Openhearted Creativity – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Here, I’d like to look at creativity as perceived from a higher-dimensional standpoint. Is creativity produced in the mind, or is there a much deeper force behind our creative endeavors that increases the beauty and intricacy of the things we bring into the world?

Should we try to force our minds into a creative state and hold our art to a rigorous standard, or should we let it flow and turn out however it may? Personally, I’ve had trouble creating from a purely intellectual place, and every time I do, I’m reminded to turn within and let the heart-centered flow take over.

We have to get out of our own way if we want to enable the flow that helps us create, because creating through a narrow, mental lens makes the work less pure and the process less enjoyable. We’re intended to enjoy the creative process, but working from the mind will put an air of self-oppression around our work that diminishes the liberation we feel when we’re doing it.

Creativity is a beautiful and important thing, and the world will change when everyone sees this. Being creative opens the channels of our heart and enables us to receive impressions from beyond the veil, and the most receptive artists and musicians out there can probably attest to the higher vibration their art puts them on.

Personally, I’ve noticed that the mind’s a huge inhibitor of any real or valuable creative flow. Moving beyond its influence can be pretty hard, but when we do, we’re able to let its woes and concerns go as we access and work with the wisdom and creativity of the heart space.

As we’ll learn, from a higher perspective, creativity’s something that comes purely from the heart. The mind can’t produce a significant, divinely inspired creation, and this is why we’re encouraged to move beyond its influence if we really want tocreate and enjoy the creative process.

We have to enjoy the things we’re doing if we want them to be successful, and instead of inhibiting our heart-centered flow by exerting too much mental influence over our work, I think we should let the mind go completely and look toward the heart to help us with everything we create.

We open up to a higher perception when we let heart take over, creatively or in general, and we increase our overall level of joy. We move into an expanded state of mind that enables us to enjoy the creative process, and without this expansion and our receptivity to a deeper influence, we might be unenthusiastic about our work.

As usual, I’d like to look at some of the things our channeled sources have told us about this subject. You don’t have to believe in the quotes we’ll read, but in my opinion, they offer a wealth of genuine and important advice on this subject and I happily look to them to support our efforts to raise awareness about it.

To begin, the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele tells us that the brain will only ever create from what’s already known.

“Many believe that the brain is creative, and struggle to create with it, but anything created on that level will always flow from what is already known – the matrix of world consciousness. A person can change the form somewhat, but it will remain in and of what is already known and therefore never new.” (1)

We have to open up to the subtle but powerful stream of energy and guidance we’re being given from the heart if we want to create from an expanded space, and if we continue to let the mind influence us, we won’t do anything but rehash thoughts and ideas in a dull and uninspired way.

Passion is one of the keys to accessing the flow and enjoying the things we do, and without it, we’re left with uninspired numbness, which, speaking from experience, doesn’t feel very good.

We’re also told that even though it can be difficult to find, we’re never without our true creativity.

“True creativity flows forth from a deeper level – an infinite creative source within you, and thus its creations are always new and fresh having never before manifested. Creativity is never limited to education, status, income, job, etc., for all are in and [of] Source and all thus have access.

“You can never be without your creativity, for it is you, and new ideas of every form and variety will begin to flow forth as you open to and allow it.” (2)

As long as we seek it, creativity will find us no matter who we are or what we’ve done in life. The creative flow can’t come to us if we try to force it or question the things it brings through us, and I think it’s important to be in a constant allowing state when we open up to it.

The mind will get us to question the things the flow brings through, but when we move into a state of allowance, we won’t strive or question as much. We’ll simply go with the flow and let whatever comes, come. I feel very little attachment to these words I write them, and if I was attached, I’d fall into a state of mind-centered difficulty.

I’m still learning how to properly facilitate the heart-centered flow, and I, like plenty of other spiritually inclined writers, will probably still face lessons centered on letting the mind’s influence dissolve and allowing what comes forth to be expressed without reservation or judgment.

We’re then encouraged to go within and acknowledge our connection with Source often if we want to attain the flow that enables our greater creativity.

“Pause often to stop and go within, silently acknowledging your Oneness with all that is. This opens the door and allows whatever ideas you are in need of, to flow forth. Art, music, or literature brought forth only from the brain, is limited to whatever is already known and is easily recognized in uninspiring music or books.” (3)

We can tell when something’s made from a dull or uninspired place, and if we try too hard to be creative, we’ll evoke the ego and dim the purity of our art. Ultimately, we’re channeling when we act on the creative flow, and we’ll open up to the divine in a similar way as many channelers when we understand this.

We’re all energy receivers and transmitters, and what we bring through depends entirely on what we seek. If we hold ourselves up in the mind and seek only from an ego-driven space, our creations will be rather flat or dull. Instead of letting this happen, I think we should strive to produce everything we do from the heart in an unfiltered way.

Some of our creations will inevitably be filtered by the mind to a degree, but as long as we continue to strive for purity, we’ll eventually attain it.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


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