not to give it a try.

“Become a magician who employs this quality whenever the opportunity to do so arises and you will be most gratified with the results. You will see your beloved family members and friends with delighted smiles on their faces become empowered and uplifted so that their problems seem to melt away.” (5)

Wouldn’t it feel great to help lighten up those around us who are lost in pain and difficulty? In a sense, we’re providing a bridge from the lower place they’re in to the wonderful joy an expanded perception has to offer. We’re inviting them to re-engage the joyful feelings that sit on the edge of their perception, and some will gratefully accept the opportunity.

Finally, we’re told that the world needs more humor to lighten our collective vibration.

“This is a quality of love that can be used with joyous abandon, as you dispense it liberally and plant your seeds of love everywhere. Be an agent of humor and brighten the world one person or group of people at a time. The world needs more of this quality in huge doses to counteract the changes and events taking place.” (6)

Gradually, everyone’s learning to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously. As we continue to learn that our existence is meant to be enjoyable instead of stressful, we’ll take the pressure off of ourselves and the people around us and welcome myriad positive qualities into our lives.

Our family beyond the veil is lovingly encouraging us to start enjoying ourselves, and in everything we do, we should seek the joy so prevalent in the realms we’re returning to. If we want to anchor heaven onto earth, we have to be willing to express its qualities right here, right now.

Humor is one of the valuable qualities we’re encouraged to express, and as long as we do it appropriately, we can uplift the world. If we follow our passion and lighten ourselves up along the way, we’ll feel the wholeness so many people have been missing and we’ll use it to uplift everyone who’s still lost in the dross of the lower dimensions.

Wes Annac – Encouraging the weary to lighten up.


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